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Thompson Ranch from Lakewood, CO
Thompson Ranch

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Farm Name: Thompson Ranch

Year Farm Established: 2008

Years I’ve been farming: 7 years

Animals I raise: Chickens, Goats, Pigs coming next January

Hobbies I enjoy: Working with my pretty little hens, shooting sports (archery and shotgun), playing with AJ and Willie the goats, scrap booking,photogr- aphy, anything that involves horses and getting down in the dirt!

Club/Associations memberships: 4-H Achievers, Jeffco Range Action Teams

The proudest moment on my farm: Our triumph at fair, 2 first places, 3 third places, one forth place, six blue awards, the opportunity to show my archery skills at State Fair, and I even won a pig!

Pets: Riley the dog, Rosebud the cat, and an assortment of fish.

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  What are you showing for the 2012-2013 show season, if you are still in 4H?

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01/09/2013 06:55.45 AM Report This Comment  
  What do I raise?
Only chickens at the moment. In the future goats lama or alpaca small dairy cow and maybe a sheep. But first have to buy land lol.

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11/23/2011 05:50.57 AM Report This Comment  
  beautiful dog

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11/20/2011 02:35.50 PM Report This Comment  
  Farm name
Thanks my wife named it lol

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11/04/2011 07:47.50 AM Report This Comment  
  Did not put no chicken in the fair. P2's pig herd was under quritinne (sp?) due to the university purchasing pigs from him.

Summer 1st/Grand Champion Hereford
Seany 1st/Reserve Champion Hereford
P3 1st in Showmanship and 3rd in his class

P2 got two 6 weeks old 1/2 guniae hog and 1/2 red wattle piglets.

Summergirl is living LARGE at the Alcorn University on 10 acres and she is settled with the semen from LSU

P2 received 2 red ribbons for his cakes, blue ribbon for his bean mosica, white ribbon for his eggs, red ribbon for his picture that he painted

How are you animals coming along?

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11/04/2011 06:52.20 AM Report This Comment  
  Our fair is getting closer and closer...like 3 wks away.

P2 been busy breaking Sunshine and Mo to walk on a leash. Going to try and post that pic for everyone to see.

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09/26/2011 07:15.26 AM Report This Comment  
  Her body condition. Making milk for 15 brought her fat reserve down. But P2 changed the feed to a higher protein/fat% she's getting her body back.

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09/23/2011 06:17.40 AM Report This Comment  
  Tic and Tac are great names for the quail.

Well Ruby is slowly getting her condition back. She might make it back in full condition for P2 to show her for the fair. But I'm on the fence. But P2 doesn't want to breed her until Decemeber for April (give or take babies).

Come visit me, The Homestead.

09/16/2011 06:26.44 AM Report This Comment  
  Names for 3 little pigs....Chip - A - Hoy, so when you are calling all three you just have one name...LOL.

I love P2 calling his latest three Larry, Curley and Mo after the 3 Stogges...LOL

Come visit me, The Homestead.

09/15/2011 06:31.48 AM Report This Comment  
  Sorry if you have already answered me, but do you have a name for Jan pigs yet.

P2 is getting a spotted 3 wk old gilt this coming Friday. He hasn't even seen her yet and named her Sunshine.

Come visit me, The Homestead.

09/13/2011 08:34.18 AM Report This Comment  
  Now you can get rain and it won't bother their feathers on their legs.

P2 had his 1st 4H mtg of the year. Nice turn out 35 kids. Just wondering how many of them will be here in October.

When I told them I wanted a 100% for Achievement Day. You could of heard a pen dropped. We need more then 6 like we had last year.

Come visit me, The Homestead.

09/13/2011 08:30.14 AM Report This Comment  
  Molting...LOL...that's was P2's flock last week. I waled out there and had one of those OMG moments until it hit me like a brick....get the cat food out because they are molting and noone was killed over night.

GOOD LUCK with your poltry show.

Found a tiny egg out in the run over the weekend. I guess one of the newbies is making faurt eggs.

Come visit me, The Homestead.

09/12/2011 06:52.55 AM Report This Comment  
  We are starting to get the pig pens ready this weekend! We arent getting the pigs until January, but we are keeping my pig on the leaders property and they wanted to get all the things that needed to be fixed and get some pre-cleaning done as well.

Come visit me, Thompson Ranch.

09/10/2011 03:25.36 PM Report This Comment  
  I'll pass the "good luck" onto P2 when he comes home from school.

This October will be his 1st show showing a mating pair. I'm the one refusing to do the broiler....LOL

Sure hope this school year is fun for ya.

Come visit me, The Homestead.

09/08/2011 06:33.18 AM Report This Comment  
  P2 been in school since August 8th and his 1st 4H meeting is on Sept 12th. Our fair is the 3rd week in October and he has a show this coming Saturday in Pike County.

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09/06/2011 07:21.36 AM Report This Comment  
  You can use chicken wire, but anything with big holes they will run through it until they get bigger.

Come visit me, The Homestead.

08/29/2011 06:56.14 AM Report This Comment  
  What kind of wire are you going to use?

Are you getting them through your school or through a hatchery? If throught the hatchery double check the amount you have to order. Because like Ideal you have to order 100s I think not 10 or so.

Good luck.

Come visit me, The Homestead.

08/26/2011 06:01.49 AM Report This Comment  
  Quail....need to change the flock's feed from chicken pellets/crumble to an ALL Flock Feed...like what Pruina makes. If you get babies, you will need to start them on turkey starter and I'm not so sure you may then want to switch them to a Thunder Bird feed like you would pheasants.

Come visit me, The Homestead.

08/25/2011 07:09.23 AM Report This Comment  
  Hamp or the Blue Butt are both great to go with.

However, P2's input is the Hamp.

Come visit me, The Homestead.

08/22/2011 07:28.38 AM Report This Comment  
  Thanks for the good wishes, need all the luck he can get this year. Going to open house on Monday.

Do you know what breed of pig you will be getting? What sex? Are you going to sell after your school year is over with or catch the bug like we did and keep them and watch our numbers bounce from high to low and back up again.

Come visit me, The Homestead.

08/19/2011 06:16.18 AM Report This Comment  
  ALL RIGHT!!!!!! YOU GO!!!!

Well P2 got nose rings in his two show bulls, they are being weaned from their mom. Summer's wart problem looks like it coming to a head...LOL. Counting down until Sept 10th when he show 3 out of 4 of his calves.

Got to find someone to step in to help P2 if Sean/P3 will be put in the same class...sweating bullets with this one.

P2 sold two of is piglets over the weekend and now he has 9 left. Really 6 because he wants to keep 3 and since Choc and Chip are at the slaughter house he has room.

With fingers crossed P2 may have one of his PB gilts sold to a swine unit for their breeding program.

It's just been HOT down here.

P2 met with his new gifted teacher and he has mixed feelings because the teacher diggs history and he wants more science.

4H doesn't start up again for him until Sept 12, then our fair is the 3r wk of October and then we rock and roll the rest of the school year.

Come visit me, The Homestead.

08/18/2011 07:10.20 AM Report This Comment  
  Well he's ahead of the game by getting his 1st crop of beans in for his new garden book and due to the rains he planted a second set. Then in October he will plant rye/wheat/clover for his pigs and show cattle to graze to help with his feed bill. He will have a swine/cattle/poultry record book to turn in and unless he changes his mind this will be all this year. I think he wants to do the insect one next year after we get the plot of pig manure up and going so he can have an eaiser time to catch bugs....the boy is thinking ahead.

Come visit me, The Homestead.

07/27/2011 06:16.34 AM Report This Comment  
  Showing pigs is the easy part. Getting them to weight and not go under over way over at weight in is the problem. P2 comes in just above the min, but he does not use all those products out there. The hardest part is given a pig their very first bath. Once that shock is over with they will be begging you for a bath each day. You can ALWAYS tell at a show, how late a child start to wash their pig at home....by the pig's screaming.

Cattle is hard. Because you have to halter break, walk ever day with a them on a lead and your showstick. Washing takes a good 2 hrs per head depending on the humidity, while a pig you wash and can let them air dry.

If you are going to show swine, let me know and I see if P2 has time to share tips. He's going into the 5th grade, with gifted classes and talented art, 4H and all his extra activities....Just hope like all get out that I keep him out of the hospital.

Come visit me, The Homestead.

07/26/2011 05:47.56 AM Report This Comment  
  Is there a certain shirt and slacks you have to wear? For our poultry show, the kids have to wear their livestock show outfit. I preach ALL the time handle your chickens three months out, NOT a week before the show. Get them use to the blow drier, being washed and handled. Check out some u-tube chicken shows and see how they handle their chickens if you are doing showmanship with them. Even it they are being judged in a cage, handle them, take them in and out of the cage, run your hands over them like the judge would do and turn them upsidedown so they will be use to the unexpected. Show pride in you animals, know when they were hatched, how old they are on the day of the show, breed facts and if you can get a funney story in there with the judges...they might remember you.

Have fun, take a couple of deep breaths and remember to put your winnings in your 4H portfolio.


Come visit me, The Homestead.

07/25/2011 06:52.37 AM Report This Comment  
  WAY TO GO!!!!

Come visit me, The Homestead.

07/25/2011 06:47.33 AM Report This Comment  

I can't belive your 4H is winding down, for P2 it just getting started. His gilt had her litter in July and those babies will be the right age for him and other to show for this coming school yr. He back working with Summer and he had to pick which bull he will be showing at the Pike County Fair in September and then he's showing all 4 of his cattle at our fair in October. Then Beef Classic is in Nov and then Parish show in Jan, then 1 wk is Distric and then 2 wks will be State. He's going to pick some of his chickens to show at our fair and depending on who is bred or through weaning he will be showing some of his pigs.

Come visit me, The Homestead.

07/20/2011 06:44.21 AM Report This Comment  
  No probs, P2 has just over a wk old piglets, we got to find out who is layen in his pullet crew.

In our parish as long as the vet puts the band on it does not matter what leg it goes on. Contact your vet and see sorry I can't help you out anybetter.

Come visit me, The Homestead.

07/18/2011 08:54.07 AM Report This Comment  
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  Well I'm darker since I took off the week with P2. No matter how you look at it, with 5 show calves to halter break if you are done before 2 hrs, you did not do what is needed...LOL

Now that I'm back at work, P2 and I will be working with them in the dark. This aught to be FUN????

One of P2's light brahma bantan chicks that we got on March 11th, is trying to crow and we could not figure out what that noise was until P2 came running around the chicken coop telling me that he has at least one roo for sure in the TSC batch.

Come visit me, The Homestead.

05/02/2011 06:46.26 AM Report This Comment  
  P2 had his 1st 4H Achivement Day TODAY. I'm another shade darker due to being in the sun. Got roped into "helping" the kids do their test on poultry. If I knew this was going to happen, I would of brought live poultry for them to judge.

P2 got a 1st place in Horticulture, 2nd in Pet Care, a Silver medal for his cummity service, honorable (sp?) mention for his project book.

L-O-N-G Day...LOL

He lost a Buff Org to a broken neck. Don't understand what she was thinking. He's down from 40 chicks to 35, sold 4 and lost the others.

Put halters on 4 calves this afternoon. Hard part is to tie them in the barn for several hrs which will be this Saturday and then we need to wash and clip Summer for a May 14th show.

Things just don't stand still do they.


Come visit me, The Homestead.

04/20/2011 05:58.36 PM Report This Comment  
  Check at your local co-op and see if they have some quick spot, sometimes it with the horse stuff or dog stuff. It's a powder that you put over the cut and it stops it from bleeding.

P2 just got through showing at state, LEAP testing is in April, the school is in the middle of testing for art and gifted. Just when I think I can breath.

Come visit me, The Homestead.

02/18/2011 08:33.03 AM Report This Comment  
  Neighbor says to skip the bandage like I'd said, if you have some blue coat (which is an antibodic spray) spray her toes and keep her off the damp earth, she will be okay. The nail will not grow back.

Point of Views are always different.

Come visit me, The Homestead.

01/31/2011 11:33.32 AM Report This Comment  
  I haven't had a chicken to lose a nail, however did it come off yet? You can put some of that neo(...sp?) on it that has the pain relief in it and use some vet wrap that you cut to size to bandage it up. However once the nail if off, I don't think it will grow back. Just keep an eye on her and if you are getting a lot of rain get her off the ground until she heals. If she is bleeding keep her away from the others, because chickens are like sharks when it comes to blood and another thing don't pull the vet wrap to tight it will cut the circulation off.

Do you have any antibodics for the water or the Poulty Rx on hand to give her?

Sorry about getting back to you so late. P2 had Parish Shows this weekend.

How is she doing?

Come visit me, The Homestead.

01/31/2011 08:15.30 AM Report This Comment  
  Oh! How's your cow?

Come visit me, The Homestead.

01/20/2011 07:03.31 AM Report This Comment  
  So how did you do on your test or have you taken the test yet?

Have you ever delt with Lakenvelders (sp?), P2 will be getting some (finger crossed) in March. I want a couple of the Russian Orlofts (sp is wrong here but I spelt it the way it sounds to me...LOL)

It sure is a big deal for him. We have to have it turned in by the 7th of Feb, which will not includ anything that he takes to State...:-(. He had a workshop after school and all the other kids are using that green portfolo that they bought through 4H.org...LOL...But then again he has 3 books this year, maybe his will be smaller next year when he has his garden book only, because he has complete the swine and beef book and the leader want allow him to move onto the next swine and beef book. Oh well.

P2's LEAP test isn't until April and that's his pass or fail test for 4th grade. So he will be stressing over that in April.

Come visit me, The Homestead.

01/20/2011 07:02.55 AM Report This Comment  
  Do you have your project books ready to turn in? P2? NO...still trying to understand how to enter all the money spent on Summer and the pigs to go in that livestock record book.

Come visit me, The Homestead.

01/18/2011 02:32.55 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey have you ever done the gardening project books? Well I got the A and B books and the helpers guide the night I went to the livestock meeting. It does not seem too hard, I just hope P2 does not sign up for another book. It's bad enough that he's working on a 4" binder with 3 project books and the binder looks like it can through up at any time...LOL...But he has completed all the 21 section requirments for the swine and beef and the 3 chapter min for the 4H Discover. Now we are trying to put all his data into tables so he want use an entire tree for paper...LOL... he has a work shop this month for the project books and then he turns them in.

Where did this school year go?

P2 has 3 wks to go before his can place his order with Ideal he's get two of these and two of those to make up his 20 chick limit that I placed and I'm hoping we can sell some of his older chickens to make room for the newbies that will come sometime around March.

Come visit me, The Homestead.

01/07/2011 08:39.45 AM Report This Comment  
  Thanks for the two places, I have never hear of the 1st one so I don't think we have any around here.

Great another book to buy....LOL...

I went a head and purchased the gardening books for him next year and the helper book for me.

Come visit me, The Homestead.

01/05/2011 08:53.21 AM Report This Comment  
  Where can I get show supplies for chickens? P2 wants to show chickens at the 2011 Fair. They provide cages but nothing else. You know how that goes.

Come visit me, The Homestead.

01/04/2011 01:47.33 PM Report This Comment  


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