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De Vries Farms from Holland, MI
De Vries Farms

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Farm Name: De Vries Farms

Year Farm Established: 1945

Location: Holland, MI

Years I’ve been farming: 70 years

Animals I raise: Although we have several animals on our farmstead, our main concern centers around our St. Croix sheep flock. We have around 120 sheep at any one time, guarding our flock we have two llamas, Zack and Jasmine. We have added a couple of friendly goats to our menagerie, Abuelito, Midnight Ryder, Butter, Buddy, and Houdini. Our old mascot is Joker, our ancient horse and his companion horse Chazz, who keeps him young.

Crops I grow: As a retired Christmas tree farm, we are familiar with seasonal crops. This year, we had a bumper crop of potatoes. Most varieties we raise are well known such as Yukon Golds or Russet Norkotas. But, we also raise less familiar varieties such as Austrian fingerlings, Blue Potatoes, and Gold Rush. We also raise several colors of Gladiolas. My favorite color of glad is the hybrid Cheops, a white flower with hot pink fringe. Striking!

Hobbies I enjoy: In my down time, which is minimal, I love to cook. Although I don't really have a signiture dish, as a female, I have been told I grill like a real man! I enjoy reading and I also dabble in trying to keep an updated blog. For more up to date information as to what is going on at DeVries Farms, check out my urban farmer chic blog: http://devriesf- arms.wordpress. com/

The proudest moment on my farm: The best moment on the farm for me was the first time I helped a little one being born. Father was out on the tractor and an ewe was struggling with twins in the barn. After seeing it done repeatedly, I grabbed the necessary items and patiently helped the babes into life. Kudos to Mama, she had the hard part!

Pets: To top off the crew, we have an unbelievably hyper viszla, Cali. Like her name implies, she is from California, flown in as a pup. Rox is our beloved akita, who adds comic relief after a long day. Blue the cat is the general of us all, calling the shots and overseeing all decisions, (just as a cat should).

Farm Motto: Eat sheep, because 50,000 coyotes can't be wrong!

Farm Blog
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  What a crew you have there.

Come visit me, The Homestead.

09/08/2010 01:17.50 PM Report This Comment  
  Great to hear how well the llamas are doing as guards. We released six Indian Runners on our small pond yesterday and were amazed when one of our yearling llamas waded into the pond and herded the entire flock back into their pen! We have had Muscovies for several months now and nothing has bothered them even though they are out in the open pasture. We think that we have the llamas to thank for this.

Come visit me, Tyfton Acres.

05/28/2010 02:06.50 PM Report This Comment  
  Do your llamas do a good job of protecting the sheep? We are raising llamas on our farm and have sold one as a sheep guard. Just wondered how effective you have found them to be.

Come visit me, Tyfton Acres.

04/27/2010 11:26.41 PM Report This Comment  
So how is the lambing going.....any babies on the ground? Must be a very busy time for you. Good Luck this spring.

Come visit me, Windswept Acres Farm.

03/12/2010 01:29.01 PM Report This Comment  
  Thank You
Thanks for the information on the two breeds. We're still kicking it around, but it sounds like the St. Croix would be my choice. What kind of acreage would be needed? I know the less acres the more purchased feed, any numbers/acre would help.

We have sure missed the animals though. Even picked up some turkey poults on craigslist yesterday. Guess I better get my barn built this summer, in the meantime I better build some temp. shelters...LOL

Have a good day and will keep you up to date on the blogs.

thanks again
dairymon (Bill)

Come visit me, Windswept Acres Farm.

02/28/2010 11:30.16 AM Report This Comment  
Can you give advise on which would be a better breed for beginners, that would like a small flock in northeastern Wisconsin. I have memories of helping my dad 30 years ago during shearing, so don't need to live that part again at my age. Been looking at the St. Croix or the Katahdins. What can you tell me on size of animals, temperment, disease & pest resistance, etc. We are only looking at a small flock to get back into livestock since selling the dairy cows 5 years ago.

dairymon (Bill)

Come visit me, Windswept Acres Farm.

02/27/2010 02:28.31 PM Report This Comment  
Wow, our sheep do sound very similar. We actually had snow here last weekend,probably nothing compared to you, but the animals were so funny. The sheep would run out in it and right back in their house. Not one chicken would venture out of the coup and even the ducks stayed in the barn. The horses used it as an excuse to play Kentucky Derby as they ran and ran and ran. How did you do in this nasty bout of weather. I also love your motto. We have some coyotes here but we have not had any trouble with them yet. Take care.

Come visit me, So Blessed Farm.

02/21/2010 05:58.32 AM Report This Comment  
  Katahdin Sheep
I can say that these sheep are very easy to care for. Thay have hair so no shearing, are highly disease and parasite resistant and do a wonderful job of trimming the farm. We will have our first lambs this year. They are very persistant in escaping a pasture though. Keeps my Aussie, Stella, on her toes. They are also hornless so nobody gets poked. I would think that,unless you want wool, they are a good starter sheep. I also like that they are both hot and cold hardy as we get hot summers and cold winters. What do St Croix sheep provide and how would they be for a South Carolina farm?

Come visit me, So Blessed Farm.

02/10/2010 08:11.39 AM Report This Comment  
  Conyers, GA
Hi, Conyers is about 30 miles due east of Atlanta. It is on I-20. I feel about cold weather like your husband feels about the hot summers here. They can really be oppressive for about six weeks, but we just stay out of the heat as much as possible. For example, there's not a lot of hard work going on the in August garden...I just generally let it go to weeds until it cools off. My favorite time to garden is spring. I often have lettuce and spinach in March and April, and often have served my own green English garden peas for Easter! And I will set out tomato plants by about April 5. Good luck to you for the remainder of winter...hope to talk to you more in the future.

Come visit me, Heritage Farm.

01/27/2010 07:34.53 PM Report This Comment  
  Just stoppin by
Love the pics. I don't know about you but I absolutely love my Llama "Brutus" and he takes great care of my girls.(Goats) I enjoyed visiting, will come back soon.

Come visit me, Crescent Moon Ranch.

01/26/2010 07:36.03 PM Report This Comment  
  What a beautiful farm
How many acres do you have? It looks wonderful. Do you grow tulips? I dream of coming to Holland, MI in tulip season, but you are a long way from Georgia...Ha, ha. Stay warm, and good luck.

Come visit me, Heritage Farm.

01/17/2010 05:55.49 AM Report This Comment  
Boy do you have the retirement plan that I want when I get there. Thank you for your concern on our loss. It's hard when your herd is small. Each one seems to be your main hope. She was mine this year.

Come visit me, Valhalla Boer Goats-Doe page, Valhalla Boer Goat Farm -red robin page, Valhalla Boer Goats-Buck Page & Valhalla Boer Goats-Lillie's page.

01/11/2010 04:15.00 PM Report This Comment  
Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. So, what do you put around your potatoes if anything to make them grow up and produce more potatoes? I have heard of using old tires which I have access to but they make for a very pretty garden. Yes, it is very much worth all the effort just to be on a farm and experience peace at its finest.

Come visit me, Organic Gardens by Meg.

01/10/2010 10:56.41 AM Report This Comment  
Thanks for stoping by we are planing to put some pict. of ower watter bufflo on the page so ck. back often to see them and the rest of the animals and if you are in wytheville stop by and you can visit with all of the animals we have.

Come visit me, Midnight Lake Farm.

01/09/2010 06:50.09 PM Report This Comment  
thanks for stoping by. I also took the picts. for the Fort Chiswell Animal Park Page.

Come visit me, Midnight Lake Farm.

01/06/2010 06:35.57 PM Report This Comment  
  Great pictures. Beautiful place. Thanks for sharing.

Come visit me, Maple Acres Honey, Maple Acres & Maples Acres Trees.

12/17/2009 02:14.33 PM Report This Comment  
We are looking to get a milking goat and wanted to get some advice on some of the smaller breeds that are popular.

Come visit me, Wildfire Spirit Ranch.

12/07/2009 12:15.53 PM Report This Comment  
  nice goats
I love your goats they are so pretty, i have a LaMancha doe that looks like one of your goats. come visit me at katts farm,

Come visit me, Katts Pitts & Katt's farm.

12/06/2009 07:10.40 AM Report This Comment  
  Really like the sheep & the view you have there

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12/04/2009 08:45.12 PM Report This Comment  

Come visit me, Moserwood.

12/04/2009 09:41.47 AM Report This Comment  
I have have a st croix haired sheep ewe that i was given, there are not to many of them around here.

Come visit me, The Chicken Ranch, el dorado urban farm & DeVore Ranch.

12/04/2009 06:33.45 AM Report This Comment  


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