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Heron Acres from Southwest Ranches, FL
Heron Acres

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Farm Name: Heron Acres

Year Farm Established: 2009

Location: Southwest Ranches, FL

Years I’ve been farming: 6 years

Animals I raise: I hope to get some geese, but I am mostly planting to attract wildlife.

Crops I grow: Heirloom vegetables. Anything rare that I can get to grow in South Florida.

Hobbies I enjoy: Cooking, visiting old houses, reading.

Club/Associations memberships: local garden club
orchid society
kitchen garden club UK

The proudest moment on my farm: When I closed on the place and it was at last mine!

Pets: a Kerry Blue Terrier named Rab

Farm Motto: Day by day.

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07/17/2010 05:45.51 PM Report This Comment  
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If you get keets (baby guineas) you should not have a problem of them "running away". You might want to raise them with some baby chicks to imprint on them. If you buy older guineas that's where the problem comes in on them wanting to "go home." Our are 3 wks old now and they already know how to fly. I'm wanting to release them into our woods in 3 more weeks, but holding off until they get some more weight on them.

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08/24/2009 12:20.00 PM Report This Comment  
  Yep, you definitely live in a greenhouse! I guess I was thinking of a "reverse" greenhouse for you, since you need things chilled to be able to get the plants and berries you like... so instead of a solar house, you need something like "Mr. Freeze" (Batman's arch enemy...)had. Haha.
Your indoor kitchen garden sounds wonderful! Be sure to take pictures to share!
That citrus wine recipe sounds great, think I will give it a try too!!!

Come visit me, RailRidge.

07/08/2009 12:38.33 PM Report This Comment  
  Here ya go! Let me know how it turns out.

5 oranges
1 tangerine
1 grapefruit
3 lemons
2 lb sultanas or other white seedless grape
2 lb sugar
Water up to 1 gallon
Yeast nutrient
Wine yeast

Put sugar and sultanas in a fermentation bucket and add boiling water. Stir until all the sugar has dissolved. Leave to cool. Squeeze juice from all the fruit and place in the fermentation bucket. Add the yeast nutrient and wine yeast. Cover and leave to ferment for five days, stirring daily. Using a fine sieve strain the liquid into a demijohn/carboy and fit an airlock to seal the jar.

Store in a warm place and allow the fermentation to work. When fermentation has ceased, rack the wine into a clean jar and place in a cooler environment and leave. When the wine is clear and stable siphon into bottles.

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07/06/2009 05:37.22 PM Report This Comment  
  Citrus Wine
Hi and thanks for visiting!!

There is actually a very easy citrus wine recipe I have. It's been a couple years since I made it but it is very refreshing. I can sent it to you if you'd like.

Beautiful place you have there!!

Come visit me, Duke's Gardens.

07/05/2009 09:18.18 AM Report This Comment  
  What a beautiful piece of property.

Come visit me, Moserwood.

07/04/2009 04:50.59 PM Report This Comment  
  Oh my goodness, to be able to have fresh Mandarins and lemons'n limes! Seems to me we both need a good lil' ol' 20x40 green house to grow our fave stuff inside during "inclement" weather for our treats....! Ha.
I hope your horticulturist will be able to figure something out for you.
I can hardly wait til summer is over and I can get to digging and planning the things I'd like to get done! Too hot for that kind of thing right now. Besides, I still have boxes INside to get unpacked and put away! Spring lured me away from my unpacking from when we moved; just the necessities got put away for now.... I'm going to have a busy fall and winter, that's for sure!! ha.

Come visit me, RailRidge.

07/04/2009 01:56.45 PM Report This Comment  
No, haven't heard of B14; will keep my eye open if I come across any info I'll pass it on to you.
Raised beds would be perfect for putting the daffs in; I've done the fridge method every year for the past 10 yrs. or so...(For some reason, time always gets away from me in the fall and I find my bag of bulbs left behind; by then the ground is too hard to dig! ha) The thing that's most fun about planting them in the spring is that all my daffodils come up at different times instead of all at once like the neighbors do, so there's a continuous flush of yellow! Then the paperwhites kick in, followed by the Redbuds, Dogwoods, etc.

Getting ready for blackberry picking this weekend!!! And heading to a neighboring farm that has pick-it-yourself-blueberries! I should be baking up some shortcake ahead of time; break out the whipped cream.....
Love those fresh berries!

Come visit me, RailRidge.

07/02/2009 12:40.32 PM Report This Comment  
  Wow...very nice!

Come visit me, A Field of Dreams Animal Sanctuary.

07/02/2009 04:50.50 AM Report This Comment  
what a lush looking landscape- you've done a great job!

Come visit me, Wishing Well Farm.

07/02/2009 02:52.36 AM Report This Comment  
  Oh, and I'm central Missouri. Where did you move from? I have a cousin that left Chicago to go to FL....

Come visit me, RailRidge.

07/01/2009 10:43.13 AM Report This Comment  
  kindred spirits
I had to chuckle; yes, we do sound alike! And yes, your little place is just perfect...remember the "Dynamite comes in small packages".... It doesn't have to be huge to be outstanding!
And peacocks to boot! Take some pics of them when they come to visit. Nosey devils, aren't they... haha. I have a friend who has peacocks that I'm trying to encourage an egg from...they're good "watchdogs!"
And I am SHOCKED!!! NO DAFFIES????! I could not live without my daffodils! Here is a trick you might try, treat them as you would a tropical plant in cold weather (except you're bringing them in for the opposite reason...)
Start with bulbs in the fall, only instead of planting them to overwinter put them in the veggie drawer of your fridge and leave them til February or so (FL "spring") then take them out and plant them. You'll have to take them back up each fall to put them in chill cycle, but it'd be worth having them every year! They won't multiply like they would in the ground, but you'd have a cheery little clump to greet you!

Come visit me, RailRidge.

07/01/2009 10:37.14 AM Report This Comment  
Wow! what a g reat place you have there.

Come visit me, The Chicken Ranch, el dorado urban farm & DeVore Ranch.

07/01/2009 07:16.09 AM Report This Comment  
I'm so jealous of those trees!!!
I recently came across a photo of a "flame plant" that is a hot weather plant; it truly looks like flames coming out of the foliage! It would look beautiful in your yard.... (And then I can be green with envy!) ha

Come visit me, RailRidge.

06/30/2009 08:52.50 PM Report This Comment  


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