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little tagues farm from lebanon, MO
little tagues farm

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Farm Name: little tagues farm

Year Farm Established: 2008

Location: lebanon, MO

Years I’ve been farming: 7 years

Animals I raise: goats, cow, Turkey, chickens, duck, pigs, rabbits, horse and pony

Crops I grow: Besides rocks, i go to the store when the plants comes in and start buying, gotta have the basic onions, tomatoes, sweet corn, pepers.

Hobbies I enjoy: Working outside, being with the family, fishing and hunting, anythang when we get the time to do it.

Club/Associations memberships: Got the boys in boys scout and 4-H club thats pretty much all for now. Oh ya cant forget bout Candock Baptist Church they are great, please stop in there when you are in the area we would love to see you. theres a good group of people there everyone is welcome and you will feel welcome right away.

The proudest moment on my farm: watching my family have fun on the farm. Being able to go to the sale barn and buying animals and bring them back and let them roam around watching them interact with the other animals. I was able 2 let my oldest boy take his pellet gun out and let him go hunting but he didnt get nothing :(.

Pets: black lab, a mut. then 2 cats. Well our cats both of them had a litter one litter died and the dog got 3 out of 4 on the other litter :(. all of our farm animales turns out to be pets :(

Farm Motto: Play the hand you was delt.

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  Hi Im also from Missouri. And my Son lives in Lebanon with his family. We live in Ste.Geneveive. Wine country. Love your goats. I just sold all of my goats. Cutting back on load here. Im getting to old. Or at least my husband is.

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  Hi, I'll be sure to pass the request along to the team in charge of finding rewards for the catalog.

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Are you getting ready for Spring? Looks like we are getting sheep and chickens for fair. We will have to see how the oldest child is behaving. His attitude has gotten him in trouble. I don't have to decide about Sheep until April 24th. They will be at another members farm. I know nothing about sheep but guess we are going to learn. The chickens will be here. I will build them a coop as soon as the snow is off the ground. So it will be a busy spring here.

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  Thank you for the great suggestions. I'll be sure to pass your ideas along to the other HobbyFarms.com editors for consideration.

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  Things are better here. How is your 4-H experience going?

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Sorry I have not been on for a while. We have had a serious illness in the family.
Being a 4-H leader is not a bad thing. I would go to the county extension office and see what information they have on beef showing. Other wise I would check out some books. We are showing llamas for the first time this year. I have a lot to learn too. I have gone to the person who coordinates the llama show for our local fair. She has been a big help. Hope that helps.

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  Cute photos, I love to see that your animals are together!

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  Hello, thank you for stopping by. I'll be sure to pass on the request for new e-cards to the HobbyFarms.com editors. Have a great day!

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  4-H projects
We started out with static exhibits, Arts and Crafts kinds of things. I would check with the local 4-h club to see what they recommend in your area. It is different from club to club and fair to fair. I would do a small animal like a rabitt or chicken for the 8 year old. It is an experience.

Let me know if you have more questions.
Lori , Iowa

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10/19/2009 06:54.31 AM Report This Comment  
My goats are not all escape artists. My herd sire can jump a 4 foot fence though. Never thought I would see him do it until all 300 pounds just ran and jumped over. Put up 2 more strands of hot wire after that.

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  yeah your not that far from me about 30 minutes west i'm still building my farm it's a slow process but it's worth it.

Come visit me, Michael.

10/07/2009 11:50.13 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello you all.

P2 got a new mag in. When you got the time you may want to check out www.randallburkey.com. You can get diatomaceous earth which is ground fossil shell flour. Some people use this instead of the chemicals that are out there in the market.

Come visit me, The Homestead.

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  Garlic and water
Our flock has a 4 gallon waterer. I take a stocking and put 5 crushed garlic cloves in the stocking and use a clothes pen to keep the stocking out of the float. The only fresh water is the water that comes from the float and I don't dump the water. Treat like this for an entire week, skip a week and then treat and then do it in 3 wk cycles.

Come visit me, The Homestead.

10/06/2009 12:33.51 PM Report This Comment  
  We don't do organic.

However, have your ever feed your flock pumpkin seeds or bust a pumpkin in the yard for them to clean? Nature's best or garlic in the water is good for that. Check out The BackYard Chicken Mag. And the best thing is that there is no withdrawal time on your eggs if you use the pumpkin seeds or garlic. You just got to get a schedule down and keep to it.

Another use for garlic is to take the paper off several cloves and put them in stockings and hang them by the nest. This helps with lice.

Our flock goes nuts when they see P2 or I carry in a BIG watermelon and bust it in their yard. It takes them about an hour to clean the melon to a rhyne thiner than a piece of onion paper.

Come visit me, The Homestead.

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From what I understand is that blackhead is a disease that turkeys "can" get from unwormed chickens. You don't know that the turkeys have been infected until they show signs of a blackhead and then death soon follows. Hope this helps.

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10/05/2009 07:13.13 AM Report This Comment  
  Well I might be getting some B Turkeys next year. But the owl got a roo and keet of our sons and we may increase the number of guanieas next year. We had either 1 yorkshire and 1 landrance or 2 of one kind coming to the place around April. I've been hearing about turkeys getting blackhead from chickens and my uncle who has load of birds (turkeys, chickens, ducks and geese) lost all if his turkeys due to blackhead. This is making me think if I want to introduce another species into the flock and then have our 8 yr old go out there and find them dead. I just want to make sure all my turkeys are in a row (so to speak) before we purchase any to introduce to our flock.

Come visit me, The Homestead.

10/03/2009 10:10.12 AM Report This Comment  
  The photo on my profile that you asked about is of Coral Mushrooms that we harvested out of the woods. If you have any woods around your place, just walk out and look around the base of trees. Each clump is about the size of your hand (some smaller, of course) and they look just like coral. The whiter ones are fresher, but you can also eat the browner ones. Another one to look for now is a big fat round one, they look just like hamburger buns. Thick and meaty like a portabello. After the rains we've been having, there are LOTs of mushrooms out there now!

As far as what crops to grow here in MO; we can grow just about anything, and a second crop of beans can be planted in september that can be harvested before a hard frost.
Tomatoes will produce into the first part of November. You can grow spinich all winter if you lightly cover the leaves with straw. Persimmons and pears are producing right now; the persimmons will get sweeter after the first frost. Don't eat them if they're not totally ripe; they will be VERY bitter! Squashes grow great here, peas, corn; carrots are a little difficult since the ground is so hard. Beets, too. If you build a raised bed and fill it with good dirt and compost, you'll be able to grow crop veggies in there.

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Select your state, then your area, then farm & Garden (or any other area of interest)

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They are just like kids. They learn from repetition and respect. We like Clinton Andersons website as well as we watch a ton of RFD T.V.

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09/30/2009 07:27.14 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi there,
Have not been on the computer much; been enjoying the nice weather while it lasts! (Suppose to be a tornado heading our way this afternoon...just started raining.)

I don't know what kinds of animals to advise for 4H, have never been involved with it. We've always been in the city. Can you ask at the school for info?

Battening down for crummy weather..... talk to you soon.

Come visit me, RailRidge.

09/21/2009 01:27.21 PM Report This Comment  
Your blog makes me laugh and think back to last summer when my 7 full grown boer goats decided to escape and make a trip about a mile up the road. We managed to fit all 7 in the back seat of my Bravada and yes it has leather seats , awe man I cringe at the thought of having to do that again. Funny looking back though they were all very well mannered in the backseat. They have an old station wagon that they get to lay on, climb on and get inside at will. It is very funny to go out to the pasture and see all 7 crammed into the station wagon thinking they are going to get to go somewhere.LOL

Come visit me, CokerFarms.

09/18/2009 09:03.52 AM Report This Comment  
  Goats and Cheese
Dairy goat journal is a good place to read up.Found it on countrysidemag.com.Lots of great articles.Check out motherearthnews.com. also.I found cheesemaking.com is very good for the novice as myself.It's the New England Cheesemaking one that pops up.Definitely check that one out!One of the firt 2 sites,[not dairy goat journal], had a cookbook for sale on foods from the ozarks,so maybe that could give you an idea on what grows there.I saw corn and okra in ad!Let me know how your reading goes.

Come visit me, Blakers Acres.

09/16/2009 09:26.58 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello there
Welcome to hobby farms. Looks like you have got a great farm. I like the pics of your dogs. Come and visit my farm sometime.

Come visit me, our country farm.

09/16/2009 09:00.28 AM Report This Comment  
  Nice to hear from you. So where did you move from? Are you originally from the Lebanon area?

Come visit me, RailRidge.

09/15/2009 11:44.00 AM Report This Comment  
Goats are on my wish list after I get my chickens in the spring.I want to make cheeses and soaps.Nice picture.I'm also considering bees,love honey and for the income

Come visit me, Blakers Acres.

09/15/2009 04:28.30 AM Report This Comment  
  Turkey Feathers
My turkeys have not really lost there tail feathers. I have had a show judge tell us one time that a mouse will crawl up on the chickens and turkeys when they are sleeping and chew the feathers off for bedding for there baby mice. I guess they could do that with the tail feathers. I also have seen them break them off when landing on the uneven ground. I will have to ask one of my girls when I see them and see if they remember it a being a question they were asked when showing them.

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  Cute calf.

mallory, mill hall, PA.

09/14/2009 03:43.01 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey there, we're almost neighbors...which direction from Lebanon are you? We're east about 10 miles out.

Come visit me, RailRidge.

09/14/2009 12:09.46 AM Report This Comment  
  Cute animals.

Come visit me, Moserwood.

09/12/2009 09:15.42 AM Report This Comment  
4-H was a very important part of my childrens life. It is very educational and a great place for them to stay busy and meet great friends that they will have for life.

Good luck with your farm.

Come visit me, Edge of the Woods Farm & Farm on Three Oaks Road.

09/11/2009 08:42.09 PM Report This Comment  
pretty picture

Alexandra, Halifax, NS.

09/11/2009 03:42.25 PM Report This Comment  
  nice pic

patrick, fairview park, OH.

09/11/2009 02:44.31 PM Report This Comment  
any advice that i can get on wat to grow and raise around here in the ozarks and any thang i can do to make money off my farm. plz feel free to chat wit me or let me know. thank you have a good day.

Come visit me, little tagues farm.

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