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Rick Gush

Rick Gush, HobbyFarms.com Contributor

Rick Gush specializes in crops and has been writing for Hobby Farms since it started in 2001.

Throughout his lifetime, he’s been fascinated by all things botanical. Rick grew his own sections of the family vegetable garden every year from the age of 4. A few years later, when he tagged along as his mother landscaped their new home in California, he spent a lot of time exploring and helping out at the local nurseries they patronized. When he was a freshman in high school, Rick started working professionally for a wholesale azalea grower. In 1965, he designed and installed a rhododendron and azalea garden for an elegant old home at the local country club, which resulted in a few other garden design and installation jobs during his last two years in high school. Rick the geezer still has the Wilkinson Sword pruning shears he carried around as a landscaper and nurseryman in his teens.

Rick also started working in retail nurseries as a teen and took the work very seriously, reading copiously and devouring every garden magazine and book he could get his hands on. His favorite pastime soon became visits to the library, reading every farming and gardening book he could find. Rick attended the University of California at Davis and studied biological science, but he was not a particularly cooperative student and far preferred to spend his time sitting among the library stacks, taking one book after another off the shelves and reading them.

Rick’s extended university years included a great deal of agricultural work up and down northern Californian’s central valley, harvesting tomatoes, rice, soybeans and almonds; pruning almonds, walnuts and peaches; and transplanting mature olives. After college, Rick worked again in the nursery industry, selling fruit trees in the California, Oregon and Washington markets for many years before moving to Las Vegas.

In addition to writing frequently about farming and gardening, Rick has also written and sold three musical comedies to theaters in California over the years and became a noted computer game designer.

These days Rick lives on the sunny coast of northern Italy, writes mostly about the European agricultural industry, and is quite happy working in his own garden and growing produce for his Italian family. He speaks passable Italian and now has the great pleasure of being able to visit some really old libraries and read farming and gardening books that were published before Columbus discovered the New World.


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