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Wisteria Suri Ranch from Taylor, TX
Wisteria Suri Ranch

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Farm Name: Wisteria Suri Ranch

Year Farm Established: 2008

Location: Taylor. We're about 35 minutes from Austin., TX

Years I’ve been farming: 7 years

Animals I raise: We have 12 Suri alpacas. We breed them for their luxury fiber. We also love raising chickens.

Crops I grow: I'm trying to grow some edible veggies...

Hobbies I enjoy: Knitting, spinning, soap making, baking, reading, and learning new practical skills

Club/Associations memberships: AOBA, Suri Network, STAR, TXolan, AlpacaNation, ARI

The proudest moment on my farm: When Alina (our first cria)took her first steps! She went backwards as we held our breath in excitement. She's been so much fun to watch.

Pets: Great Pyrenees, Anatolian/Pyr, Mini Aussie, Chihuahua, barn kitties, indoor kitty

Farm Motto: Eat well, sleep well, work hard, and be good to your friends (new and old), family, and neighbors!

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  Wow, you had a buzy wkend!! That's sounds like fun! I wish I could've had ponies at my bday parties!! Lucky lil guy, tell him "Happy Bday" for me please.

That is really cool that you spin your own yarn! What don't you do?? I bet my dog would love a Paca sweater, too. She's a German Short Hair and she lives in the barn- year-round!! Did I mention "short hair" and that is gets very VERY cold here, and our old barn just doesn't hold the heat very well. I bought her a doggie coat last year but she lost it. Dad thought he would be nice and leave it on her when he turned her loose (we have to keep her or Pepper tied up at all times or they'll run, she runs anyways). Yea, she lost it who knows where, $20 down the drain. I bought a lil sweater for her at walmart, we have it on her already and its not even "cold" yet. I told dad to take it off when he lets her go. Its only a $5 sweater, but if she gets caught somewhere... She did that last summer, her rope came undone and she was gone, rope and all. We tried calling her but nothing. The 2nd night, when I got home, everything was quiet and I could hear her- somewhere. Pepper led me to her, she wouldn't yip for me when I called so Pep led me down to the pasture where the dummy had run around and through some brush. She is a "special" dog. She's very sweet but not good for anything. She was abused, its quite obvious. And she's gun shy, but she's cute and funny and dumb;) She runs like a greyhound, when she gets excited she will just run in big circles in the yard. I swear someday she's gonna crach into something and break her neck, but its funny to watch!

I should get going to bed, much to do tomorrow!! Take care!

Come visit me, Rock Pile Ranch.

10/12/2009 01:42.13 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello Keiko!!
Its been awhile. I've been very busy and its only getting worse- we had our first shot of snow Fri night with up to 5 inches coming for Monday!! I'm not ready! My calves have some VERY "hard" water in their tanks. I'm sure the float valves are froze if the hoses are not. But the ground is stiffening up so I'm sure the hoses froze too. It was very nasty today. The temp was around freezing but there was a cold biting wind out of the NNW- a very raw day indeed. Everyone has adequate straw and shelter, so we're fine there its just the water. Tomorrow I will have to carry hot water to them as today I was able to break the ice, but with frozen hoses I will be "pailing it" to refill them.

Has your son had his big Bday yet?? Did you get him a cow? I still think that was pretty sweet of him, good to know he thinks of others!!

How are the Pacas?? We had I think 5 beef cows calve the last few weeks. We don't do fall calving but my brother left the bull in too long and didn't feed the cows very well over winter, so here we are, fall calving. I've taken over feeding the beefers (like I don't have enough to do) but most of them are mine now anyways. They are quite healthy, Annie is as big as a house, looks like she should be ready to calve out 4-5 bbs but she's not due till spring.

I should get going since I have extra work to do tomorrow before work, but I wanted to pop in and say "Hi"
Catch you later!!

Come visit me, Rock Pile Ranch.

10/11/2009 12:25.52 AM Report This Comment  
  Where's Pettycoat Junction?
Hi Keiko!
How was your wkend? I had a pretty good one! I went to the Cities Fri and took Christian (BF) on a tour of my old job! Yes, you're right, it took an AWESOME job for me to move! I went to school for Veterinary Technology. To graduate you have to do an internship and rotations at the vet school. The vet school was very cool and I had a work study job in the small animal ICU, just cleaning and stocking. Come to find out when you work 75% the U pays your tuition and since I wanted to go to vet school... well, it was a no brainer:) Anyhow, ICU was my last rotation and I kept talking about working at the U and on our last day, as we were cleaning out our lockers, Vickie (ICU sup.) came and found me and told me she needed to see me before I left. I was nervous thinking uh-oh did I do something? And she offered me a job in ICU!! I couldn't believe it! Especially since I hadn't graduated or even passed my certification yet!! So I worked there for just shy of 3 years while taking my gen ed classes. But it got to be too much so back to the farm I went!! I still miss that job. It was just like a people ICU but with cats and dogs! It was great going back but there were only a couple people there that I knew. After that we went to the "great MN get together," the MN state fair. The U is literally next door to the fair grounds. The fair was good but the best part was seeing Allison there! I worked with her at the U and haven't seen her since I left 5 yrs ago. There are THOUSANDS of people there and we found each other! Pretty cool! Allison is a true city girl though. She is interested when I talk about farming but she's never experienced anything like that. She doesn't understand that I don't live in a town even though my address has a town so she decided that I must live at Pettycoat Junction;) Yea I really miss that job, but not the life I had there. Part of that is my own fault cuz I was working graveyard and trying to go to class after work-Not a good idea!! Sometimes I had a hour after work/before class and I would take a nap in my car, wake up when class was done, pay for parking and go home. Not real condusive for learning. That was Chemistry that I did that for. I guess I burned myself out:(
My cousin teaches english to little kids in Arizona. (She is nothing like her mother, very VERY sweet girl) She talks about teaching them about winter and trying to explain snow. About January I offer to send a truck load or 2;) That had to be rewarding, like you said, they WANT to be there. I would've loved to have been a teacher but kids were monsters when I was in school and I know they're getting worst!! Not all of them of course but enough.
So, when do you get the cow? Or are you waiting for your son's Bday?
Good night!

Come visit me, Rock Pile Ranch.

08/30/2009 01:20.02 AM Report This Comment  
  No horsey, no ranchie :)
Hi again!!
Sorry it took me so long. Everyone thinks life on the farm is full of lazy days watching the corn grow and fishing and drinking lemonade- Ha! Anything but! Seems like my days get shorter and fuller everyday!! I've been trying to not go on the internet so much.
I know what you mean- when you're in the country, living a farm life you somehow become different than them other folks. My aunt was up to visit this past wkend. She grew up on a farm here but ended up moving to Arizona. I don't really care for her cause she tries to be so "glamorous" and is very "look at me" and acts like she's better than us hicks. Even said a few years ago "I don't know what you people do here" like for fun etc. You people!?! I don't know what she does! You can only go out to eat so much and play so much golf. I enjoy being w/ my animals and seeing how they grow and (someday) make me some $$, fishing, going for walks in the woods (back when I had time), going to the fair, small town festivals, hunting, movies, and I do like working on the farm (alot actually) and seeing what I, Sara, can do and accomplish when it seems like everything is going against you. I love a challenge! Yea, it would be nice to come home make dinner and just relax and go to bed, but I think you and I can appreciate time to relax more than city folk. I feel more fulfilled, sometimes overfilled but happier than when I lived in the Twin Cities (that was only 3yrs but if it wasn't for my AWESOME job I NEVER would've lived there!) They just don't get it. But I guess we need the city folks to buy our products- we can't all be farmers. Sounds great but why would you buy milk and eggs from me if you have your own milk and eggs?? Maybe the reason some people are interested in farm life and others are not is that the ones that go home and watch TV don't WANT to think or have any mental stimulation (beyond their jobs that they prob. hate) and the others actually want to learn something. I don't know just a thought. I'm not trying to get down on the city folk, even if I am doing a good job, it just gets frustating sometimes. And having my aunt here so recently doesn't help.
OK, this isn't a fun blog:(
Yogurt machine? Must check this out!
Off to bed! Good Night-Morning for you!!

Come visit me, Rock Pile Ranch.

08/26/2009 02:37.50 AM Report This Comment  
  OOps-out of room!
She found it on her own and she sucks it before and after I feed her milk! I need to post it on youtube but, the time... I'll let you know when that happens.

So how do you make yogurt? I'm sure its not that hard but I don't know how. Does it work well with store milk or better w/ "raw"milk? I'd like to make cheese but I've looked over the steps and wow, time consuming!! And then you have to wait 3 mo to see if its any good? Someday.

Well good night! Much to do tomorrow!!
If you think I type too much you should talk to me in person... Yakity yak...

Come visit me, Rock Pile Ranch.

08/17/2009 02:02.12 AM Report This Comment  
  OOps-out of room!
She found it on her own and she sucks it before and after I feed her milk! I need to post it on youtube but, the time... I'll let you know when that happens.

So how do you make yogurt? I'm sure its not that hard but I don't know how. Does it work well with store milk or better w/ "raw"milk? I'd like to make cheese but I've looked over the steps and wow, time consuming!! And then you have to wait 3 mo to see if its any good? Someday.

Well good night! Much to do tomorrow!!
If you think I type too much you talk to me in person... Yakity yak...

Come visit me, Rock Pile Ranch.

08/17/2009 01:57.50 AM Report This Comment  
  Awww Too Cute
That's too cute about your lil boy!! I hope you can find a sweet cow someday. Mine are mostly pretty sweet but they're all different and some are more independent and can cause trouble. Avonna and Nova (twins) are notorious for missing their stanchions. They know where home is but they only want to come in when THEY want to come in so they try to run a muck in the barn while the others go to their own stanchions. Just like people, they all have their own unique personalities.

Its about 300 miles door to door, farm to ranch. His family has (as he says) a REAL ranch. Between his dad, his bro and himself they run 1000+/- cow/calf pairs and about 5000 acres. Beats our little 200+ acres. Their horses are more work horses. They use them for their cattle and for ranch rodeos. Last time I rode a paint named GT but his tendons were sore so this time I rode some funny looking roan. I asked him what this horses name was and he didn't know!! I'm like "What do I call him?" and he's like "I don't know. Call him horsey." Yea, I'm not 5 anymore (although I still have my Horsey Blanket, it had a rocking horse on it and I used it when I sucked my thumb;) Anyway, it didn't matter cuz obviously he wouldn't know his name anyway. "Horsey" seemed confused since only the boys ride the horses and only to work them, I was a new thing for him. Once we got on the ridge and looked at the cattle Horsey thought it was time to go home and I had to keep steering him away. He would balk at the bit. A few times he sped up on his own from walk to trot and I would pull back and he would get mad and really chomp at the bit then I realized I was squeezing w/ my legs while pulling the reins back. Yep, I'd be confused too. Their land is very sandy and no real rocks to speak of so at least, in theory, if I do fall off, it will be somewhat soft?? I don't want to find out. When I was 13, a friend had horses and her stepdad saddled up their Arabian for me. He had to really cinch it up tight cuz I guess the horse would bloat up his belly so the saddle wouldn't be tight. My friend led me around a little before letting my go. She warned me he might try to take me to the woods to rub me off and he did!! We went galloping to the woods and I was laghing so much it was hard to say "whoa" but I did finally get him stopped. I'm gonna get my own saddle so my heiniken doesn't get so sore!! Fun, worth it, but SORE!!

So do you still ride at that friends? I think I would be pretty leery. Falling off is bad enough, but on your chest and getting the wind knocked out of you?!?
You're SUPPOSE to give your IM shots, especially in meat animals,in the neck so someone doesn't cut open their rump roast to find an injection abcess, yum yum. But its easier in the butt, so thus far these have gone in the neck although I don't know why I care cuz she's already a pet. She has SOO much personality and is soo friendly. I have video of her sucking her tail!! She found it on he

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08/17/2009 01:54.27 AM Report This Comment  
Sorry I haven't blogged for awhile, I've been pretty busy. I went to Manitoba last weekend to see my boyfriend and ride horse. I'm a VERY green rider but I didn't get thrown off. So we had a good time.

Summer finally arrived this week! Its been very hot and humid. Its thundering right now. We need the rain so its all good. My pastures are so dry. I have a very small amount of pasture anyway so if the rain makes the grass comeback I will be very happy!!

Friday the vet was out to do hernia surgery on one of my calves. She had a navel hernia and it was getting worse so we surgitized (not a real word but I like it)her and while we were at it we burned off her little button horns. She's doing great now! She doesn't like her penicillin shots though:(

Well the thunder is getting closer so I better get to bed!
Talk to you later!

Come visit me, Rock Pile Ranch.

08/16/2009 12:25.41 AM Report This Comment  
  Hey!! I got cut off!! Or maybe censored? That was my rather perverted story I wanted to share with you. Hope to hear from you soon (that is if you still blog to that weird girl that the cows find sooo appealing:))

Come visit me, Rock Pile Ranch.

08/04/2009 01:26.09 AM Report This Comment  
  It Happened Again: When Good Cows Go Bad
Whew- were you as busy in TX as I was in MN? I had so much to do this weekend and not so much got done, hmmm. Did you get all your hay sorted? Dad's been busy chopping hay and round baling. Yea we have alot of old equipment, not like steel tires old but we rely heavily on "natural ventilation" versus AC in the tractors. And no, I don't pop in my favorite CD when I'm doing field work, I put on the ear muffs (and its still noisy!) They don't look as nice as those $200,000+ tractors but we can afford them! I have 50+ cows and Dad probably has about the same so we have to grow our own. I was buying hay the last 2 winters and while its nice cuz you can get whatever quality of hay you want- that ends up being ALOT of money! I don't know what hay is now, probably fairly "cheap" where its summer and there's not as much demand.

So, wanna hear my story? Friday we had a cold front go through and dropped the temps and a little rain. Saturday morning I was over at my dad's checking on the heifers. We had AI'ed (artificially inseminated) 3 of my beef heifers and I was checking for any signs of heat since breeding. I don't know what you know about cows but when they are in heat- ready to be bred- they will stand for another animal to mount them. So I put some heat detectors on their tailheads, if another animal (any animal, heifer, cow, bull, steer) mounts them and they stand still, the detectors will change color. Then you just walk out and see who has red on their tailhead and you know they have been in heat, which in this case would mean that they didn't get pregnant when we AI'ed them. OK, so I walk out by the round bale feeder, I have a coat on and my hood pulled up as its only like 55-60 with a pretty gusty NW wind (Brrr). I walk up to Red, my red holstein (they're not all black and white) and pet her head. Abby walks up and I pet her, too, and proceed to walk between them to look at the others. All the sudden I feel something kind of pushing on my back and I'm thinking "Is Abby doing that? She's never done that before." I look back and around my hood to see a white leg in the air!! I'm like "oh %&#*" as I grab for the feeder so I don't end up in the mud. Yep, Red was mounting me. Apparently she was coming into heat (she's still a little too small to breed @ 650lbs). Thats the 2nd time I've been mounted by one of my heifers. But it was funny to go to work and when the office girls asked about my weekend I told them I got mounted on Saturday. The looks on their faces was priceless;) Of course I explained, which I'm not sure if that was a good idea cuz I got more weird looks. Oh well they had a good laugh! Maybe I should rewrite the song "She thinks my tractor's sexy" and make it "My cow thinks I'm sexy" Uh, maybe not. I think you're giving me a weird look right now, aren't you?? Oh well!!:) I guess my cattle can be just as "loving" as your Paca boys!!

Well, I should go to bed, I just wanted to share that rath

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08/04/2009 01:20.42 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello Keiko!
What do you mean "when will summer end?" Its barely started here!! This July is one on the coolest- we didn't even hit 90 once this month!! That's only happened 6 times before!! It is kind of nice in a way but its just not right!! The other day it was about 80 and I thought I was melting!! I haven't "toughened up" cuz its just been too cool!! When I came home this AM (about 2) it was 46!!! And DRY!! But without the heat/humidity we can't make a decent rain cloud- oh sure we have a "chance" of "scattered" showers but thats just a teaser. My pasture isn't doing a thing. We're feeding hay or haylage to all the critters.

While it sucks you got bad hay, at least they're gonna work with you. Don't you love stacking hay in 90+ weather? My dad likes to make very tight alfalfa bales that weigh 90-100lbs or better! Yea, I don't lift them very far. I want to help stack but its just not gonna happen. I can Drag them to the elevator or roll them off the wagon but I can only lift a few just so high and I'm done!! At least we only stack them in the shed and not on the rack too. We have a baler with a thrower- throws them into the hayrack and away we go!!

So what breed of cattle is your natural beef? That makes a difference too. I was talking to our Amish neighbor the other day and he really likes Jersey beef. He says its so much finer than other meat and he likes the taste. I've heard that Jersey has a different taste,too. Another guy I know likes raising HoJos (holstein/jersy cross) and says that is so good. We have a 3/4 Hol. 1/4 Jersey stag(1 nut hadn't dropped when we castrated so he got to keep it and the testoerone from it). I told Dad we should butcher him for ourselves and see how it is or get 1 lb from the Amish. I wish you were closer so I could send you some to try:) Then if you get a J milkcow, you can eat the bull calves! Well, maybe not, they are awfull cute when they're bbs. I had a chance at a jersy bull calf and I turned it down cuz I knew he would be another pet steer;)

Well have a good day and stay cool- and if the AC quits- go sit in the water tank! ;)

Come visit me, Rock Pile Ranch.

07/29/2009 02:37.17 AM Report This Comment  
Thanks for the info!! The websites say it tastes better but what do you expect them to say about their product? I've thought about the humane handling thing too, especially after that deal in California at the Hallmark packing plant. Gives me something more to think about anyways. But I thought I would just drop you a note for now- busy weekend again- will write more later!
Have a great weekend!!

Come visit me, Rock Pile Ranch.

07/24/2009 11:02.44 PM Report This Comment  
I was just reading about getting caught in the cross-fire of spitting pacas and it made me think of something my dad says. During the winter it can be "dangerous" to stand in the aisle behind the cows. If they cough they can shoot their poo, well, almost all the way across the 10 aisle. I have had several close calls. One time I was following dad around as he was milking cows and 1 cow coughed and it literally shot by right in front of my face and landed at my feet, right in front of my toes!! Dad laughed and said "Shot at and missed, shit at and hit" I didn't get hit but that was a little too close!

No, I'm not anywhere near TX, although I have been known to say "ya'all" I'm in Minnesota, we say "Uffdah" (the u has a lond O sound) and "ya sure ya betcha" I told Dad you asked about the ground cracking and he's like "ya it cracks down there alright"

So what's up with the natural beef? I've been thinking about raising my animals as natural beef instead of putting expensive corn into animals that gain weight but just don't seem to gain enough value. I'm even kicking around grass fed milk but I'm not sure if there's a market for it especially here. Do you think the natural beef tastes different/better than corn fed? I've read how its healthier for you. Same with the milk. What really got me interested with this is our awfull milk price. Right now our base price for milk is $10.55 per hundred pounds (it takes 8 or 8.8 gallons to make 100lbs) and they figure it costs $15-$16 to make that 100 lbs of milk (most of that is the expensive feed like corn etc.) Doesn't add up does it? I'm thinking if I pasture the cows and feed grass hay in the winter, I'll be cutting out some of my cost. Yes I will get less milk per cow, but it would cost less to make that milk. I don't know. Just trying to come up with something different. I'm not even exactly sure what qualifies as "natural" but it sounds better, just curious how it tastes. You cook it diferently too, right?
Oh love the comment about money pit!! I SOO know what you mean- do you know of any kind of farm that is not a money pit?

Have a good day!

Come visit me, Rock Pile Ranch.

07/21/2009 03:18.41 AM Report This Comment  
  Yea he pretty much charged- I was trying to "shoo" him back but the other bulls were playing their dumb bull/dominance games and he was getting crabby and well... I was the straw that broke the camels back! So he rammed me against an 8in steel post and broke my ribs! Not fair- I was just the "straw!"

I guess I didn't realize Pacas were so small- weight wise. Alota leg, alota neck and a whole lota fluff!! They can spit can't they? How many do you have? Do you have them just for fun? I think you can get pretty good $$ for breeding pairs, but what about their fluff? Are they a meat animal? At 180 there can't be alot of meat, but is it like a delicacy or anything? I don'tthink I could ever have them- I already have a bunch of cows that are never gonna see a slaughterhouse or salebarn- what would I do with a bunch of cute fluffy Pacas?

I like fenceing- mostly I like the look of a nice fence and knowing that, unless the deer run through it, I don't have to worry about my cows going on walk-about. And most of them are too tame to figure out that you should run from honking vehicles and would get smucked on the road! I still check on them especially when I put them in the pasture for the first time. I've even driven my Monte Carlo out in the hay and corn fields to check on them at 2 AM!! :) I'm no great fencer by any means, my boyfriend is far FAR more knowledgable. His fam has a huge ranch. We just have a small dairy and wanna be beef herd.

Except for a few years when he worked in town, my dad has milked cows since HS. I was in the barn when I was only a few weeks old- till a cow got out of her stanchion and walked right past the box I was lying in on the ground!! After that my sister stayed in the house w me(she was 14 then) during chores.

I currently have 36 beef, I think, mostly yearlings and bbs, but they are up and coming beef cows!! Then there's the 13 dairy, mostly Holsteins, 8 of them are milking in Dad's barn, a couple steers, and then there's Paul the Wonder Steer (its a wonder he's still alive) and Abby the free martin heifer. The last 2 are my "pets" and are 4 1/2 years old. I was checking the fence the other day and Abby left the herd to follow me around the fence, all the way back up to the yard, then she went running back to the herd!! Yep, how do you eat your 1700lb dog?? I can't and I'm not gonna let anyone else!!
Holy cow- I just wrote a novel! I would like to dedicate this to my cows cuz without them I probably wouldn't have any goofy stories to tell;)

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07/17/2009 01:27.07 AM Report This Comment  
  I'm fine now- 4 broken ribs and some bumps and bruises but it could've been MUCH worse!!
So its better to leave the males intact? I wish a naughty bull meant he just had a little crush on you like the Pacas- although I'm sure that can get dangerous too!
I took a farrier class in school (cuz I knew NOTHING about horses and wanted to learn) anywho, we each had to trim one hoof on our horse. I don't remember what kind or gender ours was but he would pick up his foot pretty good but then he would lean on you like you were his new leg!! He definately was not a lil horse! After that class I decided if I ever get a horse I will be more than happy to pay someone to trim his hooves!! I like to have a professional hoof trimmer for the cows too. They have the coolest set up! Are the Pacas a lil easier to handle? They don't look like they could be stubborn but I'm sure they don't like their feet messed with either.

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07/14/2009 02:20.14 AM Report This Comment  
  That would be a hilarious pic of your chi hanging off the ear of the Py!!
Now that you mention it, I've seen on TV how Pacas "court" and yea, it was, huh, interesting;) Kind of makes you smile just thinking about it! Can you castrate male pacas if they get mean or is it just too cruel to do that to them?
I know what you mean about positive human interaction. We have a Holstein bull we've raised and he's finally big enough to fulfill his purpose. I've been VERY carefull to not get aggressive or push him in anyway that could aggrevate him, just trying to keep him calm. He's still quite young so I don't know yet how well its working- hope not to keep him around long enough to really find out!! I hate bulls, always have, and always will. I had a Shorthorn bull put me in the hosp. 3 mo ago. But they serve a purpose- just gotta get the job done and then Bye Bye Bully!!
I'm still smiling about orgling Pacas:)

Come visit me, Rock Pile Ranch.

07/13/2009 12:26.34 AM Report This Comment  
How funny- we have a little chihuahua who has issues with the big pyrenees :) Yeah, for the alpaca boys- it can be sad because some people don't know overhandling can cause the male beserk behavior...and they can get dangerous to the point those boys end up having to be put down. Normal alpaca boys raised in a herd with positive human interaction are really sweet. Even some of the shy ones you get as an adult will warm up to you with consistent gentle treatment. That's so cool you can use artificial insemination for cattle. Alpacas are induced ovulators and they haven't figured out how to get the AI stuff to work. Breeding alpacas is an interesting one as the males "orgle"...to turn on the gals ;)

Come visit me, Wisteria Suri Ranch.

07/12/2009 04:40.50 PM Report This Comment  
  Wow, Paca boys can be a little too friendly I guess- LOL. Jersey bulls seem to suffer from Big Dog/ Little Dog Syndrome- Ya know how Great Danes or St. Bernards are so gentle and sweet (mostly) and some little Chihuahuas can be so nasty and vicious? Jersey bulls are like chihuahuas- they make up for their smaller size by being... well, you know, Really Really MEAN!! Any bull can be nasty but I work with alot of bulls and I can't say I've ever seen a J bull that wasn't crabby- all the dairy breeds seem to be more like that. I think its because they are handled so much as calves. Maybe somewhat like your paca boys! Only bulls don't just think you're "one of the girls." Remember: artificial insemination is you friend:)

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07/11/2009 01:44.25 AM Report This Comment  
  Jerseys are referred to as looking like deer- except of course a cow body:) I don't have any... Yet!! Oh but someday!! Our Amish neighbors have them for hand milking, too. Just remember the bulls are Very Very VERY Nasty!! So if you get a Jersey cow and she has a bull calf, just remember one word: Castration- its a good thing!!

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07/09/2009 02:36.21 AM Report This Comment  
I'll look into Jerseys, too. Sounds like fun :)

Come visit me, Wisteria Suri Ranch.

07/08/2009 08:04.24 AM Report This Comment  

Cute Pacas!!

Dexters, huh? Sorry, I don't know anything about them but Jersey cows are VERY SWEET cows (the bulls definately are not sweet) and they are small and oh so CUTE!! I've had Jersey cows come up behind me and try to eat my hair!! I guess they thought it was straw:) and they were not my "pets" just random cows I came into contact with. As far as a family animal, you can't go wrong but I can't say either way about Dexs. Sorry:( Good Luck!

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07/07/2009 02:00.02 AM Report This Comment  
  Suri Alpacas
Wow! 12 Suri's! I can't even imagine! One of the two little ones I have has beautiful lustrous fleece. I occasionally think about showing him, but wouldn't even know how to get started. Then I think of breeding him, but buying a female is more than I'll ever be able to afford, I'm afraid! I'm jealous of your larger herd <smile>

Come visit me, Fancy Fibers Farm.

07/05/2009 01:35.16 PM Report This Comment  
It sure is exciting to raise animals. It's amazing how much peace and happiness every small thing can bring. I find myself sitting on a bucket just watching in the barn ;)It's so great to have like-minded people here...as our city friends think we were a bit nuts to move to the country and work our butts off every day. (while i think they watch TV or something?) We don't need/have cable- we get to see all the action we need daily.

Come visit me, Wisteria Suri Ranch.

07/05/2009 08:52.16 AM Report This Comment  
  Excellent Pictures
Your animals are very beautiful. I am sure it is an excitement to raise such fascinating creatures. Keep up this fantastic job your doing. I want to say thank you for sharing your farm with us.

Come visit me, Tommy's BackYard Poultry.

07/04/2009 05:03.43 PM Report This Comment  
Alpacas are awesome. They have the prettiest eyes- but like all animals, how they were nurtured as youngsters and their temperament affects their total sweetness :)We definitely have our favorites.

We love the fact they have a shared poop pile. It's easy to clean up. If you're ever in Texas, come see us.

Come visit me, Wisteria Suri Ranch.

07/03/2009 08:12.15 AM Report This Comment  
there cute.

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07/02/2009 07:10.44 AM Report This Comment  
  Great Pictures
Alpacas a such sweet looking animals. Are they are sweet as they look?

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07/02/2009 04:49.33 AM Report This Comment  
  I have been dreaming of the day I get my fist alpaca!!! Good luck in all you do!

Come visit me, A Field of Dreams Animal Sanctuary.

07/02/2009 04:48.43 AM Report This Comment  


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