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"Double B" from Moulton, AL
"Double B"

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Farm Name: "Double B"

Year Farm Established: 2007

Location: Moulton, AL

Years I’ve been farming: 8 years

Animals I raise: Horses, Chickens, Goats, donkeys, rabbits, mini horses, ginnies and ducks

Hobbies I enjoy: Woodworking,Hun- ting,Fishing, Horse Back Riding

The proudest moment on my farm: The First live birth on the farm

Pets: 2 Dogs, 2 Cats,13 kittens
a cocketeil name Gloria

Farm Motto: Glorifying God and His Creation in all our ways.

Farm Blog
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  God is Good!! Congratulations
Hey Double B!!! Abbie Grace what a pretty name.Congratulations.So good to hear from you all.Things here have been rather wet and warm, but this morning I got up and it was 48 degrees. and a possibility of frost tonight and Sat.All the animals are ready for the change. We got in the last of the hay and we are ready. Our daughter has moved to an apartment near the hospital she is working at.I miss her.She is grown now and is spreading her wings.I have been busy with mom and dad. Moms dementia is worse. Her short term is about gone. And dad got some bad news yesterday.He is going to be blind soon.I think I took the news worse than he did.But Dad is a survivor and takes all things in stride with a since of humor.He will be ninety his b-day.He wanted to go see the Secretariet movie a few weeks back so I took him. I had never been to the movie with my dad and he had not been to the movie in 35 years.We made a memory that night. It was great!!Well I guess I had better get out of my pjs and go feed.The sun is up now finally. You all take care and have fun with that new grand baby. This Christmas is going to be so much fun with her.I will be in touch with ya soon....God is Good All the Time. Kathy

Come visit me, Hidden Meadow Farm.

10/29/2010 04:39.29 AM Report This Comment  
We have recently added BB Reds to the mix, as well as ginneas. The little reds sure do not realize they are little. I can hear them crow above all others. The ginneas are very comical to watch.
I'm so glad the weather is changing, I enjoy watching the farm animals so much more.

Come visit me, "Double B".

10/28/2010 02:08.36 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey Folks!!
Long time no hear from. I hope you all have had a good summer. It certainly has been a hot one.It has been awhile since I logged on and I lost all of my points. But oh well I would had never saved up enough to get the good stuff. lol. So whats new with you all? I hope every one is well.Our daughter has got a new job at a hospital close by but I feel like she is wanting a place of her own. So I am trying to prepare myself.Life is all about change I guess.My prayer is she will meet a good Godly man out there somewhere. They are hard to find. If she could find one half as good as her father she would be blessed.Our chickens are old enough to lay right now but no eggs yet.The other day I cut their feathers over their eyes so they could see.THAT was FUN.Yesterday we had a BBQ and had a great time. I got my little pony Punkin out and gave the kids a ride. It was alot of fun for all.So any new editions to your farm? I am sorry I have not put any new pics up. I hardly remembered how to log on to this thing called a computer.Anyways I guess I still know how to type.God Bless you all and have a good week. Kathy

Come visit me, Hidden Meadow Farm.

08/15/2010 06:42.31 PM Report This Comment  
  New Horse New Friend!!!
I am so excited for you and I could not believe the similarities when I read your blog about you breaking your arm. Yes the same thing happened to me only it was about 4 years ago and I was fearful too.It was a bad break to my right arm...pins and screws.But with time and a new horse and some encouraging friends I found that old lost love again.You asked about the new chickens.They are growing and eating alot more. If I could I would give you one.They are so comical.They can not see well with all the feathers on their little heads so you can slip up on them easily. I will try and post some pics soon of them and also my raised bed garden I tried this year. I am very proud of it.Our daughter Hannah just graduated from nursing school with her RN and is leaving on a cruise this weekend for the Bahamas.Please Please help me pray for her safe return.I prayed her through nursing school.So now I will pray her through this. It was so good to hear from the Double B....Take Care and God Bless...Kathy

Come visit me, Hidden Meadow Farm.

05/17/2010 01:52.10 PM Report This Comment  
  God is good!!
It was nice to hear from you all.Those storms were pretty rough.I am glad everyone at the Double B is okay.I think this time the mountains to our west protected us along with the Lords help.We are also considering some goats.But probably meat goats, milking does not appeal to my husband.I love goat cheese and make most of my pizzas with it.I bet if our farms were closer we would be the best of friends...we love and cherish the same things.Well my chicks are 4 weeks old now.I ordered all pullets but I have one that is acting so aggressive even if that one is a rooster it is mighty young to be acting this way. It is really strange.The little thing runs at me while the others stand back and watch.Well anyway I must run to mom and dads now and see about them.Keep us in your prayers. GOD is good!!

Come visit me, Hidden Meadow Farm.

04/26/2010 07:33.27 AM Report This Comment  
  Happy Spring Double B, I have not posted in quite a while.I have been very busy as of late. I have been caring for my elderly parents, planting a few things in my garden,received my baby chicks a few weeks ago.They are so goofy looking.Golden and Buff laced Polish.They are starting to have the funny feathers sticking out of their little heads.I will be glad when we cut hay I am running low. How are things at the Double B? God Bless Ya'll!!

Come visit me, Hidden Meadow Farm.

04/14/2010 05:48.59 AM Report This Comment  
  Hey Double B, I heard its cold down your way also.It takes me much longer to feed now by the time I came in this morning is was to late for me to get ready for church.I can stand at my window and see the steam rising off the stock tank. Thank God for stock tank heaters but I do have to tote water to the small animals.Think Spring!!

Come visit me, Hidden Meadow Farm.

01/10/2010 07:19.02 AM Report This Comment  
I would love to have a mini donkey.My daughters friend has one and from what she says he is quite the character.In fact she was telling us just yesterday he was running around with the lunge line in his mouth, her paint gelding on the other end. Well have a Very Merry CHRIST mas Double B !!

Come visit me, Hidden Meadow Farm.

12/24/2009 04:45.01 AM Report This Comment  
  Hey Double B...It has been a while since I have posted.Are you doing a live nativity this Christmas season? I know you made mention of it in one of your earlier posts to me.Here's wishing you all a Merry Christmas from Hidden Meadow.

Come visit me, Hidden Meadow Farm.

12/06/2009 04:58.26 AM Report This Comment  
  goats' milk soap
Making soap can be complicated the first time you try. There are some really good sites that can explain the process better than I can. Here are a few of them http://candleandsoap.about. com/od/beyondbasics/a/lyemilk.htm and http://www.pvsoap.com/recipe_goats_milk_soap.htm and http://www.monkeyboyproducts. com/page/page/2414406.htm
When you start making soap you just get "hooked". Good luck in your ventures I think you'll really enjoy it. You can start out selling at your local farmers' market.

Come visit me, Fox Farms.

11/06/2009 06:21.36 PM Report This Comment  
  Good Morning Double B....I was reading this morning in Revelation 19:11 KJV. Isn't it going to be great! Have a wonderful day!!

Come visit me, Hidden Meadow Farm.

11/03/2009 06:08.18 AM Report This Comment  


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