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P.S. Dairy Forgetten Herb Farm from Wooster, OH
P.S. Dairy Forgetten Herb Farm

Farm Name: P.S. Dairy Forgetten Herb Farm

Year Farm Established: 2001

Location: Wooster, OH

Years I’ve been farming: 14 years

Animals I raise: Registered American Saanen Dairy Goats, Kiko cross goats, chickens

Crops I grow: Herbs for medicinal and cooking and I am also raising shiitake, oyster and hen of the woods mushrooms

Hobbies I enjoy: making goat milk soap & working in the herb and mushroom gardens

Club/Associations memberships: American Dairy Goat Association

The proudest moment on my farm: When the goats are playing

Pets: Maremmas, chickens & Goaties

Farm Motto: Love and kindness goes a long way on the farm

Farm Blog
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I would love more info on the Medicinal side of the herb.

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  Hello to a fellow goat milk soap maker and gardener! We have two saanens and two nubians. The saanen breed is new to us, we've had them less than a year. I've already fallen in love with them though. Tasha, my milker, is the sweetest girl I've ever had.

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02/03/2011 05:56.46 AM Report This Comment  
Great blog! I've just got "pet" goats right now - 4 Nigerian Dwarf (2 does/2 wethers). I plan to breed the does this fall and look forward to using their milk in dairy products for the family as well as soap. I've made soap before, just not goat-milk soap! This year is our first REAL kitchen garden and we've got lots of herbs, too. We only moved to Texas about three years ago, so I'm still getting use to the windy and arid conditions.

What types of chickens to you have? I'd love to see more photos of your farm!

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No, my farm name has nothing to do with Wooster Ohio. It is the last name of my grandfather, the owner of Wooster Farms.
But I do live in wooster for school!

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Yes, the koi are hardy. On the coldest times of winter they hibernate on the bottom. A good link for more koi information. http://www.koiphen.com/forums/
The emus are both friendly, funny to watch, and they have their own personalities. They're not a very high maintenance animal.

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  Welcome to Hobby Farms! Love your profile goat!!! Do you also have photos of your swans? I've been wanting a swan, but do you have to have a pair?

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  I recommended a great book on root cellaring to Springfield farm but I haven't figured out an easy way to get back to other farm pages unless they post on mine. Anyway the book was Root Cellaring by Mike and Nancy Bubel. It gives directions for all different kinds of cold storage and lots of info as to how & what to store. I want to get mine finished before this summer so that I can use it to store produce before going to market. Snakes might get in it. They can get into some awfully small cracks but then you don't have the poisonous snakes we have down here. Babydoll is a Nubian/Boer cross who actually came from Sullivan Ohio. She eats like a pig and is terribly spoiled. She just doesn't know what to do if she can't be near us when we're outside. I'm looking to get some does to milk but I haven't decided what breed. I tried Nigerian Dwarfs but they were too short to milk comfortably.

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The herbs I grow in Texas may not do as well in Ohio, but I've gotten to where I've got to have fresh basil, thyme and rosemary, in that order. That also has to do with what kind of cooking you like to do. I also grow all kinds of mint, which I mostly just plop in tea or a drink. As far as anything exotic, I like all kinds of scented geraniums, some of which are edible. But, you may have better luck with them than I did here, it's too hot & dry here I think. I have a lot better luck when I buy locally than when I have plants mailed to me. I also prefer herbs from plant instead of seed, since I'd rather have a lot of different herbs instead of tons of 1 kind. Except for basil which I like to have tons of for pesto. If you have a local herb society, they may have sales & I've gotten good plants at good prices from ours. You may already know that if you grow mint, put it in a pot or contained area as it will take over your garden! Have a good one, wendy

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  welcome to hobby farms!!! cute pic.

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I search and talked to people that bred all different breeds of live stock guard dogs. I was looking for something that would guard and take care of my goats and me but a breed of dog that was trust worthy. My Maremmas are incredible they protect us and try to run something off before they will attact. They are very loving and extremly smart.

Come visit me, P.S. Dairy Forgetten Herb Farm.

02/28/2010 05:02.15 AM Report This Comment  
I like you motto!

Come visit me, wendy's way.

02/27/2010 08:15.09 PM Report This Comment  
Welcome to Hobby Farms!

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02/27/2010 07:26.36 PM Report This Comment  

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02/27/2010 07:38.43 AM Report This Comment  
welcome to hobby farms

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02/27/2010 07:18.56 AM Report This Comment  

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02/27/2010 06:15.43 AM Report This Comment  
  Really nice looking goat

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02/27/2010 03:37.53 AM Report This Comment  
How many Maremmas to do you have. (Sheep dogs, correct?) I have seen pictures of them and they are beautiful. How are there temperaments? I've been looking at different types of livestock guardian animals trying to figure out which will work best for me. Any advice?

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  Hi, and welcome to hobby farms. I think Saanens are awesome, though my little brother is convinced that they look like aliens. OK... Anyway, welcome, and come visit me sometime!

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