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Moravian Farm from Wolfforth, TX
Moravian Farm

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Farm Name: Moravian Farm

Year Farm Established: 2009

Location: Between Wolfforth and Levelland., TX

Years I’ve been farming: 6 years

Animals I raise: Chickens:
1 Phoenix
4 Naked Necks
2 Rhode Island Reds
4 White face black spanish
2 Ameracaunas
3 Marans
2 Silkies
1 Dominique
1 Buff orpington
8 Roosters for meat
+ 3 gunneas, 28 layers, and 5 baby ducks!

Crops I grow: Apricots, Pecans, And a wide variety of vegtables. I really like to grow heirlooms and wild varieties to sell at the Farmer's Market.

Hobbies I enjoy: Woodworking, breeding poultry, fishing,Gardeni- ng, going to auctions and shopping for Antiques.

Club/Associations memberships: Texas Master Gardeners

The proudest moment on my farm: When I bought the place as my 20th birday present on 09/20/2009.

Pets: Two mixed Breed Dogs
Dipstick and Dotty

Farm Blog
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  Turkeys on our farm...
We raise heritage breed turkeys. We have everything from Royal Palms to Mottled Blacks. We currently have 20 here on the farm of various breeding pairs. Looking forward to poults in the spring!

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01/01/2011 08:02.51 AM Report This Comment  
  Happy New Year!

Come visit me, Moravian Farm.

01/01/2011 05:21.51 AM Report This Comment  
  cordell m
thank u, u to

Come visit me, Mccurry and Mccue's Farm.

12/02/2010 02:58.12 PM Report This Comment  
  Ducks Ducks and more Ducks!
We yesterday I get a phone call from one of my friends, and she told me that she was canning in her cannery in her back yard when she heard several peeps coming from her backyard. One of her hens hid a nest and hatched out 5 baby ducks, and she gave them to me.

Come visit me, Moravian Farm.

09/10/2010 08:43.02 AM Report This Comment  
My second chick hatched yesterday, and another should hatch tomorrow or sunday, and two more should hatch next friday!

Come visit me, Moravian Farm.

08/27/2010 07:55.38 PM Report This Comment  
  First Chick!
My first chick hatched today! Another Naked Neck!

Come visit me, Moravian Farm.

08/23/2010 10:18.15 AM Report This Comment  
  chicken behaviour
noticed someone talking about the unique and entertaining behaviour of chickens
this is our first year and i must say it is quite enjoyable
speaking to a friend earlier this evening i was informing him of how i had observed the "pecking order" and the old saying"birds of a feather..."
funny to witness these occurances first hand
we have a dozen cornish giants that will be meat for the winter
just waiting for our rhode island ladies to startpoducing eggs
should beany day now

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08/03/2010 01:02.43 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi there
What a great blog, you seem to be busy busy!!!!

Come visit me, Adam's Place.

07/30/2010 11:08.31 PM Report This Comment  
  Great Day!
Well I got the job at Hobby Lobby, and I start monday. So now I will have more money to put towards my farm! I also ordered some more chickens and two guineas, eventhough I haven't sold any of the others yet, and my friend is giving me 4 ducks! In way I think I am getting over my head, But I will sell some somehow, or we will have a freezer full of chicken!

Come visit me, Moravian Farm.

07/22/2010 08:43.31 AM Report This Comment  
  Camp Kathy Greetings
Thanks for stopping by Camp Kathy and allowing me to enjoy your pictures over my morning coffee. Got to love chickens. I don't think people realize how much personality chickens have and how entertaining they can be with their little community dynamics. Stop by again and keep us all posted on how things are going!

Come visit me, Camp Kathy.

07/20/2010 07:18.02 AM Report This Comment  
  Things are getting better!
Well, today while I was working an odd job for a lady, I get a phone call from the manager from hobby lobby asking me to come in for a interview tomorrow! I am hopeful that I will finally get a job! If this works out, that means I will have more money to invest into my farm! Plus, I am going to order more chickens tomoorow too! Ideal is running specials, and I am hoping that I can sell some chicks and make some money off of them! So wish me luck!

Come visit me, Moravian Farm.

07/19/2010 08:14.57 PM Report This Comment  
  Welcome Thanks
Thanks for the welcome, love the chickens. Working on getting some too, but have to save up for the coop! :(

Come visit me, The Roof.

07/16/2010 06:38.16 AM Report This Comment  
  thank you!
thank you for your input!! I still don't know what I'll do, but I guess I'll find out soon!

Come visit me, escargots & aurelias.

07/14/2010 08:58.20 AM Report This Comment  
  We have 25 chickens. I liked them when they were little. they are so soft to hold.

Come visit me, Paulus farm.

07/14/2010 08:41.20 AM Report This Comment  
Hi there!!!
I have a question for you! Which chick is the best to breed?? I'm a beginner, and I know nothing!!! Thank you!

Come visit me, escargots & aurelias.

07/12/2010 08:33.23 AM Report This Comment  
The Chicks are getting so big! alot of them already have their wing feathers! I am going to have to get a bigger box for them.

Come visit me, Moravian Farm.

07/08/2010 08:08.21 AM Report This Comment  
Well I lost one more chick yesterday, I think it was a wyandotte. Hopefully the rest will do fine!

Come visit me, Moravian Farm.

07/05/2010 06:35.03 AM Report This Comment  
The chicks got here yesterday!! I've still got 25/27. Two were dead when they got here.

Come visit me, Moravian Farm.

07/03/2010 06:54.15 AM Report This Comment  
  Chicken Coop
Well I finally got my chicken coop finished yesterday and my rooster loves his new home!

Come visit me, Moravian Farm.

06/27/2010 06:44.59 AM Report This Comment  
  Food Inc.
Well, last night I watched the film Food Inc. It was realy disturbing for me to watch. I am so glad that I am trying to become selfsufficent. At least I know when I butcher something, it got to live a great life compared to the Tyson chickens that are grown inside!

Come visit me, Moravian Farm.

06/23/2010 05:35.58 AM Report This Comment  
  Getting ready
Well The chicks will be here nexted week, and I still got a lot of work to do.

Come visit me, Moravian Farm.

06/20/2010 08:02.44 AM Report This Comment  
Well today we got some rain! So I tilled in between the rows in the garden , so hopefully I killed some weeds!

Come visit me, Moravian Farm.

06/15/2010 01:44.22 PM Report This Comment  
Well, I finally order my chicks today.
I ordered:
4 White face black spanish St. Run
1 Buff orpington Pullet
1 Dominique Pullet
2 Naked Neck Pullets
1 Feathered Legged Cuckoo Maran Cockrel
3 Americana Pullets
2 Surprise silkies St. Run
1 Rhode Island Red Pullet
and 10 Hatchery Choice roosters to butcher!
I am hoping to breed the Maran to the Americanas to end up with some olive eggers!

Come visit me, Moravian Farm.

06/14/2010 03:18.59 PM Report This Comment  
  Dog Losses
I know exactly how you feel. Unfortunately, I have lost more chickens to neighbor's dogs and hunting dogs than I have to anything else.

This year I hatched out some Wheaten Marans. They're really quite attractive so if you're up for 3 weeks of watching the incubator, you can get eggs for them. I've yet to find a place with chicks.

Good luck!

Come visit me, Old Church Eggery.

06/10/2010 10:08.23 AM Report This Comment  
  Your chickens
How many chickens do you have? Your Rhode Island Red looks like it has really nice plumage. Hope your weather holds out for your weekend plans. I've got a lot of weed-pulling to do!

Come visit me, Old Church Eggery.

06/04/2010 11:02.08 AM Report This Comment  
  Plans didn't work, Like usual!
Well, this weekend I didn't get every thing done as planned. I almost got all 4 acres shreaded until the tractor broke twice and I had to drive 10 miles in to town to get parts. All I lacked was 10 x 510 foot strip. I did get one of my cotton trailers put together so I can use them for poultry coops. Maybe I will have better luck tomorrow! I hope!

Come visit me, Moravian Farm.

05/23/2010 08:02.07 PM Report This Comment  
  Ducks are easy. They require less then chickens because they can do well in damper less clean conditions. We've had them for about 25 years!

Thanks for visiting my page.


Come visit me, Drowsy Waters.

05/22/2010 01:47.41 PM Report This Comment  
Hi there, thanks for visiting my page. We raise brown leghorn X chickens as they lay the most bountiful and beautiful brown eggs. They are also quite a friendly bunch!

Come visit me, Hamilton Family Farm.

05/19/2010 05:10.35 PM Report This Comment  
  Weekend Plans
Well this weekend I am finally going to finish shreading. I got half of my acrage shreaded last fall but have failed to do the rest.I have also planted a few more trees pecasn cypress and pines. Ihope they take off with all of the rain we have had this year. We are 11.34 inces above normal!!!!
I am also working on getting my chicken coops ready for my ducks and meat chickens.

Come visit me, Moravian Farm.

05/19/2010 07:32.45 AM Report This Comment  
  Barrow's Farm Turkeys
We are in the process of adding to our flock but the two adult tom's we have are Royal Palms. All of the turkeys, we have 25 poults as well, are the "old" breds from back in the 1800's or so. If you want to read more about them, a great site to visit is Porter's Heritage Turkeys. He has a bunch of information about each breed and how they came about.
I will be adding photos of the newest additions as the grow...but if you go look at his site, we have the following breed of poults: Auburn, Black Winged Bronze, Calico, Blue Slate, Fall Fire, Mottled Black, Oregon Gray, Pencilled Palms(my favorite), Sweetgrass, Blue Palm, Chocolate Palms, and Tiger Bronze. We actually ordered our poults right from Porter's and very glad that we did.

Come visit me, Barrows Farm.

05/18/2010 09:28.19 AM Report This Comment  
  Nice day today!
Finally Sunshine!
I went out and picked english peas, brocoli, and carrots and parsnips. The garden enjoyed the rain we have had the past couple of days, but it messed up my plans to have a garage sell! Oh Well!

Come visit me, Moravian Farm.

05/17/2010 11:56.04 AM Report This Comment  
Well I have finally been planting my garden. Yesterday I picked some beets;they were good!

Come visit me, Moravian Farm.

05/15/2010 06:19.43 AM Report This Comment  
Well we're in TEXAS, too! We're North Cetral Texas - between Ft. Worth and Abilene... Only been here for three years and the wind is what I'm havin' the hardest time adjusting to. It's much drier here than I'm use to, also. This is our first year to really put in a kitchen garden, so I hope it does well.

What kind of poultry do you breed? We've got laying hens and recenlty added a rooster to the farm. Hopefully my buff orpington will go broody again this summer and hatch a batch of chicks for us!

Can you post a few more photos!?!?! Would love to see how your garden looks!

Come visit me, Dancing Moon Farmstead.

05/09/2010 08:48.50 AM Report This Comment  
Today we are suppose to get some rain, I hope! We could use it it is getting pretty dry.

Come visit me, Moravian Farm.

05/03/2010 04:25.28 AM Report This Comment  
  Chicken Coop
Today I'm going to work on my chicken coop. I have got to pick up the cotton trailers i bought, and move them to the farm. I hope I can get set up so I can order some birds.

Come visit me, Moravian Farm.

05/01/2010 06:41.23 AM Report This Comment  
  Wind Wind Wind!!!
To day is a windy west texas day. Winds up to 60 miles an hour! My peppers and tomatoes are taking a beating today! But it is supposed to blow for the next three days!

Come visit me, Moravian Farm.

04/29/2010 04:16.30 PM Report This Comment  
I'm hoping the garden does well too! I'm up in WA and we've had a pretty mild spring so far but I just know the rains will start as soon as I go out with plans to work on the garden! : )
Cute little critter!

Come visit me, Bjelland Farm.

04/22/2010 05:40.31 PM Report This Comment  
  Another chilly day in West Texas!
It has been a cool and mild day, but I still got my tomatoes and peppers planted, I am trying a new variety this year Black Russian Tomatoes. I hope That they are good!

Come visit me, Moravian Farm.

04/20/2010 11:23.26 AM Report This Comment  


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