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Gobbler's Glen Acres from Summerville, OR
Gobbler's Glen Acres

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Farm Name: Gobbler's Glen Acres

Year Farm Established: 2008

Location: Summerville, OR

Years I’ve been farming: 7 years

Animals I raise: Steer - 2
Chickens - 18
Pigs - 3
Bee hives - 2

Crops I grow: garden produce; raspberries; apples;

Hobbies I enjoy: gardens
raising own food including beef, pork, vegetables, limited fruit, Foraging for mushrooms and huckleberries and hunting elk

The proudest moment on my farm: moving in
my view

Pets: 2 dogs
1 barn cat

Farm Blog
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  Raspberry patch
Picking season is over. I need to thin my patch and transplant new starts into a couple of new rows. Fairly productive this year and everyone that wanted berries got what they wanted. However, during the peak with biggest and best berries the patch was overrun with wasps/ yellowjackets. That brought a halt to picking. They devoured the berries. Will have to figure out what to do before next year. Any ideas?

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07/18/2015 07:38.37 PM Report This Comment  
My last entry was couple of years ago. Still on the farm and getting more established as a hobby farm. Due to the risk of getting injuried at our advancing age we no longer ride horses. We now focus on raising our own food and on any given week we will have 3-5 meals of meat, eggs and vegetables produced on our hobby farm. This year we added a greenhouse and bee hives. Since my last entry I also added a walk in cooler to facilitate our processing of the meat and expanded our chicken coop. We now have several raised beds around the property to plant our garden. I feel like we have arrived as hobby farmers. Our friends and family enjoy coming to the farm to see and participate in the activities on a hobby farm. Within a couple of days it will be pick your own rasberries.

Come visit me, Gobbler's Glen Acres.

06/26/2015 08:34.08 PM Report This Comment  
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It has been 3 years 6 months since we moved to our hobby farm. As I looked around and see the life we now live I believe we can say we have arrived as "hobby farmers." Our granddaughter was counting the animals last weekend and we now have horses (2), steer (2), pigs (3), chickens (9 going on 13), cat (1), and dogs (3). It seems to me one criteria would be when the livestock outnumber the pets you are a farmer. In addition we grow much of our own vegetables throughout the summer and can, dry, and freeze for the winter. I have yet to master the root cellar as means for food storage. We also forage in the woods for wild mushrooms and huckleberries. We spend many half days cutting firewood and heat our home completely with wood heat. The propane furnace has not clicked on all winter as the new wood stove will keep a well stoked fire overnight. Raising and butchering your own beef, raising and curing your own pork, growing produce, foraging the land, and securing your own heat is a fulfilling lifestyle. In addition, I met a person in Alaska whose family has a fishing business and we have an arrangement for trading fish for beef. So, what started out as a dream has become a reality. Great Life!!

Come visit me, Gobbler's Glen Acres.

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  Almost Daily (Weekly?) Blog
Enduring a wet weekend when we have to get final jobs done in preparation for winter. Can't complain though as we need the water but would be better in the summer. If this is a sign of the moisture for the winter there will be alot of snow to move. When it snows I have to blow the snow out of the drive with the snowblower on the tractor then wait for the county to clear the gravel road. Sometimes that is the better part of a day. No school age children on our road so we have no priority. Yesterday I went to town while it rained so today I will have to work in the rain.

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10/31/2010 09:15.28 AM Report This Comment  
  Almost Daily Blog
Last night went right to the raspberry patch to weed, cut back this years growth and tie up the new for next spring. Got 60% done and will finish this weekend. Tonight finished the ridge cap on the garden shed and cut the sides for the cupela that is on the roof. When that is up it is ready for pics and ready for winter. Will still have to turn it from a construction site with all my tools in it into the garden shed. It has been a good learning experience with tutoring from a distant relative that has been a home builder but now retired. Will still have to hook up the electricity but that may wait until Spring unless the "owner" wants to hang Christmas lights on the shed. Weather is holding so am feeling good about getting things finished and ready for winter.

Come visit me, Gobbler's Glen Acres.

10/20/2010 09:53.46 PM Report This Comment  
  Almost Daily Blog
Now that we are losing daylight earlier I am inside earlier in the evening. That will give me time to make an entry "almost daily". Yesterday was a day to ready for winter. We went to the mountains and cut a load of wood. Also covered our woodpile as we have had several days of warm sunny weather so should be dry. With one more load we will be assured of enough wood for a cold winter. Today on my way to work I came upon the buck deer on the road behind the barn that I was looking for in hunting season. Tonight I checked the heaters in the horse's water tanks to make sure they worked, split some wood, and moved the rest of the produce from the garden inside. The beets are still in the ground and should be ok for a few more weeks. Soon I will be going to work in the dark and getting home in the dark so must make the best of the daylight.

Come visit me, Gobbler's Glen Acres.

10/18/2010 08:02.59 PM Report This Comment  
  Green Tomatoes
Thanks for visiting. Sorry to read about your horse.

I don't have any good recipes for Green Tomatoes, though I believe Mother Earth News had some sort of green tomato relish recipe this month and their website has other recipes as well. I usually just give up on the green ones and toss them into the compost pile.

http://www.motherearthnews. com/search.aspx?search=green%20tomatoes

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  Belated Update
It has been over a year since last entry. Some changes on the farm but much is the same. One horse (chestnut gelding) was put down due to neurologic disorder but a sorrel mare was added when former neighbors in Sandy, Utah needed a home for one too many horses. Chickens are doing well as are the dogs. The momma cat that had kittens has taken up residence in another part of the valley and comes to visit monthly, at most. Two or her kittens remain at the farm and are a joy to watch and are good mousers. We have some excellent meat from steers and now have two different for this year. Garden this year was the most unproductive of our gardening experience. Very wet and cool spring with only moderate temps in summer did not allow tomatoes to ripen, gourds to blossum and produce, etc. Will try again next summer. Did however build a garden shed for my wife and will post pics when finished in a couple of weekends.

Come visit me, Gobbler's Glen Acres.

10/14/2010 08:27.54 PM Report This Comment  
This spring we discovered the cat that adopted us had not been spayed. Today she had her kittens (five we think). Will wait awhile before we investigate too closely.

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07/05/2009 09:49.46 PM Report This Comment  
  Independence Day Weekend
We observed a different kind of "independence day". All spring we watched a Western Kingbird build a nest and tend the eggs. She hatched three eggs and have been watching the little birds grow. Today the first one left the nest and the other two are standing on the edge flapping their wings trying to get the courage up to make the big leap. The nest is on the telephone pole between it and some attached pipes about 3/4 the way to the top. It has been most entertaining wathching the process from nest building to flight. All aided by the best purchase we made when we got here - a nice spotting scope.

Come visit me, Gobbler's Glen Acres.

07/05/2009 09:44.22 PM Report This Comment  
  New Members
We have added new members to our hobby farm. We now have three steer to graze the pasture this summer. If we don't we will have high dry fire food for the summer fire season. While it would be nice to bale the grass it does have some weed and is on a hillside. So, "steers are us". We probably need some goats also to keep the other weeds and grasses outside the pasture at a controllable level. So we are learning the cattle business as well.

Come visit me, Gobbler's Glen Acres.

05/16/2009 08:38.37 PM Report This Comment  
Whats that white stuff on the ground? We don't get much ot that in Arizona. Actually we do up on our ranch, but not where we live. Our Ranch is just a summer get away for now. When I retire we will get to enjoy the snow.

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05/04/2009 07:18.41 AM Report This Comment  
  Wonderful how beautiful winter can be. Kudos to the grandkids for pushing the chicken envelope. Is there anything better than fresh eggs in the morning?

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05/04/2009 06:53.34 AM Report This Comment  
  $3.50 Eggs
I spent the last 4 days building a chicken coop for the chicks. The grandkids thought we should have chickens and we had them at our last little "farm" - 1 acre in the Salt Lake City area. I went out this morning to finish the project in a couple of hours and at 6pm I am done - for the day. Considering the materials for the coop, the labor, the time off work to get it done, etc. etc. I figure these eggs will be about $3.50 each. I know having your own eggs is not cheaper but what is a hobby farm without chickens and fresh eggs! We have 16 chicks and one looks different - since we bought straight run chicks we are anxiously waiting to see if he is the one rooster or the one hen.

Come visit me, Gobbler's Glen Acres.

05/03/2009 07:37.07 PM Report This Comment  
What wonderful pictures!

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05/03/2009 09:23.41 AM Report This Comment  
  Gorgeous View
What a beautiful view. I love the picture of the deer...it looks so peaceful.

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05/03/2009 04:42.42 AM Report This Comment  
  Introduction to Gobbler's Glen Acres
We bought our farm in Oct 2008 and are still getting settled. We started getting snow shortly after we moved in so the winter was spent personalizing the log home. The spring has been cool and wet so outside work slowly getting done. Decided to name the farm after the first animal seen but changed to the most prolific - wild turkeys. They have been around all winter and spring and have also had deer, elk, hear coyotes and owls. My farm overlooks a small corner of the valley and is my favorite feature of the farm. Looking forward to hearing and reading about other's hobby farms. BWest

Come visit me, Gobbler's Glen Acres.

05/02/2009 10:36.02 PM Report This Comment  


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