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Moserwood from Louisville, KY

Farm Name: Moserwood

Year Farm Established: 1992

Location: Lou1sville, KY

Years I’ve been farming: 23 years

Animals I raise: Thoroughbred racehorses

Club/Associations memberships: NTRA, Louisville Thoroughbred Club

Pets: horses, dogs, chickens, two cows, skink koi, newt, bettas, goldfish, pigeon, parakeets

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  Your horses are beautiful
I love your horses. Where do you race them? That would be alot of work I am sure, but Oh so much fun and excitement too

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01/24/2012 12:08.36 PM Report This Comment  
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  Hey there!!!!!
I'm in kentucky also, glad to see a fellow Kentuckian!
This is my first farm, I'm a greenie, but I'm a excited green one.

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08/04/2010 12:45.35 AM Report This Comment  
  Thanks for the Visit
Thank you

Come visit me, Land of Milk and Honey.

04/04/2010 09:34.17 AM Report This Comment  
for the visit. I used to go to Lexington for UKC dogs shows, it is so beautiful up there. I have some friends that may still live in Louisville. It was easier to get there when I lived in Tennessee!

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04/02/2010 01:25.09 PM Report This Comment  
Thanks for the visit

Come visit me, Land of Milk and Honey.

04/02/2010 08:17.51 AM Report This Comment  
  We have family in KY, its a beautiful state! Your in horse country, lucky you! And the people are some of the friendliest I've ever been around and the horses...

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03/21/2010 06:35.36 AM Report This Comment  
  Thanks for coming by to visit me!

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03/16/2010 02:17.46 PM Report This Comment  
  What would life be like without animals?
Just checking out your farm. Spring is finially here!!!!!

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03/04/2010 08:10.56 AM Report This Comment  
horses and koi eh?

Come visit me, L.R. Fulmer Family Farm.

02/26/2010 10:58.34 AM Report This Comment  
  Thanx! Your horse is realy pretty. You have a lot of interesting animals.

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02/25/2010 11:46.50 AM Report This Comment  
thanks for the comment on the photo.

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02/23/2010 07:49.06 AM Report This Comment  
  Thanks for your comment! We had horses when our girls were small but we have fallen in love with llamas. We bought our first two for companionship for our 28 year old horse that my daughter showed in 4-H. Bojangles did not like the llamas so we got him a miniature donkey. He doesn't like him either! I guess he was not lonely at all. Ann at Tyfton Acres

Come visit me, Tyfton Acres.

02/07/2010 07:51.36 PM Report This Comment  
  Race Horses
My wife wishes she could own a race horse. I think the prices are a little to high for us though. Maybe in the future sometime.

Come visit me, The Family Farm.

02/06/2010 04:07.02 AM Report This Comment  
  Thanks for the comment. I better not let my daughter see your page. She's a horse fanatic and loves racehorses. It's probably my fault, we have pictures where she can barily sit up and she's on a horse. She wanted to be a Jockey for awhile, but when your 5'8" that choice goes down the drain. Getting her an Ex-Arab racehorse didn't help, around here she's know as the crazy blonde that goes galloping by on the bay. Oh well, Have a great day!
~Madessa's Menagerie~

Come visit me, Madessa's Menagerie.

01/25/2010 05:15.14 PM Report This Comment  
  Thanks for the comment. I better not let my daughter see your page. She's a horse fanatic and loves racehorses. It's probably my fault, we have pictures where she can barily sit up and she's on a horse. She wanted to be a Jockey for awhile, but when your 5'8" that choice goes down the drain. Getting her an Ex-Arab racehorse didn't help, around here she's know as the crazy blonde that goes galloping by on the bay. Oh well, Have a great day!
~Madessa's Menagerie~

Come visit me, Madessa's Menagerie.

01/25/2010 05:14.36 PM Report This Comment  
  wow! thorough bred horses! thats pretty cool! i've been naging at my mom to get at least a decent horse i can ride. but our fences arn't that great!

Come visit me, FIVE ACRE FARM.

01/18/2010 03:57.33 PM Report This Comment  
  thanks for visiting, looks like you have a lovely farm.

Come visit me, Hilltop Prairie Dairy.

01/15/2010 09:58.31 AM Report This Comment  
For stoping by

Come visit me, Midnight Lake Farm.

12/31/2009 02:51.38 PM Report This Comment  
  Thanks for visiting me! I love the picture of the horse, I will have a few eventually! :) I had them as a child and am looking forward to teaching my kids to ride!

Come visit me, Rosewood Farms.

12/29/2009 12:26.31 PM Report This Comment  
Congrats on the Hund!! I love pointers of all types, and Germany is one of the top breeders of Hunting Dogs...
Jack in Bavaria

Come visit me, Jak Hof.

12/23/2009 11:00.41 AM Report This Comment  
How funny, I was raised in Louisville!! I retired from the Army 2 years ago and bought my farm in Germany. I grew up in Jeffersontown when it was still the country(along with Middletown, Prospect, and everywhere else that has been paved over with shopping Malls).
Nice Farm!!

Come visit me, Jak Hof.

12/23/2009 02:03.18 AM Report This Comment  
  Tractor comment
Thank you for visiting our farm. I had a faithful Kubota for years and replaced it last year with the Kioti in the photo. I'm very happy with it. Thanks for your comment.

Come visit me, 3P Farms.

12/17/2009 04:05.18 AM Report This Comment  
  Thanks for Visiting Me!
Thanks for visiting Red Pine Mountain Farm. You must have a great life. Don't raise horses but I have Morgans. Nothing better than horses.

Come visit me, Red Pine Mountain.

12/16/2009 06:47.32 AM Report This Comment  
  nice horse you have...
how many chickens do you have?

Come visit me, laura farm.

12/08/2009 06:03.00 PM Report This Comment  
  love your horse, looks just like mine.

Come visit me, Katts Pitts & Katt's farm.

12/06/2009 07:12.07 AM Report This Comment  
  horses have been my passion since I can remember
Beautiful pic from what little I can see!!Thanks for stopping by last July!

Come visit me, MrMisters Place.

11/27/2009 06:18.58 PM Report This Comment  
  How many parakkeets do you have?

Come visit me, J & J.

11/20/2009 06:09.02 AM Report This Comment  
  hello from australia
yeah thanks she is a pretty dog she takes good care of all our livestock

Come visit me, stormview.

11/18/2009 04:40.00 AM Report This Comment  
  Love Horses
I am pestered every day by my mother to get a horse. I wish I could make her happy, but her and I have plenty on the plate as it is. My brother went on his second tour of duty and I came from Michigan to lend a hand while he's gone. Maybe some day we'll have a horse; not a pedigree but a nice friend to spend the day with.
Many Happy Days and Derby Wins!

Come visit me, Rocky Farm.

10/29/2009 06:04.54 PM Report This Comment  
What a great animal, especially to raise!
17 years too!!
What made you decide to raise them?

Come visit me, Sirany Sunrise Hill.

10/19/2009 08:45.13 PM Report This Comment  
  my pug
This is tne baby of the house she is spoiled.

Come visit me, JT Farm.

10/06/2009 08:06.26 PM Report This Comment  
New picture of the biointensive urban garden

I've been working on the expansion of the biointenstive urban backyard vetical garden. I now have about 100 square foot of garden space to intetensely grow veggies next year. I'm putting about 12 inches of brown and green yard waste on the beds to compost down over the winter months. In the Spring I'll mix it in with the soil and spread a good top coat of mulch before planting. It will be interesting to see just how much produce can come from 100 square foot of garden.

Come visit me, Nebraska Dave's Garden.

10/06/2009 03:41.30 PM Report This Comment  
I'm not so sure the garden is pretty just yet. Maybe in a few more days it will begin to look like it could become pretty by the middle of Springtime. It still has a long way to go, in my humble opinion, before pretty happens. Anyway thanks for the encouragement.

Come visit me, Nebraska Dave's Garden.

10/05/2009 05:57.32 PM Report This Comment  
Thank for the compliment on the goats. Any other day I might agree, today they've done a number on my patience.

Your horse in the photo is to die for. Having grown up in Goochland VA with is right next door to Hanover, I spent the better part of my youth and teenagehood around Thoroughbred racehorses and just love them. A riding accident pretty much pulled me from being on a horse again but I've never lost the love and appreciaton of Thoroughbred. - MaLinda

Come visit me, Breeze Hill Farm.

10/01/2009 01:25.35 PM Report This Comment  
  that is a beutifule horse!

Come visit me, Lyndsie.

08/15/2009 09:10.37 AM Report This Comment  
  Thank you!
Thanks for visiting. Horse looks lean and fast.

Come visit me, Valhalla Boer Goats-Doe page, Valhalla Boer Goat Farm -red robin page, Valhalla Boer Goats-Buck Page & Valhalla Boer Goats-Lillie's page.

07/27/2009 06:57.23 PM Report This Comment  
  Race horses
That most be pretty exciting. Ever raised a Derby winner? I board a retired quarter horse racer for a college student. Still seems pretty fast when he decides to run.

Come visit me, Finally A Farm.

07/27/2009 10:48.01 AM Report This Comment  
That cat is "Monkey" She was a wild cat I rescued last fall (she was gonna be shot in town). I brought her home and put her in a dog crate untill she got use to her new home. She was Very wild! She would climb all over the cage and hang upside down with all 4 feet!! Hence Monkey. We felt so sorry for her, we would arrange "play-dates" where we would throw another young cat in with her. Then all the sudden one day she decided people are ok and we could let her out- YEAH!! She really knows her name and she still lives up to it. Wish I would've named her Million Dollar Cat:)

So you raise racehorses- thats pretty cool!! I use to work at a Vet Teaching Hosp and the Large animal side had a thoroughbred mare come in with bad colic. They tried surgery but I guess the intestines had deteriorated so far they couldn't sew things back together so they took the baby and let her go:( The bb was in the ICU on a ventilator for quite awhile. I guess horses don't produce surfactant(the slime thats inside your lungs) until just a few days before the bb is born and this bb was like 7-10 days off. Unfortunaltly he didn't make it. He was suppose to be worth $100,000 when he hit the ground. It was pretty sad but quite the learning experience ( I know nothing about horses except they are awesome!!)

Come visit me, Rock Pile Ranch.

07/25/2009 10:14.32 PM Report This Comment  


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