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Deb Buehler

Deb Buehler

Deb Buehler is a professional writer based in Indianapolis. She grew up on a hobby farm in central Indiana, where she developed a deep love for the environment. Influenced by her mother’s curiosity for the natural world, she and her sisters bottle-fed lambs; raised dogs, ponies and goats; participated in 4-H and Girl Scouts; and tapped their own sugar maple trees to make syrup.

Deb has a long career in informal educational settings, including the Conner Prairie Museum, the Indianapolis Zoo and the San Antonio Zoo. Over the course of her career, she has written environmental-education content for zoo visitors, educators and children. She was the first educator to receive the National Wetlands Award given by the EPA and the Environmental Law Institute for her work on an Indiana wetlands curriculum project. In addition to traveling Indiana’s wetlands, Deb has visited Costa Rica, Kenya and Australia.

Deb is a life-long learner with an undergraduate degree in education and a master’s degree in religious studies with a certificate in organizational development. Today, she applies those degrees to a diverse portfolio of writing projects, including a recent collaboration with co-author Louise Dunn on The Hollowed Heart: Inspiration for Women Awakening from Grief.

Deb has written for Hobby Farms, Hobby Farm Home, Urban Farm and Chickens magazines as well as for I-5 Publishing’s Popular Farming series. She has an ever-expanding vegetable garden in her urban Indianapolis yard where she lives with her husband, Craig. Together they ride bikes, visit area farmers’ markets, keep bees and play with their dogs, Abby and Tucker.

4 Ways to Attract Bats to Your Farm for Natural Pest Control
Beat the pests that feast on your crops by creating bat habitats on your farm.

How to Clarify Beeswax with a Solar Wax Melter
Honey isn’t the only thing your bees are producing—harvest beeswax from your hives, too.

4 Ways To Save Money On Your First Hive
Your first year of beekeeping can add up financially, but with a little thriftiness, you can indulge in a new hobby without breaking the bank.

4 Ways You Could Be Hurting Your Bees—and Not Know It!
Even if you love your bees and mean well, there are some things that you do that could be hurting them. Avoid causing bees harm with these tips.

6 Reasons Backyard Compost is the Best Soil Enhancer
One of the easiest things you can do to boost your garden soil’s health, composting takes only minutes a day and will cut down on your energy and water bills, too!

Langstroth Vs. Top-Bar: Which Hive Is Better?
Get a good start in beekeeping by choosing the best hive type for you and your honey production operation.

4 Tips to Rescue a Honey Bee Swarm
Let’s face it—bee swarms happen. Here’s how you can capture one successfully, help it survive and get more honey in the process.

7 Steps to Repair Wooden-Handled Tools
Don’t toss your favorite tool just because its handle broke. Use a carpenter’s advice to give it new life.

More Research Needed in Bee Health
Despite recent findings related to the cause of colony collapse disorder, the mystery of disappearing Honey bees hasn’t been solved.

Honey Bees and Drought
While honey harvests will continue in existing hives this year despite drought, new hives and next year’s harvest could be at risk.



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