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L.R. Fulmer Family Farm from Newberry, SC
L.R. Fulmer Family Farm

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Farm Name: L.R. Fulmer Family Farm

Year Farm Established: 1998

Location: Newberry, SC

Years I’ve been farming: 17 years

Animals I raise: koi, one gnarly old young goat, emus (none presently), a few RIR Laying chickens.
I have recently begun to do some aquaphonics. In my two greenhouses I have veges and blue tilapia.

Crops I grow: I am working on a perennial garden. I have split the property up into Orchard areas with apples, pears, peaches, plums, kiwi, figs, and several others. We have have 6 nut types -- pecans, hazelnuts, Mammoth Hickory, almonds, and chestnut trees planted.
I've added to my grape vines. I like using existing dogwoods for my grape trellis. I've picked up some blueberry, and strawberries to add to what we already had.
Also began aquaphonics onwith two small greenhouses 10x20s.

Hobbies I enjoy: working outside on our Hobby Farm.
I collect, refurbish and smoke pipes.
Rhonda and I are both Holistic Health Practitioners.
I have also purchased a Cargo trailer for conversion to a camper.

The proudest moment on my farm: When I saw the deed to the acreage -- in both our names, That was the moment.

Pets: koi, RIR chickens, old mutt dog named Bandit. We had goats and emus in the past, but none presently.

Farm Motto: Take each day one day at a time and one thing at a time.

Farm Blog
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  Aquaphonic addition. :)
I've added two 10x20 Logictech greenhouses back in July. There are three IBCs of Blue Tilapia growing with 150 gallon tank in home with 4F and 1M Breeders. I've already harvested cucumbers, tomatoes and several lettuces. :D

Come visit me, L.R. Fulmer Family Farm.

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Just continuing day by day like most are.

Come visit me, L.R. Fulmer Family Farm.

02/06/2013 02:16.10 PM Report This Comment  
  4/9/2012 update.
I've added 6 more Stuart pecans, 6 Gala Apples to be cross pollinated by 6 red delicious ones.
My 2012 garden was planted early and is now looking good thanks to the jump created by the koi pond water.
We've gotten plans drawn up for a new hybrid greenhouse that will also have talapia(?) in it much like I've been doing with the koi pond. My goal is to have year round salad products in the greenhouse.

Come visit me, L.R. Fulmer Family Farm.

04/09/2012 04:04.31 AM Report This Comment  
Hi, Thanks for all the info, it was very interesting!!

debbie, bakersfield, CA.

01/20/2012 08:36.30 PM Report This Comment  
Finally decided to break down and get a real Rotary Tiller. Because times are hard and I've not found a used one for sale reasonable. I purchased a New Nortrac 4footer from Northern Tool. It works really well. I have two videos on youtube of working it ysterday after finally cutting the PTO shaft to fit.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijJhdaeAyVo&feature- =share
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wIYNgVp6fdY&feature- =share
enjoy they are short and not the best but show a hard working tractor.

Come visit me, L.R. Fulmer Family Farm.

01/03/2012 03:00.26 AM Report This Comment  
Well, It seems something has either ate or killed off all of our walnuts trees over the last two months. Could have been deer. We have a lot of deer. I put fence posts and fence cages around what remains. Other than that... not much change. Just continuing to grow the trees we've planted.

Come visit me, L.R. Fulmer Family Farm.

12/12/2011 05:39.47 AM Report This Comment  
  Newbie to farming
How many acres do you think I would need to start a small hobby farm for my family and extended family totaling 15-20 people? We also want to raise 4-5 cows, chickens, turkeys and horses? I'm just looking for opinions.

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12/11/2011 12:01.30 PM Report This Comment  
  8July. Well, We've canned beans, tomatoes and pickled cucumbers and okra till I'm sick of 'em. We've put corn in the freezer along with strawberries, blueberries and a few gogi berries.
Our chickens are sporatic layers but they still going strong.
Plans for garden based on what I've learned this year is to add a corn patch, a melon patch. And I'm going to obtain 4 or 5 cattle panels for the cucumbers to grow up on.

Come visit me, L.R. Fulmer Family Farm.

07/08/2011 03:08.44 AM Report This Comment  
  update 2 June
I'm really happy with how our garden is doing this year.
It's been kinda dry so I'm using soaker hoses on my rows. Once a week or so I'm using the koi pond pump to furnish the garden.


Come visit me, L.R. Fulmer Family Farm.

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  Nut trees:
I have 18 Black walnuts
3 Carpathian walnuts
4 pecans - so far
2 hickory nuts
8 hazelnuts - so far.
2 almonds - so far.
4 chestnuts

Come visit me, L.R. Fulmer Family Farm.

03/12/2011 04:12.50 AM Report This Comment  
  I planted Red Haven (extra early) 4
Elbertas (mid season) 4
Hale Haven (mid season) 4
I also have 2 Georgia Belles.

I have three bradford pears, one kieffer pear, and one Giant Asian pear.
Apples I planted 4 Gala's
Red delicious 2 and Yellow delicious 2.

I have 2 Dwarf Methley plums. Those have done well. Had more than the two of us can eat started the first year I planted them. also have Blue Damson plum.. to small to bear yet.

a North Star cherry to small to bear yet.

I have lots of various Blue berries and I'm trying the arctic Beauty kiwi. The kiwi have grown up a metal t-post and I'm going to attach lattice work this year for it to expand on.

Come visit me, L.R. Fulmer Family Farm.

03/12/2011 04:10.12 AM Report This Comment  
  What type of peach tree did you plant? We are also in SC and we are looking to expand our apple and pear orchard with peach trees.

Come visit me, FSC Farms.

03/11/2011 11:15.46 AM Report This Comment  
  Eight more Hazelnuts and 2 more Hall's Hardy Almond trees planted from Burgess.com today.

Come visit me, L.R. Fulmer Family Farm.

03/10/2011 01:12.43 PM Report This Comment  
  Well, we've finally added a real compact tractor to the Farm.
A 1988 Ford 1220. nice one, got a deal on it. I've already had a welder weld up an adaptor to use my sleeve hitch implements on this tractor till I can do better.
also tossed in a pic of my 1986 S-10 that has been doing double duty as Farm Truck/Tractor. I paid $50 for it in 1998. LOL

Come visit me, L.R. Fulmer Family Farm.

03/08/2011 11:04.30 AM Report This Comment  
Congrats on seeing the deed... what an awesome accomplishment.

Come visit me, Shellie's Shire.

02/16/2011 09:21.19 AM Report This Comment  
  30 January update
I've obtained another dozen hazelnuts, and a dozen more Black Walnuts to make a row down the driveway, 2 rows in effect.
I'm planning to start breaking ground for spring planting this coming week.

Come visit me, L.R. Fulmer Family Farm.

01/30/2011 02:21.10 AM Report This Comment  
  I've obtained what I need to start all my varieties of trees and bushes. I also ordered the last of what I needed in nut trees to finish out my farm plan layout of producing crops.

It snowed 10" here Sunday 9th Jan 2011 and now, a week later, we still have that snow and some of the ice left on the ground in the deepest and most wrong places. It's the roughest winter I can remember yet in my lifetime. Snow and ice just doesn't lay on the ground like that around here... S.C.

Come visit me, L.R. Fulmer Family Farm.

01/16/2011 08:08.06 PM Report This Comment  
  I obtained some seeds to start Laceleaf Japanese maples.. lelands already started.

Come visit me, L.R. Fulmer Family Farm.

12/27/2010 02:45.34 PM Report This Comment  
  We are going to start a small tree farm for landscaping purposes. Some of the ones we plan to have Leland Cypress, various dogwoods, cedar, various maples, various Crept Myrtles, snowball bushes.

Come visit me, L.R. Fulmer Family Farm.

12/01/2010 06:35.20 AM Report This Comment  
  Gogi Berry/Wolf berry
I purchased some Gogi Berry plants to add to our place.
Gogi berries are considered a super food because of the valuable makeup of the fruit.

Come visit me, L.R. Fulmer Family Farm.

11/23/2010 03:10.47 AM Report This Comment  
  It is a long endless project to clear wooded land for usage; even more so when you're doing it by hand.

Come visit me, L.R. Fulmer Family Farm.

11/18/2010 01:40.56 AM Report This Comment  
  I've added Black Walnut trees 6 and a few more of the other types. My "plan" is all planted now.

As for Fruit trees, I'm still working getting all of those.

Come visit me, L.R. Fulmer Family Farm.

10/29/2010 04:54.56 AM Report This Comment  
  fall tree planting.
I finally got it all done. It would sure be nice to have a real farm tractor with a auger. LOL
we now have 7 different nut trees:
6 pecans, 6 walnuts, 2 hickories, 4 chestnuts, 4 almonds, 4 hazelnuts, 2 butternuts.
fruits we have 6 peaches, 6 apples, 3 plums, 6 pears, 1 cherry, 4 various seedless grapes, a strawberry & blueberry patch and a kiwi MFF,
It's been a lot of digging by hand.
Now to keep them watered and fertilized for a few years till we can see the results.

Come visit me, L.R. Fulmer Family Farm.

09/29/2010 05:28.46 AM Report This Comment  
  Blueberries are now blue.
My three little blueberries are now blue. That helps so that now I know what time of year these will be ready so I can buy other plants according to harvest times. Keep eye your eye on the goal and see how far you have come and the mess you are faced with now will be a distant memory soon!

Take Care!

Come visit me, Camp Kathy.

07/20/2010 07:21.44 AM Report This Comment  
  16 July update
Well the timber crew has been here cutting for a month now. I knew we would have to get used to the huge hardwoods gone. I should have expected to see the mess of what is left more than I have. It's going to take a long time to get it all cleaned up. It is depressing to look at.

Come visit me, L.R. Fulmer Family Farm.

07/16/2010 03:17.26 AM Report This Comment  
  Blueberry Info
Thanks so much for the blueberry info. I need to get some more on order. I gaze longingly at the my 3 berries on my little plant.
Have a great day!

Come visit me, Camp Kathy.

07/15/2010 05:47.33 AM Report This Comment  
  Blueberries & Grapes
Where did you get your blueberries and grapes? I planted heirlooms last year and got them from Trees of Antiquity but they are sold out much of the time. Looking to add at least 4 more blueberry bushes and 2 more grape vines. Need a walnut tree too!

Come visit me, Camp Kathy.

07/09/2010 02:26.42 PM Report This Comment  
  13 June 2010
Well finally the Timber people have arrived Friday to set up equipment and start on Monday. I have a root clearing bulldozer coming in behind them. I have a lot to do when they finish reclaiming some of that acreage for garden and pasture. Animals are all doing fine. No other problems.

Come visit me, L.R. Fulmer Family Farm.

06/13/2010 05:18.54 AM Report This Comment  
  Just stopped in to say Hi! Hope all is going well....

Come visit me, Tumbleweed Acres.

06/12/2010 08:50.53 PM Report This Comment  
Everything is greening up. The garden is coming along pretty well, especially with the every other day watering of koi-pond water. Chickens are doing well.
sadly the lumber contractor has not arrived yet. I have much to do after that, he needs to hurry up. LOL.

Come visit me, L.R. Fulmer Family Farm.

04/28/2010 02:58.11 PM Report This Comment  
adding a coupe images to the album.
things planted early are starting to take off.
The new plums and peaches have already formed from the blooming. Love this time of year.

Come visit me, L.R. Fulmer Family Farm.

04/08/2010 07:17.20 AM Report This Comment  
  update Thrusday March 25, '10
well lost two chicks in last couple days. they didn't seem to healthy like rest... unsure why. the four left are growing faster than I've noticed in the past though.
hrm... working on building a new chicken coop as I tore my old one down about two years ago. Need to hurry so I can put those chicks outside. Uploaded two pics of Wife Rhonda and my brooder.
Ya'll have a lovely day.

Come visit me, L.R. Fulmer Family Farm.

03/25/2010 04:48.11 AM Report This Comment  
  We had two ostrich in the mid nineties. We hatched two eggs in an incubator but could not get the humidity down low enough and they were too fat and puffy. We decided that working that hard to get an animal to live and then killing it for meat was not for us. We now raise llamas. What do you do with your emus?

Come visit me, Tyfton Acres.

03/21/2010 08:54.01 PM Report This Comment  
  Nice hobby farm! Fresh blueberries and strawberries... yum!!

Come visit me, Worrell Farms.

03/21/2010 06:07.34 PM Report This Comment  
  21 March update.
This weekend we got half dozen Rhode Island Red pullets and one rooster "Bull".
I planted our tomatoes that I had started from seed outside and covered them with half and full gallon jars. That's why we save pickle jars. LOL
We also planted squash, cucumbers, and asparagus.
I have also gotten two more grapes planted from pot grown ones.

Come visit me, L.R. Fulmer Family Farm.

03/21/2010 11:59.18 AM Report This Comment  
  The peacocks are in a chicken coop. They arent too wild so they never try to fly inside.We let them out during the day time with our chickens so they get to stretch their wings. Then we put them back up at night. If we wait too late to lock up the coop they will usualy roost in a tree. you cant get them down once they go to roost so you get to spend the night worrying about them.lol.

Come visit me, Williams Family Hobby-Farm.

03/09/2010 09:43.23 AM Report This Comment  
What kind of fencing do you use for your emu? How much area does each one need?

Come visit me, Peoria, Il. Angora Rabbits & Melissa's Farm.

03/06/2010 10:22.40 PM Report This Comment  
  koi & emus
Are the kois very hardy? And are the emus personable? Love your photo!

Come visit me, P.S. Dairy Forgetten Herb Farm.

03/04/2010 08:08.35 AM Report This Comment  


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