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Barbara Berst Adams

Barbara Berst Adams

Barbara Berst Adams is the author of two eco-farming books, Micro Eco-Farming: Prospering from Backyard to Small Acreage in Partnership with the Earth (New World Publishing, 2004), introducing readers to the local, small-scale farm trend in the earlier part of the century, and The New Agritourism: Hosting Community & Tourists on Your Farm (New World Publishing, 2008), showing farmers, ranchers and rural communities how they can enhance both their lifestyle and bottom line by bringing visitors onto their land. She is also a long-established feature writer for various print magazines and began writing for Hobby Farms, Hobby Farms Home and Urban Farm in 2005.

As a descendant of many generations of farmers, ranchers and horticulturists, she grew up exploring and participating in her grandparents small farm and greenhouse. Eventually, she raised her own children on small acreage, where they sold hay, grew heirloom and specialty vegetables and herbs for local restaurants and a small CSA, and operated an autumn pumpkin and ornamental gourd patch, which they opened up to local families each October. Her family also tended their own apple orchard, held community apple pressings, and raised rare-breed chickens, ducks and geese for the family’s own supply of pastured eggs. Their pet goats and ponies also drew crowds during pumpkin season.

Barbara has enjoyed travelling to Holland, Liechtenstein, Mexico, Switzerland, France, London and South Africa, visiting many different farms and agriculture operations along the way. Currently living on an island in Washington State, she enjoys traveling to small towns and eco-farms in the U.S., Canada and beyond.

Along with her book and magazine writing, she is a writer, editor and photographer for the Micro Eco-Farming Center and Great Group Activities.

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