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Blue Sky's from Council Bluffs, IA
Blue Sky's

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Farm Name: Blue Sky's

Year Farm Established: 2001

Location: Western Iowa, IA

Years I’ve been farming: 14 years

Animals I raise: rabbits, chickens, sheep and llamas

Crops I grow: tomatoes, garden veggies and herbs

Hobbies I enjoy: Making jam and jelly cooking in general

Club/Associations memberships: 4-H

Pets: dog, cat, rabbits, chickens and sheep and llamas

Farm Blog
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Lots of work to do today before we head to the pumpkin patch with the 4-H group.

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10/20/2012 06:37.07 AM Report This Comment  
  Fall is in the air so is a lot of dust
They have finally started picking the corn behind our farm. There is a cloud of dust that is drifting across the valley. It will be worse when they start pickin the soybeans. The soybeans are much closer to out house. I am sure the windows will have to be closed or that dust will be all over the house.

We are almost finished with the chicken coop we build in the barn at this house. We ran out of wire tonight or it would be done. Chickens will be be contained. Lets hope they start using the nesting box. I found a small nest of about 15 eggs in the high grass tonight when I was mowing. Who knows how long they had been there. We need to have 8 dozen eggs by Tuesday for a community dinner that uses all locally raised food.

Well that is the up date for today.

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09/25/2012 07:02.39 PM Report This Comment  
  A new farm
I have not written on here in a while. We have moved to a new farm. Not large by Iowa standards but much bigger to us. We now have 30 acres with a huge pasture and woods. The animals are all very happy with their new space. The house and the barn needed some work. We have been busy with improvments on the new place and trying to sell our old house. So far the house has been roofed, the barn resided, and new windows are coming today. Fencing has been an issue. Seems like every time I fix the fence they find a new spot to get out. I didn't even have my coffee this moring before I noticed a llama in my garden. It is always a project.

Come visit me, Blue Sky's.

09/15/2012 07:03.02 AM Report This Comment  
  We lost our male last year in October. He was a beauty and we adored him. The llama that we replaced him with is off wonderful stock and is a beauty but he has shown no interest in our female who is old enough to breed..... So no crias for us this year. We are disappointed but some things just aren't meant to be, I guess. Congratulations on your win at the fair! One of our donkeys won a blue and the other a yellow at our local fair last week. We have to drive to the western part of the state for a llama show and we have not been able to make it so far.

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  We would like to get a 4-H group going in our county. We have not had llama shows in the eastern part of N.C. because it is hard to find judges. It is too far for the local kids to travel into the mountains where the llama shows are held. We visited in our local school with one of our yearlings last week and this has created a lot of interest.

Come visit me, Tyfton Acres.

04/27/2010 11:19.04 PM Report This Comment  
We raise llamas in North Carolina. We have added ducks this spring. We have four adult Muscovies and are raising six Indian Runners. We hope they will keep our llama pasture slug-free to prevent Meningeal worms. What do you do with your llama?

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04/24/2010 05:55.41 PM Report This Comment  
We are going to get the sheep Thursday night!!!!!
I am going to start designing and building the chicken coop this weekend. Chickens coming soon.

Come visit me, Blue Sky's.

04/20/2010 03:40.58 PM Report This Comment  
Ya we are getting ready been working on putting up a eletric fence. Should of did more a few days ago when it was in the 60s and 70s here. but Been working 15 to 18 hour days. so not to much time. Was working with his pony we got him for the horse project hes something eles. He does fine when yoda my oldest son is on him but I have to walk in front of him for him to move. so I thought I get my fat but on him and work him alittle. well after 20 mins of trying to get him move he did some. But we was heading back to the barn and I moved back some more on his butt and he didnt like it he was trying to buck but 215 lbs on his butt was to much so umm ya I pretty much rolled off and forgot to tuck lol landed on my hip and back and ouch i think i be feeling it tomorrow also at work. wasnt that far of a fall but I guess next time I wront be so nice to him lol.

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03/14/2010 06:35.42 PM Report This Comment  
havent done to much with it yet. made cookies and sang for the police for christmas. boys like it. But I got some help with it so thats good :)

Come visit me, little tagues farm.

12/30/2009 06:04.19 AM Report This Comment  
okay I got some info from them. Hope everythang is okay in the family.

Come visit me, little tagues farm.

11/30/2009 06:00.49 PM Report This Comment  
we had the meeting to pick wat animals they want to do. my oldest one picked miniature horse and cow. bad thang is that there wasnt a group for the cows so guess who is the new leader for the beef group. so ya now my son is gonna learn and so am i really fast lol. then my youngest one is trying to do rabbit but they saying hes to young but we gonna try and see wat happens.

Come visit me, little tagues farm.

10/19/2009 07:02.22 PM Report This Comment  
wat would be a good first project for a 8 yr old and a 5 yr old for 4H?

Come visit me, little tagues farm.

10/10/2009 07:34.19 PM Report This Comment  
Welcome to hobby farms. It is a great site and there are lots of information for farm owners hope you like it here

Come visit me, our country farm.

09/15/2009 02:01.10 PM Report This Comment  
Welcome to the hobby farms. I hope you like it here as much as I do. Lots of good things about this site.

Come visit me, our country farm.

09/14/2009 09:26.00 AM Report This Comment  
First one I started to read is Homesteaders Handbook to Raising Small Livestock.Good reading to the novice as myself.Lots of good info,written in 1974.Second book,The Foxfire Book,has log cabin building with handtools in the Adirondack mountains from 1972.Lots of other info like hog dressing,planting by the signs,making butter and soap.Saw a few of these Foxfire Books listed on Amazon and they look like an interesting series, and cheaper there as well.Haven't had the chance to read any of it,just a quick glance,& the log cabin part has lots of good black & white pictures.

Come visit me, Blakers Acres.

09/13/2009 11:29.12 AM Report This Comment  
I want to get my daughter into 4-h. I always wanted to go as a kid. Cute llama

Come visit me, Sunny's Hobby Farm.

09/12/2009 11:57.00 AM Report This Comment  
i wish i had been more involved in the 4-H growing up, but I had some problems dealing with the leaders, and not enough support, so I didn't get as involved as i could have.
Cute llama, do they go to the shows?

Come visit me, Victory Gardens.

09/12/2009 11:13.59 AM Report This Comment  
  Nice picture
Beautiful surroundings.Just curious of your geographical location.How do you like the llama raising?I never spoke to anyone about this choice of livestock.

Come visit me, Blakers Acres.

09/12/2009 07:43.48 AM Report This Comment  
  Pretty place

Come visit me, Moserwood.

09/11/2009 08:22.17 PM Report This Comment  
  Great Picture
The child doesn't seem to thrilled. Is it the llama or getting their picture taken?

Come visit me, My Wyoming Home, Santa Sara Ranch, WyoCowgirl's Santa Sara Ranch & Santa Sara Ranch (Coming Soon).

09/10/2009 10:59.30 AM Report This Comment  
  Cute farm!

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09/10/2009 05:59.27 AM Report This Comment  
  nice phto

patrick, fairview park, OH.

09/10/2009 04:46.15 AM Report This Comment  
4-H is a very important part of animals. My girls made friends for life with 4-H and skills that they will have forever. Keep active and enjoy your projects you will learn a lot. Love your picture of you llama.

Come visit me, Edge of the Woods Farm & Farm on Three Oaks Road.

09/09/2009 08:37.24 PM Report This Comment  


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