Bottle Baby Fever – Part 1

Mom has bottle baby fever, but don’t send her get well cards! It means she’s waiting for a bottle baby to be born. His name will be Milo.

California Red Sheep

California Red Sheep

California Red sheep are a dual-purpose breed noted for their silky, beige or oatmeal-colored fleece and their exceptionally tender, tasty meat.

American Blackbelly Sheep

American Blackbelly Sheep

As hair sheep, American Blackbellies are extremely easy to care for and require no shearing or tail docking.

Dorper Sheep

Dorper Sheep

Dorper sheep are a large, hardy meat sheep breed from South Africa. They do one thing, and they do it well.

Tunis sheep

Tunis Sheep

Tunis sheep excel as extremely feed-efficient, productive meat animals capable of thriving on poorer pastures and in hot, dry conditions. According to the National Tunis Sheep Registry website, Tunis lambs require less feed than larger sheep breeds to reach the same market weight within similar time frames. 

Ramboillet sheep

Rambouillet Sheep

These fine wool producers, can do especially well in the southwest. They also yield good lambs.

Romney sheep

Romney Sheep

The easily adaptable Romney produces fine, easy-to-spin wool, as well as meat.

Scottish Blackface sheep

Scottish Blackface Sheep

In Europe, the long, coarse wool of the Scottish Blackface is made into fine carpets, Irish and Scottish Tweeds, and used to stuff mattresses.  This medium-sized breed also produces a lean, fine-grained, and flavorful meat. .

Shetland sheep

Shetland Sheep

Shetlands grow soft, strong fleeces in a delightful range of colors, patterns, and textures – a spinner’s dream come true.  Indeed, the Shetland woolen industry with its fine, un-dyed sweaters, shawls, and other knitted garments owes its fame to this hardy little wool breed. .

Delaine Merino Sheep

The Delaine Merino, one type of Merino sheep, has been described as the most practical Marino on the average farm and is especially adapted to range sheep production in the Western and Southwestern states. It has a history and characteristics similar to other Merinos.