Exmoor Horses

Exmoor Pony

While traditionally used to tend and herd livestock, because of their hardiness, they excel at trail, endurance, harness and as children’s mounts.

Caspian Horses

Caspian Horses

Caspian horses are slim, elegant small horses ideally suited for driving and for small adult or young riders. Their beauty, background and rarity make them a favorite horse breed among wealthy, equine rare-breed conservators.

Tennessee Walking horse

Tennessee Walking Horses

Tennesee Walking Horses have a long history in America; they’re an ideal for performance and pleasure showing, as well as general riding.

Thoroughbred horse

Thoroughbred Horses

Developed in England for racing, Thoroughbreds are still among the fasted horses bred.

Nokota Horses

Nokotas can excel as both trail and work horses. These rare horses have a square-set, angular frame.

Paint horses

Paint Horses

The versatile Paints, mainly used for trail riding and western shows, have an interesting history.

Percheron horses

Percheron Horses

Mainly used as heavy draft work horses on farms, Percherons also can be ridden and shown; the breed was first developed in Medieval France to carry knights into battle.

Quarter horse

Quarter Horses

The Quarter Horse is a versatile breed, used for everything from trail riding to dressage. The American Quarter Horse Association is the largest breed registry in the world.

Rocky Mountain horses

Rocky Mountain Horses

Used in open-gaited horse shows, the Rocky Mountain Horse actually got its start in Kentucky, used to plow fields, herd cattle, travel over steep and rugged trails, and drive the buggy.

Shire horses

Shire Horses

The very large Shires are popular and skillful draft animals.

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