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Rock Pile Ranch from Sauk Centre, MN
Rock Pile Ranch

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Farm Name: Rock Pile Ranch

Year Farm Established: 2005

Years I’ve been farming: 10 years

Animals I raise: Cows cows and more cows
Beef and Dairy

Crops I grow: Rocks

Hobbies I enjoy: Fence building- Really!
Playing with my cattle

Pets: Cats and Dogs

Farm Motto: Castration: its a good thing!

Farm Blog
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  Silly dogs!
Hi Sara,
Sounds like you got some silly cute dogs! Kota the Chihuahua is the only one that gets cold and shivers...so we put something on him. I always thought it was a bit much to dress up dogs...until we got our Chihuahua and he really got cold. He actually has 2 handmade sweaters now and quite a few Walmart ones from before.

Speaking of coats...I have to sew up some alpaca baby coats. I guess I could buy them, but they are at least $30! I have to dig up my sewing machine wherever it is.

Yeah- had a quick scare just the other day when little Kota managed to sneak out right before we left...and I saw him coming after me! Luckily, my husband got a cell call and was slow. He was safe, but gosh...what a scare. My aussie is smart and completely reliable. Livestock guardian is too- the girl at least! hehehhehehe Our big boy dog...? Not really sure, so we never want to test him.

Oh- after the in-laws left, Kenji started singing Happy Birthday~ Elephant loudly and happily all over the house. He had been on great behavior making no demands...so the stress must have caught up with him! It was hilarious ;) Where the elephant came from...remains a big question.

Anyway- today it's been sooooo hot and humid my body is totally confused.

Talk soon!

Come visit me, Wisteria Suri Ranch.

10/14/2009 04:06.55 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi there!
Hey Sara,
Thanks for saying hi! Was thinking about you- as our son's b-day is today ;) Party was yesterday. Been very very busy with the rain, mud and mess in the paca barn. Plus planning for the party and lots of hubby's family here. It's been fun- and Kenji is having a great time. He saw that his grandpa and grandma did not come with a trailer... and said... I don't think they found a cow for me ;) Too cute. We'll get him one soon- but we have to get some fencing up and all that good stuff.

Yeah, we have 2 babies due in Nov/Dec. I prefer a spring birthing season, but since they only have one baby a year, we couldn't leave 2 girls open for too long and this time of the year is ok for TX apparently. It's been cold here too- so I'm getting a bit nervous.

Oh- Kenji had ponies here for his b-day party and just loved it. We need a horse, too ;)

All is wet but well here. I'm knitting and spinning now. My little chihuahua LOVED the first suri alpaca sweater I made for him from our big boy! I spun the yarn and knitted it for him. He looked quite proud ;) heheehehhe simple joys!

Hope all goes well with carrying that water in for them... even with a short distance...it's a lot of work!


Come visit me, Wisteria Suri Ranch.

10/11/2009 10:35.40 AM Report This Comment  
  No milk cows, just for feeding out. We have a huge dairy farm nearby that has Jerseys so the bull calves are easy to get. Thought about getting a couple goats tho ; )
LONG weekend was right- we had a barn sale and it wears you out!
Take care, Happy Labor Day to you and yours

Come visit me, JandA Alternative.

09/07/2009 07:28.31 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi, saw your comment on someone ele's blog about a cat named "Monkey" so it caught my attention. We have one that swings like a little ape and two that will walk across the top that way. Just learning about this site not long ago but hope to have more pics up today. We have 3 jersey bull calves, soon to be steers, and chickens for meat and eggs. Always like to learn from others and see how they do things, your page was interesting.

Come visit me, JandA Alternative.

09/02/2009 11:21.40 AM Report This Comment  
  cool job!
Wow- sure sounds like a cool job! But 3 years off the farm must have felt like eternity... I get anxious after a few hours!! I think I was about to start hyperventilating after 5 hours in the suburbs... hehehhehehe. I'm just happy as can be going into our little town running grocery and feed store errands-and coming right back. Thank goodness for the internet, too. Click here click there- and Hello~~~UPS guy and my stuff :)

Well, your vet training stuff must come in quite handy!!

That's amazing you found Allison!! That must have been soooo cool.

Yeah...at this point, not sure what could possibly be so tempting to get me off this place :)

I loved my job, too- but I think that phase of my life is over for now. Good memories. I'm not a wild person at all, but my end of semester pot lucks always turned into a wild fun party (no alcohol, just happy happy dancing students!). Other students would walk by looking into our class like "huh? What class is this???" It was so fascinating because the ones that were quiet during the semester...in a pot luck/party situation turned out to be the ones who had dance music!!! and got the class going!" It's hard not to join when an older gentleman from I think it was Egypt starts dancing on ya! A few of my younger male students from Mexico taught the whole class to salsa, etc. too.

We still have to get the fencing done before a cutie cow can appear on the property. That might have to wait a bit though ;)Right now, Kenji said he's saving up for a cow- shifted from horse ;) I'm a bit overwhelmed with all that we need to do, so I don't think we'd have as much fun getting one right now. In the future though- I've always liked cows.

Gosh- where did this weekend go? I cleaned our house yesterday...but you can't tell today. I didn't get much done. I think I'm recovering from the shock of waking up so early every day to take Kenji to school ;) Hehehehehe I've never been a morning person. It still feels like yesterday at 6:30am... I just got used to 7:15am. I used to have adrenal issues and couldn't get up until after 10am :) Apparently people with adrenal issues get their best sleep between 7-9am! I sure took advantage of that :) But no more adrenal issues- so gotta get up! I end up falling asleep around 9pm along with my son or sometimes before him. The whole- my kid has school and goes to bed early, so mom has free time after he goes to sleep- is a myth in my view!

Anyway-can't believe we're already at the end of August!!! YAY- may cooler weather come to Texas!


Come visit me, Wisteria Suri Ranch.

08/30/2009 11:21.38 AM Report This Comment  
We have over 100 reg Herefords. My father-in-law is wantig a Bhraford herd so we have about 20 (F1's). We just took off the steers.

Know where you are coming from with the cat. Gre-Gre road in the engine of my mother-in-law's van. She has pheobeia with engines. I wonder why...maybe because she road 30 plus miles one way. She is a very good cat. The mouse numbers have gone down alot.

I'd just sold P2 roos a month back. He got some keets in for his B-day and they sent 8 roos with them for body heat. They will be 4 wks of age and the roos have legs on them like you would not belive. We may keep one put the rest will be going to my Aunt's house.

Hope you all have a safe weekend and thanks for your reply.

Come visit me, The Homestead.

08/29/2009 12:29.28 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi again!
Yeah- totally with ya :) I think when you live out in the country, you really appreciate much more- and it's rather humbling. You rely so much on the weather and land- much of which is totally out of your control ;) You also have to work together as a family- rely on guardian dogs to do their job, chickens to keep themselves cool, cats to get rid of mice. I think it's so much more harmonious and interdependent. Which- I think brings us to "appreciation" for all on our ranch and then some. Neighbors are important- and we keep an eye on each other's properties...actually, I was so impressed when our dogs learned which cars were supposed to go in the different driveways! And when it wasn't a familiar car, they would bark. Neighbors in the subdivision were just too close...

Guess it's for some folks and not others- and as you said, that's good :) Sure wouldn't want the wrong types in the neighborhood!

I know- love being with the animals ;) Gives me so much joy!!! I did like my last job :) I used to teach English to non-native speakers at the community colleges. The students were there because they wanted a better life- so it was very motivating and meaningful to me. What was your awesome job that took you to the city?? Must have been really really good to pull a country girl into the city!

Free time? I know!!! What's that again??? I haven't had a chance to see a library movie since last Friday or something...we don't even bother with cable-

Any fun chores for the weekend? I think we have mountain-loads of projects ;)It would be boring to sit around and do nothing- can't imagine...although I crave naps...


Come visit me, Wisteria Suri Ranch.

08/28/2009 07:26.08 AM Report This Comment  
What breed of roos is that on the fence? Love the cat pic. If she was gray instead of black you would be seening Gre-Gre.

Come visit me, The Homestead.

08/27/2009 02:30.43 PM Report This Comment  
  hi again!
You're just too funny! Wow- 200+ acres...we can't even handle 11... your BF would probably call our place a child's play area-the wanna be ranchie without a horsey :)

Funny- no name for a horse is hard to imagine- but I guess we don't name every chicken either. Some have names- but I can't tell one barred rock part from another... so they are chickies and respond to such. We have a few unique ones that stand out and they all got names.

I don't ride with my friend back in San Diego since we moved. But given the opportunity, I always hop on :) BUT- I check to make sure the saddle is on tight a few times. And saddle up myself given the chance. I took basic riding with my allowance when I was a kid. My folks weren't really into it- and I also had horrible dust allergy (i say dust, my mom thought horse?)and mom was always worried. So I saved up and paid. My son's just like that. Our friend has ponies and does b-day parties, etc. She'd let him ride weekly and I'd take a bag of feed. He wouldn't miss it- and he was not quite 3 years old. It would be pouring rain and I'd tell him I think we should stay home. He said no. So we went. What do you know? It was raining the whole way- and right above their place, it was clear skies!!! I couldn't believe it.

Oh that's right, I read about the IM locations on meat animals. Yeah... that would be a bit freaky if you didn't know what it was and was having a nice dinner with guests... We don't like to give shots in the butt muscle unless they are sick. We'd get seriously kicked or left in the dust probably with the needle in ourself. We usually go for their arm muscle so we don't have to do much restraining.

Yogurt- I do it the easy way as it's my goal in life to find lazy ways to do lots of fun things. There's just not enough time. I bought a yogurt maker which just keeps a certain temperature. I heat up milk and dry milk, wait to cool, add yogurt (as starter)- and put it in the yogurt maker. 4-6 hours later- voila!

So- totally different subject, but I'm finding less and less to talk about with subdivision/city people these days. The ones interested in country life are good- but the ones that have time to sit on their couch all weekend and watch TV...??? Well, I would go completely nuts if I was forced to watch TV for that long.

Anyway- evening chores call!

Come visit me, Wisteria Suri Ranch.

08/18/2009 03:17.30 PM Report This Comment  
  a funny one
oh yeah- thought you might find this funny. our son is turning 6 in oct. and we asked him what he wanted for his b-day. he said he was going to tell his city grandma and pa he wants a dairy cow!! he said he's calling them tonight to let them know. this is gonna be hilarious ;)we asked him why- and he said since mama gets tired going to the stores to get milk to make yogurt and ice cream, so he's going to have a cow to milk and bring the milk to mama ;)boys...


Come visit me, Wisteria Suri Ranch.

08/16/2009 11:54.07 AM Report This Comment  
  Great to hear from ya!
Hi Sara,
Sounds like fun! How far is Manitoba from your place? I love riding horses- but I'm a beginner rider and I've fallen off a horse on a trail. He sort of went bonk bonk over some bumpy area on a trot and I fell pretty hard front down. The stinker went home without me and I had to hike back to my car in utter pain. The owner went after the horse, so it was a long walk with a really bruised chest. I had the wind knocked out of me and I thought I was pretty broken. But- not a good place to be lying around...so I dragged myself back with an old guy on his horse encouraging me on. Guess he couldn't walk either... Anyway, can't tell you how cute my car looked waiting there for me!! I've had bad luck on this friend's horses. The other time I didn't check to make sure the saddle was tight after he saddled for me and it slid half way to the horse's side running up a hill with me hanging sideways. I looked down and there were too many rocks to let go. Man, I was sore for days. I guess most people including me don't use muscles to stay on sideways... Most other riding adventures have been fun :)

Where do you inject your calf with penicillin? I know- my pacas hate that, too. When one boy was well enough to run away, we didn't even bother at that point :) Glad your calf feels better!

It's hot here- and we're just praying for rain. Yup- all of our grasses look pretty dead and could use a ton of rain. I pretty much gave up on my little garden. It looks soooo sad.

Well, hope all is good and we get some good rain! Gotta go finish up a chicken coop extension project.

Come visit me, Wisteria Suri Ranch.

08/16/2009 11:50.20 AM Report This Comment  
  How Funny!
Hi Sara,
Oh my gosh- that's just too funny...and a bit dangerous?? 650lbs thinking you're hot can be quite an interesting challenge! No weird looks from here...but then I tend to be on the receiving end of those looks ;) When working with livestock, your "reality" changes quite a bit. City/Suburban folks just don't get it- and I'm starting to see how different we live now.

Wish we could do AI with alpacas... that's not done yet. I think it's really tricky for these animals since they are induced ovulators. They need the boys to make weird sounds to get hot and ready ;) They are pretty cute when they breed though. Right now, you either need to have studs on your ranch or you need to send them to a different ranch. EXPENSIVE! Luckily many studs are nice boys who can mind their manners except when surrounded by open gals. I know of some males that will pretty much beat up other males and act like bad boys. But ours is a good one.

Well- our weekend ended up being a plumbing fiasco. First our water filter case busts...bugger... then later a HUGE large horse magically appears on our property...apparently attracted to our moldy hay we threw over in our compost bins. Go figure. AND with his heavy body jogs around over our pipes and creates a new leak. Too bad horses are so pretty- hard to get mad at them, you know? The owner showed up and finally caught him. I think he was a stud- not too friendly but ok. We didn't even mention the pipe he stepped all over. Another trip to Tractor Supply for parts, and we have water. Whew!

Yeah...the mice got into our vents last winter since our adopted kitty hates mice in a different way (runs away from them...sigh) and we haven't had a chance to get it cleaned...so we've been sitting in our oven of a house getting a sauna treatment. It's on the to-do list...of course. But why is that list so long???

My husband wanted to raise broilers, so we got those meat birds...they are freaky. They grow way too fast, eat way too much and my goodness...poop to no end. This is the first and last batch of this breed. We'll probably get Plymouth Rocks or something normal next time we're ever in need. I raise egg layers :) Although we had an oopsie male that ended up being really aggressive to my son...so we ate him. He had a great life harrassing my beautiful sweet hens and being a total macho. I don't like roosters. We only have one rooster left- but he's a silkie. It's almost pathetic when he tries to mount a huge buff orp gal we have. All in all- he's way nicer and the girls seem to be ok with him. Most of them couldn't stand the first one we ate. It was amazing how peaceful it was after he was eaten- the hens looked happier, son felt safer, I was relieved.

Anyway- all is good with this many animals ;)

Come visit me, Wisteria Suri Ranch.

08/04/2009 08:54.11 AM Report This Comment  
  Love your pic!
Hi Sara,
Yeah... we've had 100+ and no rain for so long. But- of course, while we're trying to rid ourselves of moldy bales, it rains! Still happy for the rain :) and the cooler weather! What a relief even for a day. And don't you love muddy puppies who sneak in...

Lucky you guys- sounds like you're having a lovely summer ;)

We had angus first time and this time it wasn't a specified breed. I like this lady though ;) and her cuts are awesome, too. We're thrilled with this order and the taste. She said the breed is mixed and pretty much whatever fattens up well on grass. I'll have to try the different ones as it sounds very interesting- we're not too picky at this point. You'll have to tell me how the jersey tastes. I haven't heard people selling those around here although there are a ton of beef cattle everywhere.

Wow! 90-100lb bales! We don't have any equipment, so it's "gym time" for my husband as I can only roll or push a small bit. I told him I wish I had more muscles- and he joked back with "nah, need job security" (as hubby) :) so I'm off the hook. Well, 15 more bales or so to check and I'm crossing my fingers we didn't miss any moldy ones. Almost there! Are your cattle on alfalfa? That's gone up to like $15 a bale, hasn't it? Sounds like you grow it yourself, so that's good.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Come visit me, Wisteria Suri Ranch.

07/30/2009 09:20.26 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi again
Hi Sara,
How was your weekend? Mine ended up being pretty crazy... we bought 5 pallets of orchard grass hay from a really good company...but the first few bales had a lot of mold! eeek. So I called up the store and asked if that was something I had to live with. They checked with the main company and told me to send pics and get a count on the moldy bales. Easy for them to say...we didn't even get half done inspecting in this hot hot TX weather. So far we're up to 34 bales which is pretty bad. It's not exactly the way we wanted to spend our weekend, but on the bright side- glad we found it now and not later after it spread and ruined a ton more.

Can't remember if I had eaten the natural beef I bought when I last wrote ya. We had it a few days ago and today- it's fabulous :) this one was apparently on 100% grass. I'm not a huge meat eater, but this is sooooo good I ate quite a bit.

Gosh- when is summer over? We need some rain. How is it in your area?


Come visit me, Wisteria Suri Ranch.

07/26/2009 09:08.24 PM Report This Comment  
  My family had a ranch in California (sold out in the late 70s)that was mostly rocky ground, we raised cattle and horses there. I like the name of your farm is on that I like and can understand. I did NOT like putting up fences in all that rock, yet once up they seemed to last forever. If I still have that ranch I would plant wine grapes today and try to make some small cash that way, cattle work can be hard.

Carl, bremerton, WA.

07/26/2009 12:36.25 PM Report This Comment  
  I have a cat that looks just like that one.

Come visit me, Moserwood.

07/25/2009 09:58.50 AM Report This Comment  
  Natural Beef
Hi Sara,
I just got my quarter beef yesterday- and there are a few natural beef growers here. Pretty much it means they try to raise them on good grass and raise them without hormones and antibiotics. If there's not enough grass, some grain is used. Unlike "organic" which has to follow strict guidelines, "natural" is much more open ended to interpretation from what I understand. So-meeting, knowing, and trusting the grower is important. The lady I bought from said raising beef cattle has been in her family, but she decided to go the natural route in her generation. I found her on craigslist and at the local farmer's market. I paid $3.30 for about 100 lbs of natural grass-fed beef. Compared to Whole Foods or other natural product stores, that's a bargain. And we like to buy directly from growers ;)

As for taste- I think it's leaner and cleaner tasting if that makes any sense. It smells very different from store bought meat. We like the taste and stopped buying commercial meat. The health benefits are supposed to be pretty central, too. I can't remember what I read online and from Hobby Farms magazine... but I know it's better for you. Organic is usually too expensive- so we try to buy "natural" stuff as much as possible. With the current "green" movement and all, it should be an easier sell, too. I also think there are lots of non-vegetarian animal lovers out there that if you market your beef or milk as products from humanely treated cattle, that's already a big selling point- and I know you already do that. I'm sure grass fed dairy cows produce lovely milk ;)

Thanks for all your cool info! Love hearing from you ;)

Your cow coughing story is hilarious! Didn't know that- but will sure remember!!!

Come visit me, Wisteria Suri Ranch.

07/22/2009 09:40.51 AM Report This Comment  
Yes, they were coming quite regularly one and two years ago. Walked on top the snow drifts to look in the window.
Made tracks. BIG TRACKS. They came to eat the alfalfa and deer corn. When there's no deer corn the turkeys look at someone else's farm. They're not coming around now. They must have found something yummy to eat somewhere. Last year they ate all the tops off the potatoes. We fenced that area.

Come visit me, Five Acre Woods.

07/22/2009 06:38.04 AM Report This Comment  
  Rockpile Farm photo
I like your name and your photo.

Come visit me, Five Acre Woods.

07/21/2009 10:12.53 PM Report This Comment  
  Abby sounds like a sweetie
Hi again! Abby sounds like a doll. Yeah, no eating pets :)

Alpacas can spit this green nasty stuff from deep within... but usually only at each other. If you're lucky, you'll get caught in the crossfire and find some stinky green stuff on you.

We own 12 and have 10 on our ranch. We breed suri alpacas which are rarer than the wooly huacaya alpacas. Suri alpacas look like they have ropy dreadlocks- but hopefully not totally matted like that. They are originally from South America and their fleece was as valuable as gold. I think it was only allowed to be worn by the Incan royalty way back when. In the US, it's still a cottage industry so they are raised only for their high end fiber. In Peru, they are raised for their fiber, hide, and meat. They are treated as livestock here, and are probably on the easy end in terms of care. They don't challenge fences or eat a lot compared to other livestock. The money is in breeding quality alpacas- but some of the creative ranchers make unique fiber products and do well. Raw fleece sold would maybe cover most of their feed for the year. Prices have come down on them recently- but breeding quality is still not cheap. They can be fully insured, so a lot of people use them as investments and tax deductions, too. We wanted a hobby farm until we realized what a money pit that was... so we looked for animals we'd love to have everyday that was considered livestock and would qualify as a business.

We buy naturally grown beef from a local rancher. I think my quarter will be delivered next week. Yeah... not sure if I could raise it myself... I get attached easily to my animals. You're not in Texas, are you? I'd love to get some good milk and beef :)

Have a fabulous safe day!

Come visit me, Wisteria Suri Ranch.

07/17/2009 09:06.12 AM Report This Comment  
  4 broken bones!!
Wow- that must have been painful... did the bull just charge you? I see your new? motto! Good one ;)Yeah, compared to a bull, pacas aren't nearly as dangerous. My biggest boy is about 180lbs- luckily he's one of the smartest and doesn't have a mean streak. But I've heard of people who overhandle their male pacas and have to put them down because they get so dangerous. I'm sure "dangerous" alpaca and DANGEROUS bull carry a different weight... and consequences.

That's funny you mention the horse leaning on your for support! My husband and I were trimming our big boy's nails and I was the trimmer...well, he put all of his weight on me and I'm half his weight. I was completely sore the next day. He doesn't like people fussing with his feet- it makes them feel vulnerable. But he tolerates me better, so I got to do the honors... otherwise, we are able to trim nails when we shear them strapped down. Boy, is that easy! It's all in how they've been handled and whether the light bulb goes on in their head. Some get it and are very cooperative. Others can be a bit of a challenge.

Boys don't have to be castrated. But it'll keep their fleece finer if you do. They do grow fighting teeth around 3 years old- so those get removed most of the time.

You mention you like fence building. Any tips? Our ground gets sooooo dry and starts to crack...yikes. You know what that means.

How many cattle do you have? Were you always in the cattle biz?

Have a fabulous day!

Come visit me, Wisteria Suri Ranch.

07/15/2009 07:51.38 AM Report This Comment  
Thanks for writing. My gosh- bulls sound dangerous! Were you ok? We have a friend who has to have knee surgery since one of the alpacas managed to sit on it when he was trying to trim nails. Ouch. But I don't think it was intentional. One of our big boys used to kick if we tried to trim his nails- can't exactly blame him. I got a minor bruise when I wasn't fast enough to move out of the way. He's stopped kicking though. And most of them are really careful around our son.

You can castrate alpaca boys. I think the vet said they do it after some maturity- not at a really young age. It's more for boys you want to keep as fiber animals since the castrated ones maintain finer fleece...so I've heard. Also- if you have a really ugly one that likes to hop fences, probably a good idea ;) hehehehehe. All our boys are intact- and they are fine. Some will never get to have a girl- but they enjoy hanging out with the other boys in general.

Yeah- it's an interesting process breeding them. If they like a certain girl, it can go on much longer... really. We were scratching our heads and wondering how long our lovebirds were going to take. It's pretty funny to watch how the big boys act when the baby goes in to check on mama.

Anyway- stay safe with those big bullies ;)

Come visit me, Wisteria Suri Ranch.

07/13/2009 04:06.56 PM Report This Comment  
I totally know what you mean- have a Chihuahua and pyrenees!! + other dogs. Good thing the Chihuahua is all bark and mostly no bite...although we've seen him hanging off Tomi's ear!But- I have to say I have a soft spot for my little chi ;)

Alpacas are induced ovulators and they haven't figured out how to get the AI stuff to work. Breeding alpacas is an interesting one as the males "orgle"...to turn on the gals ;)AI would be so cool though- right now many girls are transported to get bred to hot herdsires. I'll remember AI for cattle :) NO bulls ;) Thanks for the tips.

Come visit me, Wisteria Suri Ranch.

07/12/2009 04:46.32 PM Report This Comment  
  Thanks for the good tip
Thanks for letting me know about bulls. So- if they are castrated, are they a lot easier to deal with? Are Jersey bulls rough or most bulls? I know even with chickens...the hens are mostly all as sweet as can be... but some roosters are a pain. My silkie rooster is pretty nice though ;)Alpaca boys if raised properly are usually very nice. If they are overly handled when young and become too friendly, they can become dangerous when they mature and think you're a girl alpaca...eeek. Thanks again!

Come visit me, Wisteria Suri Ranch.

07/10/2009 11:13.47 AM Report This Comment  
So how big do Jerseys get? They are the cute brown ones, right? Sounds like a good option to look at. Thanks for mentioning them. And thanks for coming to our farm page.

Come visit me, Wisteria Suri Ranch.

07/08/2009 08:03.15 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello and Thank you. This pic is Paulina my Brangus when she was a baby.

Come visit me, Rock Pile Ranch.

07/07/2009 01:47.52 AM Report This Comment  
Any smaller dairy cows you can recommend? I need a one with an easy beginner temperament- a family cow :) I was looking into Dexter cows. What do you think about Dexters? Thanks!

Come visit me, Wisteria Suri Ranch.

07/06/2009 07:56.00 AM Report This Comment  
  Awe, what a cute calf.

Come visit me, Moserwood.

07/03/2009 08:18.21 AM Report This Comment  
  hi welcome to the site.

Come visit me, Scout farm.

07/03/2009 04:28.31 AM Report This Comment  


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