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My name is Ozark Jewels General Martok, Martok to my friends. I’m a big, strong, studly Nubian buck.

I was born at Emily Dixon’s Ozark Jewels Dairy Goat Farm near Mountain View, Mo., soon after my best friend, Uzzi, was born. Uzzi has horns and he’s a wether (that means he’s castrated), but we don’t hold that against him. We each moved in with our Mom and Dad, Sue and John Weaver, when we were only 2 days old and we grew up in a huge, wire dog crate in their living room. Uzzi and I have been together since; we’re like brothers, Uzzi and me.

Mom is a writer. Uzzi and I watched her pounding away at the keyboard when we were just kids. I told Uzzi, “I’m going to do that some day.” Uzzi snorted. But I did it! I became a writer, too, and now I have my own weekly blog, Mondays with Martok. Come by on Mondays and read it. You’ll like it!

Ask Martok: Preventing White-nose Syndrome
Martok the goat gives you the lowdown on a mysterious disease that’s wiping out American bat populations.

Ask Martok: What is Disbudding?
Martok the goat explains why some goats have their horns removed and how it works.

Ask Martok: How to Raise Emus
Whether you want to raise emus as livestock or pets, keep these care guidelines in mind to ensure you raise a happy, healthy ratite.

Ask Martok: Pseudorabies and Swine Brucellosis
Martok explains the dangers of these two diseases in pig herds.

Ask Martok: Rabies in Livestock
Martok the goat explains how rabies can affect your livestock and what you can do to protect them.

Ask Martok: Raising Livestock with Kids
Choose gentle, calm breeds or species when teaching your children how to raise livestock.

Ask Martok: Keeping Sheep Versus Goats
Martok navigates six considerations for goat and sheep keepers who have physical limitations.

Ask Martok: Farm Dogs and Snakebites
Martok the goat gives advice on what to do if your farm dog comes in contact with a snake.


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