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4 Pieces of 8 Farm and Kennel from Salcha, AK
4 Pieces of 8 Farm and Kennel

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Farm Name: 4 Pieces of 8 Farm and Kennel

Year Farm Established: 2008

Location: Salcha, AK

Years I’ve been farming: 7 years

Animals I raise: Dairy Goat Breeds: 1 Nubian and 3 Saanen 2 Snubians. Chickens: Light & Buff Standard Brahamas.
Dutch Bantams * Porcelain*
Geese: American Buff.
Sled Dogs: Eurohound and Alaskan Husky

Crops I grow: Brussle Sprouts, Siberian Onion, European and Diva Cukes, Collards, Roma tomato, Strawberry,Blue- berry, potatoe,several lettuce types.

Hobbies I enjoy: Dog Mushing! Showing Chickens and Goats

Club/Associations memberships: Alaska Dog Mushers Association. Fairbanks Junior Dog Mushers Assiciaotion. American Dairy Goat Association.

The proudest moment on my farm: Signing the lease option to buy purchase agreement

Pets: Thomas the Cat. We rescued Thomas in 50 below temps. He lost both ears and 3/4 of his tail.
Calypso, is our farm dog and a German Shepherd we adopted fro the Animal Shelter.

Farm Motto: If It Ain't Fun, We Ain't Doin' It!

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  Summer Rain
Still under a Flood Alert. We sure need the rain to stop for a few days so the hay can be cut,dried and harvested....Winter could be even more expensive if we don't get hay put up.

Come visit me, 4 Pieces of 8 Farm and Kennel.

07/01/2010 05:53.31 AM Report This Comment  
  Rain, Hay, and More Rain
It was a long time coming, but the hay season started. We only got 56 bales put up before the rains came down. Now we wait yet again.

Henry the lame goose is no longer lame or shows any signs of his early childhood issues. I sold one of our doelings. Yukon goes in the freezer somethime this month :( . I have two broody hens so I hope at least to get 5 or 6 nice chicks. All the dairy goats are happy, and the sled dogs have been exercising with us by free running along the ATV. Summer is in full swing.

Come visit me, 4 Pieces of 8 Farm and Kennel.

06/30/2010 10:09.33 AM Report This Comment  
  Henry and Crooked toe bantams
My GOSH! What a diet nightmare this spring has been. Henry is 98% healed, only the slightest limp and I am bold enough to say, he'll be 100% by the time I am finished with him.

Now, this brings up another diet issue...My Show birds all came down with in various degrees of crooked toes. I put them on Henry's diet of one egg a day with human grade vitamins added and goats milk. 2-3 days of this added protein and No more crooked toes.

It also looks like I have 2 cockerls and 3 pullets in the Dutch. YEA...perfection!!!

Come visit me, 4 Pieces of 8 Farm and Kennel.

05/12/2010 08:32.11 AM Report This Comment  
  Baby Henry
Our male baby American Buff has leg issues. He cant stand at all. His color and warmth in his legs are normal. Nothing is hot to the touch, or broken.

My frind came over and took a look as is aspuzzled as I am. so today we started rehab on Henry.

we filled a foot wash tub with warm water and held him up so he could paddle his legs. He swims just fine, but the muscles in his legs are weak. We'll swim Henry 2X a day for a few weeks and see what happens.

If anyone reads these blogs....say a little prayer for Henry.

Come visit me, 4 Pieces of 8 Farm and Kennel.

05/01/2010 11:32.50 PM Report This Comment  
  Errands and Supplies
headed into town today..I never enjoy going to town. Picking up hay,grain, dog food and people supplies. Note to self: grab crumble growth for the geese.

Come visit me, 4 Pieces of 8 Farm and Kennel.

04/29/2010 10:06.44 AM Report This Comment  
  Treatments for Lice in Goats
Ack! This is our first time treating lice in goats. a lot of choices and advice being handed out. Only one poor doe seems to have it worse than any of the others. Nasty lil critters. I know all goats get them, but it is frustrating none the less.

Come visit me, 4 Pieces of 8 Farm and Kennel.

04/28/2010 07:35.55 AM Report This Comment  
  Another Day
Everything today has been perfect. Little chicks and geese and baby goats all look fat and happy. Mama goats gave milk willingly with no fuss. Our sled dogs are enjoying the warm 60 degree temps and sunshine.

Come visit me, 4 Pieces of 8 Farm and Kennel.

04/27/2010 03:10.11 PM Report This Comment  
  Daily Chores
I enjoy my mornings with my dairy goats. the rhythm of milking. The doe mucnhing on her grain and hay. my chickens clucking about laying eggs. the baby chicks and geese peeping and the goat kids romping in the paddock.

On sunny days the warmth of the rays almost puts me to sleep at the milking table. it's always the squawk of a hen laying her egg that stirs me awake.

Come visit me, 4 Pieces of 8 Farm and Kennel.

04/26/2010 03:10.44 PM Report This Comment  
  Nice Week End
I lost one Dutch Bantam and one Dark Brahma...Dang it!

The geese look really well, and the extra free chicks placed in my order OF COURSE are looking well.

Got the doelings moved into their own pen and seperated Yukon from the girls. He is acting like a young buck and so he is now treated like a young buck. I cant get over how fast he is growing up.

Come visit me, 4 Pieces of 8 Farm and Kennel.

04/25/2010 05:44.27 PM Report This Comment  
  Chicks & Geese
Awwww...the baby chickens and geese have arrived at 4 Pieces of 8. Only one loss so far...sadly one of my Porcelain Dutch babies ( dang it ). But my Dark Brahma Roos look fat & happy and the Black Stars they threw in for warmth are all strong.

The kids named the pair of geese Henry & Daisy. They look really well!

I am getting about 1/2 gallon of milk a day from each doe. They are FF's and we haven't reached the peak yet! Yea for Dairy Goats! We are getting 2-4 eggs a day only, but it got colder again last night.

Come visit me, 4 Pieces of 8 Farm and Kennel.

04/23/2010 12:50.53 PM Report This Comment  
  Sunny and Warm
Oh yesterday was great. Milked the goats and staked them out. Put the kids in the paddock. Hamish even enjoyed going outside for the day.

The chicks should be shipped today, if they are not already on their way. Kiery and I set up the brooders for the baby geese and the chicks. Everything works.

I moved the goats around a bit so I have kids in largers stalls, and the buck moved into a smaller pen for night time.

It still gets dark here, but that is less and less each passing day.

Come visit me, 4 Pieces of 8 Farm and Kennel.

04/21/2010 09:42.28 AM Report This Comment  
Yea!!! the weather has warmed up enough that my 8 hens are laying again...I found 4 eggs this morning. I started weaning today. It's going well. We get almost 10 pounds of milk a day from 2 does. Now we'll get more. Some days us people milk addicts go through all of the wonder stuff. It never stays long enough to get old and be thrown out.

Spring is here for sure!! Chicks and geese arrive this week......

Come visit me, 4 Pieces of 8 Farm and Kennel.

04/19/2010 02:06.30 PM Report This Comment  
  Warmer at Last
For today at least it is warmer, in the 40's. Snows are melting, kids are playing and my chickens have at last started to lay again.

My geese and chicks arrive next week. I can't wait. hello Spring, nice to see you again.

Come visit me, 4 Pieces of 8 Farm and Kennel.

04/17/2010 10:01.45 AM Report This Comment  
  April Snow Showers?
Yep, awoke to 27 degrees and snowing. Bleh, that sure makes for some cold hands while milking. Mary and Anne are now giving about 6 pounds per milking. This is one of the hardest and most rewarding things I have done. I love my goats. I am still not getting any eggs. I need to barter fresh goat's milk for a dozen eggs...

Come visit me, 4 Pieces of 8 Farm and Kennel.

04/07/2010 04:03.01 PM Report This Comment  
  Spring 2010 In Alaska
Ok, the Sprint Races are over in AK. We had a super year, both in the Junior races and Adults. Our son ended the season as a Silver Medalist in the 3 dog class, and my team managed to end up as 1st place in points for Alaska in the 4-dog class through ISDRA.

We had our two Does, Mary Jane ( nubian ) and Little Anne ( Saanen ) kid. Little Anne gave us a single buck kid on Feb 6, 2010 and Mary Jane gave us two doelings on Feb 16, 2010.

All kids are alive and well. We still share milk with the babies, so I only milk once a day, but it sure is nice having fresh milk daily.

Our Chickens didnt come through the winter as nice as I had hoped. Eight made it, but haven't satrted to lay for me yet again.

We pick up our Buff geese this week...Can't wait!! Our daughter is so excited, geese are her thing.

we ended up running very low on hay this winter, had to drive a ways to grab up 8 bales just to get thru the last portion of winter. it's good to see the snows melting.

We are waiting..watching...for the first Wild geese to return.

Come visit me, 4 Pieces of 8 Farm and Kennel.

03/30/2010 09:59.20 AM Report This Comment  
  Gotta be rough.
I look at our winters with a big stink eye. I can't imagine raising livestock in alaska. I give you lots of credit for roughing it.

Come visit me, Valhalla Boer Goats-Doe page, Valhalla Boer Goat Farm -red robin page, Valhalla Boer Goats-Buck Page & Valhalla Boer Goats-Lillie's page.

10/02/2009 08:31.25 PM Report This Comment  
  Another Loss
I lost my last male show bird last night. This time to a dog that got lose. I am at a loss as to what to do with my remaining pullet silkie. The poor thing is so lonely looking. I could order more, but it was 31 degrees this morning as I fed the critters. The thought of uncovering the brooder and starting over this late in the game is really not an option.

Come visit me, 4 Pieces of 8 Farm and Kennel.

08/20/2009 08:18.32 AM Report This Comment  
  The Price of Straw
The rainy season is livng up to it's name More rain today. The University started cutting fields of straw, but the rains stopped everything. We had to buy it at just under $14.00 a bale yesterday instead of $6.00 a bale. I just can't get over the price for a bale of straw, even straw as nice as this stuff. It's hard to swallow, but the dogs are happier and warmer.

Come visit me, 4 Pieces of 8 Farm and Kennel.

08/19/2009 09:50.41 AM Report This Comment  
A funny thing happened while at the fair. Ok, maybe not funny, I sholdn't be surprised. The rabbits are housed in the same barn as the goats and sheep. Our two youngest children spent a good deal of time looking at the rabbits, some 200 exhibits.

The Husband yielded to the numerous plea,"we'll care 100% for the rabbits." I have been down the rabbit business road before, but the children have not.

Since we home school, I decided to include a biology lesson on rabbits. I found myself once again drawn to the furry little hoppers and before I knew it. I was calling breeders and double checking that we were choosing the best breed for our children to start with. Taking into consideration their ages and emotional levels.

Fortune favors the foolish. We found a very nice breeder of Mini Rex. He had a few color variations to choose from. He made sure to let the children know which colors/patterns were accepted to show and which were not recognized yet. He taught them how to care for and hold each rabbit. He also made sure we ended up with two females. What a nice guy he is.

Erain and Black Spot are now the newest members of the Farm. I'll post pictures soon. They are indeed cute and soft and affectionate. I am glad the Husband said "Yes"!

Come visit me, 4 Pieces of 8 Farm and Kennel.

08/17/2009 08:04.22 AM Report This Comment  
  Rain and Coolness
The rainy season has come to my part of Alaska, and the cooler temps as well. The good thing about an early cold snap? It motivated the Husband. I now have one complete stall in our barn. 8 x 10. Mary Jane, Hamish,Little Anne & Stephen gave the sleeping quarters mixed reviews. I have moved the silkies into the barn already, since something out there has acquired a taste for bantams.

Next up is insulating the chicken coop and moving it to the winter yard. That should prove fun in this rain.

Come visit me, 4 Pieces of 8 Farm and Kennel.

08/14/2009 07:59.29 AM Report This Comment  
  What's Done Is Done
Never located Norma Jean. Titus Pullo was given a champion's send off on his early departure. Last night I gathered up the 3 of my 16 silkies ( 2 cockerels and 1 pullet) they are all I have left. This was a bad shipment from the start, I guess my little silkies were doomed from the begining.

The good news is it has prompted my Husband to finish what little bit is left to complete the barn. We had heating fuel delivered yesterday. It's been 32-35 degrees at night already.

The goats and dogs look good as we move into cooler temps.

Come visit me, 4 Pieces of 8 Farm and Kennel.

08/12/2009 09:55.02 AM Report This Comment  
  First Losses Due to Wild Life
We had a black fox hang around this early spring, but once they denned up we never saw it again. Today, I am missing Norma Jean, not even a feather, and Titus my OEGB was still warm, but dead by the time I arrived on the scene. It looks like I walked up on things as they were unfolding, so he took Norma Jean and cut his losses by leaving behind Titus.

I am crushed....The children don't know yet. And while this is indeed part of life...none of us have to enjoy this portion!

Come visit me, 4 Pieces of 8 Farm and Kennel.

08/11/2009 11:32.01 AM Report This Comment  
  Farthest North Dairy Goat Asso. Sanctioned Show
Wow. What a whole bunch of fun. It was quite cold the day I had to get Mary Jane her bath for the show. So we ended up bringing her indoor to bathe in the bathtub in the cabin.

She clipped up real nice, and seemed to enjoy being in a home. After she was good and dry we loaded up and took off for the fair grounds.

Mary Jane was a huge hit for spectators at the fair, her spots make her stick out and her attitude begs people to pet on her. By the end of the show most everyone knew who Mary Jane was. MJ made sure of that.

I was nervous, but soon as our hooves and feet entered the show ring it all came flooding back on what to do and how to do it. Mary Jane took 3rd place in the Jr Doe Recorded Grade class.

I put together a fun music video and comentary on us prepping for the show and of the event itself. I cant get any links to the video to work on here sooo..

head to Youtube.com. search for donna62 videos and click on Fair 2009.

Come visit me, 4 Pieces of 8 Farm and Kennel.

08/10/2009 11:15.12 AM Report This Comment  
  Last Update Until After Sunday's Show
We'll be off the farm starting tomorrow morning. Tomorrow is the day we deliver Mary Jane to the fair grounds. We show on Sunday.

I am so very excited about the show. I can not wait to get back on this blog and post how it went.

Come visit me, 4 Pieces of 8 Farm and Kennel.

08/07/2009 05:41.18 PM Report This Comment  
  dealing with cold temps
Alaska wow now that's cold. It gets pretty cold here in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. I have found that the cold isn't an issue as long as you follow a few guidelines. One have shelter. Goats as well as other animals need protection from wind and draft. Most animals can tolerate the cold as long as there is no wind or draft on them. Keep a ample supply of hay (this is energy and energy produces heat). Also keep frest water available (we use heated buckets so that water is drinkable all season - hate dealing with frozen water in buckets). For us my animals are sheltered in a barn with a concrete floor. I choose to dry pack (not clean) my barn during the winter. Just keep adding layers of clean bedding. Cleaning in the spring sucks but it keeps the goats warming during cold snaps of -30 or lower.

Come visit me, Whitehill Farm.

08/07/2009 04:36.15 AM Report This Comment  
  Tanana Valley Fair
This week end is our Tanana Valley Fair. There will also be a Sanctioned Dairy Goat show and I am entering Mary Jane (nubian doe) in that instead of the Open Goat show.

It's all I can think about right now. I even forget about choking on all the smoke we still have from the many wild fires burning around us.

Titus Pullo, my OEGB cockerel crowed yesterday for the first time. I am one proud Chicken mama. The other breeds of 3 month olds I have dont seem interested at all to try and crow. I can identify that I now have 2 cockerel silkies and 2 pullet silkies. What a blessing that was. I had ordered 16 silkes and the shipment was bad from the start. Only these 4 Buff Silkies lived.

Yesterday we named them, Norma Jean, Memphis, Zinger and Ginger. I can also say that of my 29 Brahmas 2 are 100% Cockerels. Big Boss Man and LT (Lieutenant ). Venus is our only White Rock and a pullet. No, I dont name all my chickens, just the ones that make an impression on me.

Come visit me, 4 Pieces of 8 Farm and Kennel.

08/06/2009 04:02.19 PM Report This Comment  
  With the farm I have now we are just starting..but I grew up on a farm and I hated the geese...I would rather raise any other animal going...the geese always seem to want to come after me...but I loved my goat...he was a sweet heart...and I love all animals...I love the pictures and look forward to seeing more...

Come visit me, Little Piggy Farm & Semper Fi Acres.

08/04/2009 05:32.52 PM Report This Comment  
  Heading into Town
It must happen from time to time....The 40 plus mile drive into town. I never like taking care of everyone, and then leaving the farm for hours on end. I have to go in today because the Geese pool sprung a leak, and sugar and coffee are running low. It's crunch time here as we try to prepare buildings and land for freeze up.

We also Home School, so it's that time to fight the masses for pencils,notebook paper, and color pencils. The kids started to ask about 3 weeks ago if we could start school earlier this year. My plans are to start Monday morning. That means I really have no choice but to drive into town. Besides, what farm/sled dog kennel can operate with no coffee on hand?

Come visit me, 4 Pieces of 8 Farm and Kennel.

08/04/2009 10:20.42 AM Report This Comment  
  Love your motto
Hey , there noticed you blog an an other farm . I am in Washington state . Winter is a fun time doing chores the worst is keeping water for the critters . I am willing to anwer any questions I can . The best trick i have learn in the winter is put crisco veg. shorting on the inside of the bucket then feel with water when frozen it will slide right out . When packing water and want to keep leggs dry either save lids to the bucket or put a bag in it that can be tied shut . can visit me at http://dehartacres.embarqspace.com have not updated it for a bit . Cheri

Come visit me, DeHart Acres.

08/03/2009 03:06.37 PM Report This Comment  
  Geese VS Goats
Boy! Geese are odd creatures, or at least mine are. I had a nice relationship of you dont mess with me I wont mess with you arrangment going. Then along comes Hamish, my 1/2 Saanen buck.

You see, every morninging I hay the goats and open the pen for the geese to come out and enjoy a bit of freedom. I pen the geese up at night in the goat pen because it has an electric fence to help keep out the local hungry wild life. Well, things have been hunky-dory until this morning. Hamish took it upon himself to "help?" herd the geese. What followed next was a World Wrestling Federation cage Match and who took the brunt of the geese frustrations? Me!

Goodness! After everyone was seperated, I continued the chore of graining the motly crew of geese. I ended up running for cover by diving over the fence, leavining one shoe behind, which took a beating from the thugs I like to call " My Geese". Wow do they enjoy holding grudges!! It took me 10 minutes to retrieve my battle scared shoe. Without Calypso ( aka Farm Dog ), I may have been one shoe short a pair for the remainder of summer.

Thank You Calypso, adopting you was one of the greatest blessings I have been given.

Come visit me, 4 Pieces of 8 Farm and Kennel.

08/03/2009 01:33.05 PM Report This Comment  
  Rain and Cooler Temps
It's sign up day for the Tanana Valley Fair and as always the start of our rainy season, but this year I am not complaining!

The rain is welcomed and so is the fun stress of getting things ready for our Fair. The wild fires burning near us are still affecting us with heavy smoke and air quality as of yesterday was " Very Unhealthy"

Life and chores at the farm must be done in moderation, but still have to be done. Today I am trimming up Mary Jane, my Nubian and shaving Little Anne my Saanen. This should prove to be an adventure.

Come visit me, 4 Pieces of 8 Farm and Kennel.

08/01/2009 08:46.28 AM Report This Comment  
  Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
Yesterday was the worst smoke day of the summer. Today I can see some blue sky and the sun peeks through the smoke from time to time.

Pyrocumulus clouds can be very pretty to me with hues of lavander, but I'd rather be sunny and clear of smoke.

The critters have been quiet the last few days due to heavy smoke and falling ash in the area.

Come visit me, 4 Pieces of 8 Farm and Kennel.

07/31/2009 11:43.18 AM Report This Comment  
Welcome anf=d good luck with all of your critters.

Come visit me, The Chicken Ranch, el dorado urban farm & DeVore Ranch.

07/31/2009 08:16.09 AM Report This Comment  
  Farm Motto
Love your motto...it should be everyones. Everyones so wrapped up on getting ahead they forget how short life is and how we need to enjoy it while we got it.

Come visit me, My Wyoming Home, Santa Sara Ranch, WyoCowgirl's Santa Sara Ranch & Santa Sara Ranch (Coming Soon).

07/31/2009 04:47.19 AM Report This Comment  
  Keeping It Simple
While the work might be considered hard by some standards. We like to think of it as Simple Living. Less is more the way we see it.

Come visit me, 4 Pieces of 8 Farm and Kennel.

07/30/2009 10:40.34 AM Report This Comment  


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