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RailRidge from Lebanon, MO

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Farm Name: RailRidge

Year Farm Established: 2009

Years I’ve been farming: 6 years

Animals I raise: Chickens

Crops I grow: Kitchen veggies, fruits,herbs & mushrooms

Hobbies I enjoy: All of them! Birdwatching is at the top of the list...
Star gazing
Looking for pondcritters
Digging for worms
Sheepdog herdingtrials
Knitting/croche- ting
Sketching/paint- ing
Watching the animals!

The proudest moment on my farm: Planting a Dogwood tree in memory of my mom when we moved in.

Pets: Jasper 'n Daisy, Indi and her babies

Farm Motto: I think I can, I think I can...

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What kind of chickens do you have?

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Our farmhouse is perched upon a bluff above the Bourbeuse River, the river winds from the front all the way to the back of our property which is about 85 miles southwest of STL. I moved around during my college years; the last place I moved from was Minnesota. It's been great to be back home and it looks like this year I don't have to be too lonesome for a Minnesota winter. ;)

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02/10/2011 07:00.44 AM Report This Comment  
  hello fellow missourian
Just thought I'd stop by and say hello to a neighbor, of sorts. :)

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02/03/2011 05:47.36 AM Report This Comment  
  Thank you for welcoming me!
You have some beautiful flowers! Our swans are a pair of Black Australian pair. You could have just one but they do better in pairs and they have to have water either a pond or lake. They can and most are very aggressive. You have to be very careful with them. That all beautiful things are ment to be touched and swans are in that catagory. We have them to keep geese and ducks out of the lake. I really don't have a good photo of them. Black animals are hard to capture in a photograph.

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03/02/2010 10:09.09 AM Report This Comment  
  Just Visiting
Hello, just visiting your farm and thanks for visiting me!

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03/02/2010 03:13.46 AM Report This Comment  
Thanks for visiting my Farm.
Healthy koi can grow to be 3foot and over.. so It's unhealthy to keep them in aquariums as they mature. Stunts their growth etc. the koi pond can be such a enjoyable place to sit and enjoy the time, evenings are especially nice.

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03/02/2010 01:19.18 AM Report This Comment  
  I think I'm going to start with just one, probably after spring when it warms up. I'm wondering if I get a young one maybe I won't have trouble with it picking on the chickens like you said your do. I'm hoping they'll all just live happily ever after..... haha!

Come visit me, RailRidge.

02/02/2010 08:50.16 PM Report This Comment  
Just glad I could help out. And I know exactly what you mean when you say there are not enough hours in the day, that is way too true. I think you will do fine with a youngster, as long as you can keep predators out. Who many are you going to start with? You will have to let me know how things go when you get it/them.

Come visit me, Sandy Acres.

02/01/2010 08:46.50 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello and thanks, I do have to tell you though I don't really raise Peacocks because we only have 2 males. We did have a female but some critter thought she looked tasty. She did try a few times to hatch her eggs and did three times unfortunately only one of those made it, and I think that was mostly our fault for not being able to keep the raccoons away. The 2 males are very easy to keep we make sure they always have fresh water a shelter(we keep them contained but have been told they will stay around if we let them out) with warm bedding on the floor, a roost and bedded boxes on the wall much like something for a chicken to lay her eggs. Every morning and night we give them cracked corn and every now and then they get compost, mainly bread and goodies from the Day Old Hostess store. They are BEAUTIFUL birds and we are hoping to get a female or two in the near future. I don't want to mislead you I am not an expert ours are just pets but we have had the older male for 11 years and the younger male was hatched 3 years ago. Sorry for the life story I hope this helps, if you have any more questions I can try to help you.

Oh, I almost forgot, our peacocks do not like our chickens at all. They attack them and chase them away so we keep them separate.


Come visit me, Sandy Acres.

01/29/2010 08:36.57 AM Report This Comment  
  Our one horse is actually an Arab/Welsh cross, the other pony is a Welsh, and the big guy is a Quarter Horse/Paint mix:) Haven't meet many people that owned Walking horses!

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01/04/2010 12:37.09 PM Report This Comment  
  That is a beautiful photo at the top! Just all the trees and the lake, it's very peaceful!

Come visit me, Serendipity's Farm.

01/01/2010 09:09.15 AM Report This Comment  
  Waiting for Spring!
I know what you mean, 3 months is a long wait! LOL! I'm planning for spring also. Got all kinds of ideas rolling around upstairs! Planning the gardens, wanna grow mushrooms this year, more chicks, wanting a goat, and also getting seed magazines in. We have only 4.5 acres, but it seems like a lot at times. Really wanna get a hoop house this year, but have a lot of trees. I really don't want to cut them down because I would like to have shade gardens and install a few more hammocks. Maybe a small hoop house. I would really like to get some women together and do canning again this year. Sometimes I feel like the old way is being lost in the technology of today. But then you get a breath of fresh air, my 14 yr old is making an old recipe for a cake handed down from my 88 year old grandmother, just makes ya smile! There is hope still left in the world!
Hope you have a Wonderful Day Bonnie! Looking forward to chatting with you more!
Peace, Prayers, and Blessings

Come visit me, Sutters Woods Organic Farm.

12/28/2009 04:58.18 PM Report This Comment  
  Thank you for the Welcome....
I love your photos! The babies are adorable and love the photos of the chickens! We are getting several eggs a day here. We plan on getting more chicks come spring. I have an incubator, but just haven't used it much. I was very impressed with the new Hobby Farms magazine that has just came out. Speaks of Permaculture! Looking forward to chatting with you more!
Have a Wonderful New Year!

Come visit me, Sutters Woods Organic Farm.

12/27/2009 10:13.26 AM Report This Comment  
  Thanks for the welcome...still getting used to this format.

Come visit me, Elderwood Farm, LLC.

12/25/2009 07:58.27 PM Report This Comment  
  Rag Rug!
Thats a cool keepsake from your mom. finishing is easy. What did she use to sew the braids together? I use embrodery thread and I have also used fishing line but I can't put those in the washing machine.

Come visit me, Red Sky Farm.

10/31/2009 08:31.08 AM Report This Comment  
Hey there,
Thanks for the welcome. Great looking area. Sounds like we are in a bit of the same boat as far as just moving in and starting up a new farm. Best of luck to you guys and have fun!

All the best,

Come visit me, Pine Hollow.

10/30/2009 07:58.14 AM Report This Comment  
hows the rain comeing along there? i hate when it rains but atleast i am getting sum stuff done got my stalls in one barn cleaned out. i got alot of ferterlizer so i guess thats a good thang. seen u got a egg? conglations

Come visit me, little tagues farm.

10/09/2009 04:29.34 AM Report This Comment  
Congrats on your first egg! It's so fun when they start laying, and I love the mini eggs!

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10/07/2009 05:35.00 PM Report This Comment  
  thank u
thank you. the only mushrooms i have ate is the morals but i will go and look for sum tomorrow and see wat i can find.

Come visit me, little tagues farm.

10/02/2009 07:14.19 PM Report This Comment  
  GOT OUR VERY FIRST EGG YESTERDAY! It's a small one, but we're proud parents! haha. Not sure which hen it came from, it was laying on the floor instead of the nest..... Cute lil' thing with freckles on it....

Come visit me, RailRidge.

10/02/2009 01:55.56 PM Report This Comment  
  The photo is a bowl of Coral Mushrooms; edible and very delicious! Delicate buttery flavor, we like to dredge them in egg and flower and then fry like Morels. Salt and pepper to taste. These are as big as our hands, we find them near the base of the trees in the woods.

Come visit me, RailRidge.

10/02/2009 01:51.27 PM Report This Comment  
i like your pictures

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10/01/2009 06:55.38 AM Report This Comment  
  good morning
hey wats that a pic of in your profile? there in a bowl

Come visit me, little tagues farm.

09/30/2009 05:14.24 AM Report This Comment  

came across this link. Let me know what you think.


hope you can pull this one up. They have the root beer daylily


Come visit me, The Homestead.

09/23/2009 08:36.26 AM Report This Comment  
  At least you got your seedlings up to 3 inches. We tried several different soils and different methods and they never came up. I guess my thumb is browner than I think...lol...

At least Christmas isn't just around the corner. I've got time to find a field guide for him.


Come visit me, The Homestead.

09/23/2009 07:34.12 AM Report This Comment  
  Thanks for the website on the daylilies. Have you ever eaten the flower of the daylily or the bulb? When we lived in Baton Rouge, I had a friend who would candy the blooms and put them on cakes. I like the spider daylilies my self. I have an old varity that the stems are 4 to 5 feet tall before the bloom and are yellow. I also have a small one called The Clown. It a low to the ground bloomer and it has a two red pellats and two off yellow pellats. That lemon one sounds almost like you could eat them. I'd got my starts from Westside Gardens (out of state) and Westfarms off of Hwy. 450. Do you ever grow your's from seed? I've tried with little to no luck. But that's okay, going to the farms where they bloom are much more funnier.

I'm going to keep my eye out for a pocket field guide for P2's Christmas. Have you ever came across one that the pages were waxed over or plastic? Something that was along the lines of waterproof?

Come visit me, The Homestead.

09/22/2009 01:44.35 PM Report This Comment  
I couldn't agree more! Peepers ARE the first sign of spring...and eagerly awaited here at the farm! We named the farm after the frogs and the birds...there is tree song on the farm 24/7!

Come visit me, Treesong Farm.

09/22/2009 10:00.32 AM Report This Comment  
Will post a pic this weekend. Just came back from the spec with our son. Trying to wind down from the traffic.

Could you tell me the name and author of some of your bird books? Trying to find one for Patrick to go out in the fild with while he's checking cows with is Pa-Pa.


Come visit me, The Homestead.

09/21/2009 03:30.52 PM Report This Comment  
  They had/have a color called that down here, but the price for this deep brown color cost an arm and a leg. The closest we've came to is a deep red that is not a bright red.

If you do come across could you let me know where you found it?

Come visit me, The Homestead.

09/21/2009 03:28.02 PM Report This Comment  
hey there stranger how are you havent heard from you in a while. got the boys signed up for 4-H any ideas on wat kind of animal bwe good for them you think?

Come visit me, little tagues farm.

09/20/2009 06:48.26 PM Report This Comment  
  Crows vs Blackbirds
Are they in the same family? I know that crows are very smart. I guess that they (crows) are also bigger.

By any chance do you have or know where I can find a root beer daily lalliy?

You have some beautiful animals.

Your Aussie looks like our Rainey.

Come visit me, The Homestead.

09/20/2009 07:48.58 AM Report This Comment  
Hey Rail Ridge! What a great name for tree frogs! Where is your farm located?

Come visit me, Treesong Farm.

09/18/2009 09:04.53 AM Report This Comment  
my grandparents lived in eldridge. but my grandma and grandpa was from here. I got alot of realatives down around this area but only a cpl that i know know. Did live up in clinton iowa but i had to get out of that state. didnt stand the people, cops, laws, so on. so we moved down here cuz the land and prices is alot cheaper and its alot more beautiful. The people down here is alot nicer then up there I think. Plus its helping me and my family out alot more.

Come visit me, little tagues farm.

09/15/2009 06:54.53 PM Report This Comment  
  howdy neighbor
we are just a mile or 2 outside of town past the high school on oak bend road

Come visit me, little tagues farm.

09/14/2009 06:04.05 PM Report This Comment  
  By the way....your farm is beautiful, where are you located. It is breathtaking!!! Nothing like here is AZ. And your motto is a great one to live by !! :)- Gina

Come visit me, McLean Homestead.

08/16/2009 12:17.17 PM Report This Comment  
  Our Aussie twins!
Hi, Yes they do look alot alike. Buddy is a male that was a stray who wondered to us about five and a half years ago. He is the best baby ever. I was amazed that someone would let him go, he is purebred and very well trained. We just recently added another female aussie to our family. Her name is Miss Daisy! Hopefully within the next year I will have a herd of adorable babies running around our property. Thanks for the comment, Gina

Come visit me, McLean Homestead.

08/16/2009 12:12.54 PM Report This Comment  
  We have friends that started chicks last year - un-sexed...and they ended up with about 80% roosters! Yikes! They have a bit more reasonable amount of hens now, Araucanas I believe and they get fabulous green and blue eggs. I figured we'll start with 4 and see what happens, but the nice thing is that we can trade with a friend for goats milk if we end up with too much! Do all yours have names?

Come visit me, Shimmering Hill.

08/11/2009 02:14.32 PM Report This Comment  
Thanks for visiting our farm! Shimmering Hill's name came about simply because a) we live on a hill (the base of a mountain really) and b) our first horse's registered name is Shimmering Diamond! I enjoyed your photos as well, your mama cat is beautiful! Congrats on all the babies! I see you have chickens - we're going to be jumping into that world soon too! Just in a small way, 4 chickens is about it for us, but we can't wait! Coop building time very very soon.

Come visit me, Shimmering Hill.

08/09/2009 10:58.00 PM Report This Comment  


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