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Crescent Moon Ranch from Naturita, CO
Crescent Moon Ranch

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Farm Name: Crescent Moon Ranch

Year Farm Established: 2004

Location: Naturita, CO

Years I’ve been farming: 12 years

Animals I raise: Saanen Goats (3 female & 1 male) I should have a bunch of babies by April.(This will be my first attempt at milking),1 guardian Llama named Brutus, and a handful of Plymouth Rocks chickens.

Crops I grow: I have a vegetable garden (corn, zucchini, peas, pumpkin, squash, whatever looks like fun from my catalogs.)I plan on working on an herb garden this spring, and my sacred site is a work in progress. This is where my medicine wheel garden will be eventually and my prayer lodge for meditation and ceremonies.

Hobbies I enjoy: Studying Native American Tradition and Prayer Rituals.
Cooking, gardening, sewing, reading, music. Learning more about raising kids and animals.

The proudest moment on my farm: The day I handed over the check that paid off the land. Well, it at least paid off the loan from the original holder.

Pets: 3 cats and a bunch on the way!

Farm Motto: "When I admire the wonder of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in worship of the Creator"
(Mahatma Gandhi)

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  Native American interests
I don't know anything about Native American prayers & rituals, but now that they're including relious classes in the public schools here in Texas, I wish they'd teach about that, it seems that it's vital to the fabric of our country from an historical perspective that's as important as what they'll learn about Christianitys influence in our nation. But I doubt they will....

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  Interesting hobby
I love the idea of a spititual garden. I have thought of creating one myself. Love the Llama picture.

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  Great to hear (read...LOL...) from you Kate and Family.

Well it's a count down until the 13th for the new bull to come home from MO, Iggy and Cilbert (piglets) will be coming home, too. P2 has his 1st soccer game on the 13th of March too. Can't splite a hair because all of them are.

Chicks will be here on the 26th or 27th of March.

P2 has the last week of March off and then he goes back on the 6th of April. He will be getting the hardware to push his two adult teeth where they need to go on the 22nd of March. We go see the asthma spec on the 29th for him as well.

Like my mom always says if it rains it pours. This month is full activity and then P2 got his 4H swine booklet in last week and we need to start it, but since the piglets are in yet, there is not too much we can do. So I've been taking the book to work with me and reading it through at lunch to get a jest of what he needs to do and thank the Good Lord I reading ahead or there would be some books that we have to order and it would be last mintue things and I don't like doing that.

Now we have to go back through all the photos and work on a time table for P2 to put in his book. Maybe we can work on it when it rains.

Well I have to take him to school. You all take care now and have a great weeek.

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  Goats and Chickens
We have at least three baby goats coming this spring (April) and it turns out that my young hens turned out to be young roos (4 out of 5). I've been duped again!! Which bring me back up to 5 too many roos. Need to start putting them into the freezer. I've thought about getting some chicks, but without power to keep them warm, it will be doubtful, unless I keep them in the bath tub for the five or six weeks they need to be kept. Brutus is still keeping guard (The Llama), he's my bud, I call him Mr. Cool. I've spoken with a lady in Moab about Navajo Churros and they sound interesting, but hubby is also inquiring about getting a couple calves. Which is surprising to me because he has never shown any interest in putting effort into this farm before now. He has surprised me this winter though, he's been the one going out every day to feed and water animals and he's been the one to make sure we've had enough hay, grain and supplies!! Maybe the experience has made an impact on him, I think he's actually enjoying the benefit from seeing and communing with the animals on a daily basis. It's really rewarding when they come out to greet you and they seem to say "thank you" for your efforts.

Come visit me, Crescent Moon Ranch.

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  Well MrsK the man sold our two prior to our appointed phone call. It was a very good thing I placed it while we were at the Jr Livestock Show in Washington Parish, so my mouth was well edited with the young ears. The kids there were great they saw P2 in his state and they brought him over to help with the sheep. He got to cut the hair off of one of the sheep and I had to find a bag so he could bring it home and tell everyone what he did. I got to talk with some of the parents and got a card from a Boar Goat Farm who is looking for kids to show their animals next year beacuse there two kids are getting out of showing. I called the Mississippi Ag Center Swine department and Mr. Mark gave me numbers of swine producers in Mississippi. I have some feelers out in the state of Louisiana and found a Duroc Farm in Mansfield, LA but it a 6 hr drive one way but if P2 can show them it will be worth the drive. I got an ad going out next week. But I with P2 everthing IS ready now not in a mth or so. But P2 is off on the 15th and 16th of Feb so we going to check out the auction barn in Amite and see if we can purchase off their land instead of there. I have a family at work that won't have a litter until late March so maybe we can go with them. Thank the Good Lord that we have back ups. I just don't understand how getting two piglets would be this hard. But life goes on and we are still pressing on.

I hope the weather is well for you all. They say it's another 6 weeks of winter, which if fine with me. P2's baby chicks will be in on the 27th of March. It will be here before we all know it.

Have a great one.

Come visit me, The Homestead.

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  Thanks for visiting my farm
The weather has been comparatively warm this week and the road to my place is knee deep in mud. We made it back and forth with no problem but it wasn't easy, I'll tell you that much! The chicken we have are Plymouth Rock mostly, my current Roo is also a PR. I traded my Rhode Island for a young PR because the RI was just being too pushy and mean to my new hens. I was afraid for their safety. (I guess I'm being silly). I'm hoping there will be a hen among them who will get broody and hatch a few of her eggs. I might purchase a dozen or so chicks, just for the experience for the kids though. My kids are "Autistic" so sometimes I have little project that I like to introduce just to "see" how they react and follow through. It's good for them. Kinda like animal therapy. I will try a mini garden for them again this year, although the spring before last, it just turned into a mud pit for them to dig and roll around in. I had to check my patience level after going through all the work of putting the seeds down, then to return the next time and find them digging it all up again! LOL
Until next time...thanks for stopping by.

Come visit me, Crescent Moon Ranch.

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  Thanks for stopping by
Hi Kate,
Thanks for stopping by my site as well. You asked about llamas vs alpacas. To be honest I don't have much experience with llamas, and still new on the alpacas. I'm more used to sheep :-) However I do love the alpacas. I have 3 intact males. They are very gentle and easy to care for.
All the best

Come visit me, Friggjasetr.

01/28/2010 06:23.03 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello K this is C hope this is finding you feeling fine. I can see why you can't wait until Spring. You've got more snow than we did. Is that you son? He's a cutie. You all have an oranger thumb then we do. But I do have to say P2 got two green Howdan pumpkins to grow. This is our years best at growing the pumpkins. Maybe next year we can grow 3.

They are calling for rain at the end of them week and OMG Friday is just a day away. We have to call Mr. Walker after 5 about Iggy and Gilbert. Back to the weather, the Jr Livestock Show is Friday and Saturday. We are going to see the goat, pig and sheep show because it's on Saturday. Oh we are going to have fun, we get to watch them show and be in the muck besides home. I can't wait till then so P2 can pick their brains and see what needs to be done before they get to the show. Down side to it, is that the swine show only has 5 kids, better than none like the parish fair.

Any tips of growing pumpkins? You have a beautiful rooster and what breed is your hens (Holland or Barred Plymouth Rocks)? We had a b/w hen as dark as yours but due to the neighbor's dog we were cut from 20 two 4 over night. But we are back up to 15 and will be getting around 16 chicks in March.

Have a great day!

Come visit me, The Homestead.

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  Southwest Beauty
I love the pictures! I am an out of place transplant from the west(Calif) living in Central Florida. I hope in the next few years to make the transition back, this time to Mountainair New Mexico where I have property waiting for me. I look forward to seeing your gardening efforts this spring. I would love to see pictures of the medicine wheel garden and how you set up your sacred space. I will have to learn how and what to plant in the high desert when I make that move. I have done a lot of reading about Native American Traditions and beliefs and try to live my life with a Nature Based grounding. My grandmother lives in Talequah at the Indian Reservation Home she is Cherokee.

Come visit me, Lauras Homestead.

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  Hello Friends
My Ranch is located SW of Grand Junction, not far from the Utah border(Somewhere between Moab and Telluride). I don't know about y'all but I can hardly wait for spring, so that I can get back out there and get in the dirt! We are constantly battling the rabbits and deer though and sometimes I wonder, "why, oh why, do I bother?"
What do you all plan on planting this year? Anything new? different? Or out of the ordinary? How about Sorghum? Anyone know anything about growing Sorghum? We are working towards a well this coming year, hopefully before next spring. At the moment, my husband and I have to haul in water which makes it very difficult to plant a large amount of crops. Just a small garden to fill my needs and give the scraps to the goats and chickens. If anyone has any encouragement, I'd love to hear from you.

Come visit me, Crescent Moon Ranch.

01/27/2010 07:37.58 PM Report This Comment  
  nice to meet you. Where in Colorado is Naturita?
We moved from Craig Co close to 3 ys ago. I miss it so much. I love your animals. My birth mom is a member of a tribe in MN. She married a annishabe ( spelling?)
man and is very in tune to the culture.

Come visit me, Red Sky Farm.

01/27/2010 09:11.53 AM Report This Comment  
I live on my mothers 70 acres & her house is on top of a hill.The view is gorgeous,although the recent Walmart built on a neighboring hillside ruined the overall view.A photographer I met came and took some photos & gave her a nice lightening bolt photo.I had forgotten all about that til reading your site.If your ever in PA,your welcome to come & snap away.

Come visit me, Blakers Acres.

01/27/2010 05:59.02 AM Report This Comment  
  Off Grid
Put me on your list for the future on your farm visits.My best friend lives in Denver,so I need a good excuse to take a break.and come see her.

Come visit me, Blakers Acres.

01/27/2010 05:52.58 AM Report This Comment  
  Thanks for visiting my farm
The view is a 360 degree view. We are smack dab on top of a Mesa and have nothing to block the view. We have the La Sals to the West and the San Juans to the So. East of us. My husband, Scott, is a astro-photographer so we hand picked this area just for the night skies. The chickens we have right now are mostly Plymouth Rocks and Rhodes Is. We hope to host star gazers in the future as well as folks interested in organics and off the grid living.

Come visit me, Crescent Moon Ranch.

01/26/2010 06:48.18 PM Report This Comment  
I love the view, and the rest of the pics :-)

Come visit me, Friggjasetr.

01/25/2010 01:14.19 PM Report This Comment  
What kind of chickens do you raise?

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01/25/2010 04:35.53 AM Report This Comment  
  beautiful picture

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01/24/2010 06:46.19 PM Report This Comment  
  Just gorgeous! Great pictures too.

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01/24/2010 05:28.15 AM Report This Comment  
  Gorgeous View
Great farm motto. The top picture is beautiful. Welcome.

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