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Leslie J. Wyatt

Leslie J. Wyatt, Contributor

Before the sun comes up on any given morning, you can find freelance writer Leslie J. Wyatt with a cup of good coffee and a gray calico shadow-of-a-cat snoozing nearby. Leslie writes for both children and adults, so depending on which deadline is breathing down her neck at the time, she may be interviewing editors or experts of all kinds, researching topics ranging from chicken tractors to grazing genetics, or working on her latest book for middle schoolers. She contributes to Hobby Farms, Hobby Farm Home and  their accompanying website, with more than 200 articles and stories in other magazines, websites and anthologies.

Leslie grew up on a small ranch in western Montana, where from age 6 she milked cows, hoed endless rows of corn or green beans in the vegetable garden, and rode horses bareback at breakneck speed. Perhaps it was all that time spent outdoors, but a love of land and sky and growing things is integral to who she is. These interests, coupled with her experience with farm animals and farm life, raising and preserving fruits and vegetables, and creating beauty in any available corner not only give her pleasure but endless writing opportunities, as well.

A hobby farmer to her core, Leslie loves coaxing the land to life. Prior to their move to northern California in 2012, she, her husband and their six children lived in an 1880s Victorian farmhouse in rural Missouri. Over time, they acquired three horses, a fluctuating flock of laying hens, a sprinkling of barn cats and a Jersey milk cow named Rosie. Leslie was milking once again! This, of course, gave rise to a whole new raft of article ideas, to say nothing of fresh raw milk, butter and cheese.

Leslie, her family, the aforementioned shadow-cat named Toots and Leslie’s Arab/Quarter Horse gelding, Honor, now live on 1¼ acres dotted with oaks and Manzanita. Current projects include a cute and efficient chicken coop to which they will add hens that lay colored eggs (a direct result of researching an article for Hobby Farms). They have already been adopted by an outside cat, which they have named "Porchess,” and Leslie is busy researching how to bring this particular piece of ground to life.

You can find Leslie at www.lesliejwyatt.com, or read her musings about life, love, and the wonder and wisdom in the everyday on her blog, www.journeywithhonor.blogspot.com.

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