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wendy's way from round rock, TX
wendy's way

Farm Name: wendy's way

Year Farm Established: 2009

Years I’ve been farming: 6 years

Animals I raise: chickens

Crops I grow: herbs

Farm Blog
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Its not the best pic representing the farm but its one for now. Its located in Costa Rica.

Come visit me, MonteVerde.

06/20/2010 07:21.12 AM Report This Comment  
  Great Pic
I really love your profile picture. How adorable!

Come visit me, JD Acres & OM on the Range.

06/07/2010 04:49.56 AM Report This Comment  
  Marek's disease
Lost a young hen to Marek's. So sad...

Come visit me, wendy's way.

06/04/2010 04:40.29 AM Report This Comment  
  goats and the rain
Don't know if ALL goats HATE the rain, but mine sure do... slightest sprinkle sends them for cover. When it clears they come out, look at me and say, "Blaaaahhh"! I can just tell they're blaming ME for it... LOL!!! Guess it's a good thing we're in Texas and don't (usually) get too much rain.

Could actually use some again, but it's not likely so I'll be out watering the garden once I bring hubby into work. Garden is looking pretty good this year - guess the new location is a nice choice! Need to plant a few more things before it gets too hot... who knew it could get too warm for summer vegies!?!? Learn something new everyday out here!

I'll try to take more photos soon, too...

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05/24/2010 05:35.43 AM Report This Comment  
  Enjoyed look at your blog.
Thanks for stopping by my page.


Come visit me, Drowsy Waters.

05/22/2010 01:48.44 PM Report This Comment  
My lavender is BLOOMING!!! Yeah! It looks like its doing really well, so I guess it's happy where it is... Notice a blossom on my zucchini yesterday, too! We've had several good rain showers lately and everything loves rain - well, the goats HATE the rain and blame me for it! The plants, however, all love the rain.

Come visit me, Dancing Moon Farmstead.

05/21/2010 01:27.55 PM Report This Comment  
Thanks for the welcome. Beekeeping is a great hobby and beleive it or not, inexpensive. Let me know if you have questions about beekeeping because I'm going to need advice about chickens in the future.

Come visit me, Romaniello farm and apiary.

05/19/2010 05:03.33 AM Report This Comment  
This is my first time to grow lavender here in Texas, but I grew it several times up in Virgia. There is a lavender farm just a couple hours west of here - in Sweetwater, I believe (west of Abilene). Because of our climate I look for the Mediteranian varieties, not the English ones.

This was actually the fist time I grew rosemary in a container, and I learned my lesson! One of the times we were up in Virginia I had a Rosemary plant for almost five years. Don't know if it's still there cuz we moved. It got HUGE! So did our pineapple sage, and the butterflies loved it.

I got two new mints this year: orange and peppermint. I also got GREEK Oregeno as it is our absolute favorite herb to cook with.

Come visit me, Dancing Moon Farmstead.

05/10/2010 04:10.09 PM Report This Comment  
I've got two lavender plants and they're just about ready to bloom! I love growing and using lavendar and will be growing more as I expand my beds. My sage is doing really well as is my chocolate mint. Some of my herbs (pineapple sage and rosemary) were in containers and didn't survive the long, wet/cold winter we just had. I'm re-planting new ones in the ground and they should do better!

My primary focus this year are 4 raised vegie beds that we put where the previous owners had their above-ground swimming pool. Over the summer I hope to start creating new flower/herb beds in an area adjacent to these raised beds. I also want to build a cold-frame so that I can have some salad fixin's all winter long!

Come visit me, Dancing Moon Farmstead.

05/10/2010 11:11.10 AM Report This Comment  
We're in North Central Texas - between Ft. Worth and Abilene... only been here three years and so I'm still getting use to the windy and arid conditions here! This is the first year for us to really put in a full kitchen garden, but I've been growing a few herbs ever since we arrived. I'd love to see photos of your garden!!! What are some of the easiest things to grow in our region?

Come visit me, Dancing Moon Farmstead.

05/09/2010 09:08.17 AM Report This Comment  
  chicken hawk
My beautiful blue cochin was recently killer by a hawk or owl. We're starting to look into a covered chicken run. I've been wondering about just making a frame with bamboo or pvc and covering it with netting & sticking them under it during the day.

Come visit me, wendy's way.

05/07/2010 10:41.55 AM Report This Comment  
  We been there and hope fully now that they have the extra protection then the little ones "might" be safe. It got the point when the hawks had babies, they took a chicken a week and it was always on a Thrs. Bad thing about written every thing down on a calender...LOL...

Come visit me, The Homestead.

05/07/2010 06:44.38 AM Report This Comment  
  Oh NO!


I'm so sorry. How are you doing?

I hate to say this with all the hawk attacks over the years, P2 isn't affected by it any more. I will hear from the back steps, Ma get the pitch fork. They seem to go after the "plush" chickens. Still don't understand why they don't touch any of the white chickens or gunieas. One time P2 said he was getting ready of all his colored chickens and going with solid nasty white ones. Each attack eats at my heart. But then again if we have to wait until they hit old age, P2 would never get any more then 4 babies at a time.

Hubby took on putting a chicken wire netting over the main yard for the chickens, that's where the attacks happened for us. It has always been hawks, of course it doesn't help that we have 2 families of them in the woods.

How's the rest of the flock doing?

Come visit me, The Homestead.

05/06/2010 06:07.05 AM Report This Comment  
  Yes! I'm very interested in permaculture. I have yet to purchase any books regarding the subject, but I have come across many websites that have lots of information.

Any particular good books, websites or tips you might have would be greatly appreciated!

Beautiful bird, by the way!

Come visit me, Goodie's Urban Greens.

05/01/2010 06:13.31 AM Report This Comment  
  04/30/2010 01:50.29 PM Report This Comment  
Central Texas is having the most gorgeous spring I can remember in years! Hope everyone else is so fortunate.

Come visit me, wendy's way.

04/24/2010 11:43.38 AM Report This Comment  
  thanks for welcoming me
thanking you for tilling me thanks you for comming to the farm

Come visit me, happy acrs.

04/22/2010 12:00.02 PM Report This Comment  
  thanks for the visit

Come visit me, Land of Milk and Honey.

04/06/2010 08:54.34 AM Report This Comment  
  Do you all get together in a blue moon and talk about chickens? Over here we don't have any kind of tours. You have to catch the right people at the right time at the co-op if you need help with a chicken problem.

I can't wait until P2's two roosters grow up the Sussex and the Buttercup (if he is one of the lucky ones that made the shipment). P2 says he like the photo of the Buttercup better then the Sussex and knowing our luck the Buttercup that died was his rooster. Oh well next year.

Come visit me, The Homestead.

04/06/2010 05:58.54 AM Report This Comment  
  So what's a coop tour?

Come visit me, The Homestead.

04/04/2010 04:20.40 PM Report This Comment  
  I want my chickens. Yours is so cute! :)

Come visit me, Btown Urban Farm.

03/22/2010 01:17.27 PM Report This Comment  
I can't wait until I get my first chicken.

Come visit me, JD Acres & OM on the Range.

03/15/2010 08:55.27 AM Report This Comment  

Well Jany (Barred Plymouth Rock) is 3 yrs old and then Carmen follows her by two wks. The rest of the flock turns 1 this coming Easter. We will be adding another 20 this coming Easter. We had three attacks on the orginal flock by the neighbor's dog that took up down from 30 to 2. For some reason Carmen reminds me alot of myself and Jany like my mom (oh so laid back until the food is out).

Made the call and it's a go for a morning pick up for Iggy and Gilbert Land/York barrow pigs. They will be 2 mths old.

Come visit me, The Homestead.

03/12/2010 06:49.00 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey you, do you have a rabbit cage? When I introduce new pullets to the flock, I have a pvc run that's light and moveable and the older ones can talk and see the new comers. There is a barrier between them so I don't have to hover as much. The reason why I suggested a rabbit cage is because you said that you only have two to introduce. You will also find that a rabbit cage will work well for a sick or injuried chicken. It's easy to clean (the cage) and the others can "talk" to that one while having that barrier so they want try to jump on the sick or injured one. You also can nail the cage to the wall and it has two openings.

Good luck with your queen hen. We have one like that and she is a Production Red named CARMEN.

Have a great weekend.

Come visit me, The Homestead.

03/12/2010 06:44.43 AM Report This Comment  
  march 1
It's defintely 'In like a lion' here!

Come visit me, wendy's way.

03/01/2010 01:51.56 PM Report This Comment  
I am getting ready to plant some herbs. which herbs do you find that you use the most? Do you have anything unusual that you like? If so what are they and where did you get them? I like your site!!

Come visit me, P.S. Dairy Forgetten Herb Farm.

02/28/2010 07:09.28 AM Report This Comment  
Hi Wendy,
The chickens will peck at anything including that expanding foam stuff you use to fill holes. We learned that one real quick when we filled a crack next to the door. Now we keep that tidbit of information in the "Be Wise" file. Chickens are interesting critters! Thanks for visiting my farm page - we have several friends in Texas especially near San Antonio. Some of them have chickens and guinea to eat the chiggers.

Come visit me, Providence Family Farms.

02/27/2010 08:01.02 AM Report This Comment  
  The hens aren't showing any bad signs from ingesting the styrofoam so far, knock on wood.

Come visit me, wendy's way.

02/25/2010 04:02.35 PM Report This Comment  
  styrofoam cooler
I covered a plant with an old styrofoam cooler, & went out today & saw my chickens (3), had eaten about 1/4 of it! They seem ok, but I wonder how long it'll be till I really know?

Come visit me, wendy's way.

02/24/2010 04:12.31 PM Report This Comment  
  Thanks for the Warm Welcome
The name is Procrastination Because both my husband and I are just that and we kinda live day to day and we work best this way so the name just fits!Am looking forward to exploring all your farms
-Niki Jo Davies

Come visit me, Procrastination Family Farm.

02/21/2010 02:03.48 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi, Wendy,

Just working on a project right now to use solar for lighting up our make shift horse "arena" which is basically a large round pen. There are not very many "lights" available with solar except for yard lights. I did come across some that were actually bright enough that I could mount on posts but they are $89 each! I'll probably need around 15 to 20 to light up the arena area. If you have been successful with solar lighting on your farm or know of anyone who has been, please let me know!

Come visit me, Wildfire Spirit Ranch.

02/08/2010 08:01.35 AM Report This Comment  
  started my chicks on Sulmet today, fingers crossed...

Come visit me, wendy's way.

01/27/2010 12:23.15 PM Report This Comment  
  sick chick
I think 1 of my new chicks has coccocidiosis (sp?). I'm starting my flock on an antibiotic in the am, hope it works.

Come visit me, wendy's way.

01/26/2010 07:28.14 PM Report This Comment  
  2 new chicks!
Got the Ameracauna I wanted plus one I hadn't planned on, a Production Red. I've heard they're great layers but maybe not so much fun to have around, guess I'll see.

Come visit me, wendy's way.

01/24/2010 05:34.12 PM Report This Comment  
  Yea, my first egg in weeks!

Come visit me, wendy's way.

01/14/2010 08:11.29 PM Report This Comment  
Hi, Wendy,

How's the lighting working with your hens? Are they laying more? They will slow down in the winter but with a few more hours of "light" they should continue some laying.

We are using our hen house for composting by throwing our uncooked veggie and fruit scraps in the hen house. They peck through what they want and scratch away the rest. Weekly we rake up hen house (which has a dirt and straw floor) and turn everything over and rake again and add fresh straw. By spring, we will have a nice bit of compost to use for our garden.

Come visit me, Wildfire Spirit Ranch.

01/07/2010 04:41.51 PM Report This Comment  
  Thanks for stopping by Jak Hof
Farming is a passion!!

Come visit me, Jak Hof.

12/23/2009 01:58.56 AM Report This Comment  
  dreaming already...
3 days of freezing temps, & I'm already clicking links in garden website e-mails I get, dreaming of my Spring garden.

Come visit me, wendy's way.

12/10/2009 10:00.00 AM Report This Comment  


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