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Cameron Family Farm from East Haddam, CT
Cameron Family Farm

Farm Name: Cameron Family Farm

Year Farm Established: 2009

Location: East Haddam, CT

Years I’ve been farming: 6 years

Animals I raise: Poultry & Swine

Crops I grow: Corn, Potatoes, Lettuce, & Strawberries

Club/Associations memberships: cameronfarms. webs.com

The proudest moment on my farm: (No spaces between the.'s those are added by HF.)

Pets: Dog, Cats, Rabbit

Farm Blog
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  Buzy are we.... Allways something to build or fix or add. Working on a 2 stall horse barn/lean to now. Haveing a lot of rain and temps in 30 now. So much to do in so little time. We have a Harley and dont have much time. Ben short trips. And then camping. Actully this weekend over thanksgiving weekend we will camp. Thank goodness for furance in camper. Thats our Thanksgiving retual. Will be about 30 of us. Only bad thing is have to drive home 2 times a day to feed animals.

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11/24/2010 03:05.48 AM Report This Comment  
Google Craig's List. Then also click on "similar pages"
Plus BarterQuest.com & Swaptree.com

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06/21/2010 01:50.12 PM Report This Comment  
well i would love to say the tractors are coming along nicely, and i will be installing the freshly rebuilt engine tomorrow... but that would be a lie, and lying is not nice. nope... haven't touched 'em yet. i just can't seem to catch up enough to even consider them yet... along with doing the brake job on my truck... and building the new tool shed... or finishing the trim in the kitchen... or the hall floor... or making room for the goats in the barn for the winter... or...

Come visit me, Dusty Bottom Acres.

11/12/2009 06:59.58 PM Report This Comment  
  Give them time and they will lay. Since one has started to lay, have you added oyster shells or chicken grit to help with the calicum issue. Now you need at least 12 hours of light give or take on the breed. Down here sun rise is at 6:30 and sun set is 7:00. But the time will shorten, I turn our lights on at 6:00. So when it gets dark the little ones will coop up because the coop has light and the outside is getting dark. How old are your? Ours are anywhere from 6 wks old to three years old. Just wait till they all start to lay and then you will be set for eggs.

Good Luck.

Come visit me, The Homestead.

10/01/2009 08:42.47 AM Report This Comment  
i was reading a nother profile and seen u mention craigs list wat is that? wats the web site add.?

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09/30/2009 04:50.57 PM Report This Comment  
How are they doing? Are you or can you add to your flock? If so, what will you go with next?

Come visit me, The Homestead.

08/13/2009 07:32.09 AM Report This Comment  
Well, I finally got one of my two tractors, and I added a couple of pics. The working one turned out to be a model 1250, from 1976, and the parts one is a 1250 from 1979. I can't wait to do some restoration!

Come visit me, Dusty Bottom Acres.

07/17/2009 11:20.31 AM Report This Comment  
Thanks, I can't wait til I can head out on Sunday for one of the two. Actually I didn't think enough to look while I was there, so I came home with no model numbers or serial numbers at all. (can you say dumba**?) So I took to the internet, and after looking on some Cub sites, and pouring over pics and features, I've decided they are 1250's. The 1250's were made from 74-80. I'm afraid that I now have a new addiction....

Come visit me, Dusty Bottom Acres.

07/08/2009 12:34.45 PM Report This Comment  
Well isnt this nice. Cucumber Beatles, Squash Beatles, Mexican Bean Beatles, and slugs. Add no sun and to much rain. What a rough first year. Finally broke down and spread some pesticide on the plants before we loose them all.

Come visit me, Cameron Family Farm.

07/08/2009 08:58.24 AM Report This Comment  
Great looking tractor! I was just lucky enough to be given a pair of "1980ish" IH Cub Cadet lawn tractors. I already have a nice mower, but these are super cool, and like they say... "Never look a gift tractor in the mouth!" Actually, I am very excited, and can't wait til I get a minute to go pick them up. They each have running 12 Horse Kohlers, and are hydrostatic drive. I'll be posting pics as soon as they arrive. Thanks again Uncle Bob and Aunt Korry!

Come visit me, Dusty Bottom Acres.

07/06/2009 07:27.50 PM Report This Comment  
  New Tractor!
"New" 1969 Simplicity 2210 w/ Hydraulic lift. Came with Tiller, Snow Blower, Plow, 48" Mowing Deck, and a whole bunch of spare parts :P Not bad for $700!!

Come visit me, Cameron Family Farm.

06/29/2009 10:04.58 AM Report This Comment  
Well I finally "finished" the coop by adding an out door perch and a gate to the pen. So we went and got our chickens :) 6 pullets, 4 white leghorns and 2 Rhode Island reds!

Come visit me, Cameron Family Farm.

06/21/2009 11:07.06 AM Report This Comment  
  Done :P
OK so tonight after work I fertilized the garden with Cow Manure and weeded it all pretty good.

I definitely think I lost the cantaloupe as they had sprouted before but tonight they were very much dead. I fertilized anyway so we shall hope for the best :P

I think the carrots have sprouted but the lettuce is still up in the air.

I did get the pole beans and pumpkins planted finishing off the "three-Sisters" mounds.

Come visit me, Cameron Family Farm.

06/19/2009 05:13.56 PM Report This Comment  
Well you beet me to chickens! I have been wanting and begging my hubby for some for years. We still have to build a coop.

Come visit me, CokerFarms.

06/18/2009 07:36.31 AM Report This Comment  
  Its raining
so I guess I dont have to water the garden today. Still need to add some fertilizer just to be on the safe side though. This is gonna be a fun to do in the rain ;)

Need to get that gate put in to the coop too that may wait :P

Come visit me, Cameron Family Farm.

06/18/2009 04:40.28 AM Report This Comment  
Just checked on the garden tonight. Some of the plants are looking wilted and dry. I didnt water today or yesterday but it rained for 3 days before that. I am going to add some fertilizer and water them tomorrow...

Come visit me, Cameron Family Farm.

06/17/2009 05:21.56 PM Report This Comment  
  Love it!
Hah Great motto! Looks like you are gonna have a nice sized garden this year!

Come visit me, CokerFarms.

06/17/2009 07:23.20 AM Report This Comment  
Doesn't look like the lettuce is gonna make it. I am going to try adding some fertilizer this weekend and give it a few more days. If nothing by then I will re-till the area and replant. Not sure what else to do. I probably should have put some better soil down in the first place.

We are going to hit up Shagbark tonight hopefully and get some chicken feed and hay. I want to add a gate to the pen area on the coop tonight as well and then get the pullets tomorrow.

Come visit me, Cameron Family Farm.

06/17/2009 07:15.03 AM Report This Comment  
  Ok soooo
its not really a "farm" yet :P But its our start while we look for a permanent "farm"!

Come visit me, Cameron Family Farm.

06/16/2009 09:33.41 AM Report This Comment  


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