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The Roof from Claremore, OK
The Roof

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Farm Name: The Roof

Year Farm Established: 2002

Location: Claremore, OK

Years I’ve been farming: 13 years

Animals I raise: Black Angus

Crops I grow: Family vegetable garden

Hobbies I enjoy: Gardening, cooking, living

Farm Motto: A bad day fishing is better than a good day working.

Farm Blog
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  snow of 2011
thank heavens, the snow is rapidly melting. Amazing that we have a 100 degree temperature change from one week to another. I'll take it.

Come visit me, The Roof.

02/13/2011 06:50.53 AM Report This Comment  
  Oklahoma Blizzard 2011
Well, had 20 inches the first week of February. Another 10 on the 16th. Hard to believe this is OK. More like Maine, or is that Alaska?

Come visit me, The Roof.

02/10/2011 01:37.02 PM Report This Comment  
  I know were Columbus is. Its about 2.5 hours away. Yes, we have 2 inches of snow. Just today. and it is like a blizzard right now. we have to be on the road today for 3 hours, I bet my mom will really drive slow now. Do you have any snow yet?

Maria, Woodsfield, OH.

12/01/2010 09:53.23 AM Report This Comment  
  I like your motto

Maria, Woodsfield, OH.

11/29/2010 11:49.43 AM Report This Comment  
We're having a terrible snow storm, right now.The wind is blowing, and we have no visibility. How did you build your greenhouse? I'm giving myself one for my birthday. It's in the planning process right now.

Come visit me, Larkshire Farm.

11/28/2010 12:39.09 PM Report This Comment  
  Good Morning!
Just checking to see how you were doing. We havn't had snow yet, but the wind makes it very cold.Hope you have a nice Thanksgiving!

Come visit me, Larkshire Farm.

11/24/2010 08:23.06 AM Report This Comment  
  wedding and squash bugs
nice combo - eh? I am back to the real world after my wedding in claremore. I ended up losing 27 pumpkin plants to the little bugs , but saved one. I have three perfect pumpkins. ha! what a first season. I guess you learn alot, uh? I learned that I have to use DE and leaf pulling. ONly things that worked for me. any luck for you?

Come visit me, Dayspring Produce and Poultry.

11/20/2010 06:51.00 PM Report This Comment  
  Great Garden
That's a great space and a good looking garden! I wish I had more space that like, I can think of a ton of things to grow... ;0)

Come visit me, Turtle Creek Farm.

10/24/2010 05:08.50 PM Report This Comment  
  Fall Chores
Well, finally got the wood delivered for burning this winter. Hard to take when someone responsible turns into a brainless twit. At least I'm finally getting my own chainsaw repaired by a RELIABLE company and can finish out the work myself.

Enjoying??? New puppies. Rescued from the local animal shelter. Now they are 4 months old and it seems like they've been here forever. Anybody have any tricks on training to speak or staying with me when I walk that they'd like to share?

Come visit me, The Roof.

10/23/2010 11:49.34 AM Report This Comment  
We're getting hardneck garlic. My son is looking forward to pickled garlic. He had some years ago at The Garlic Farm in Phoenix. We're hoping to come up with a recipe, that's close to what he remembers!

Come visit me, Larkshire Farm.

10/01/2010 11:02.15 PM Report This Comment  
I'm getting the bed ready to put garlic in. It should be here later this week. This will be the first time we've planted in the fall. Sounds like I may have better luck this way.

Come visit me, Larkshire Farm.

09/29/2010 10:30.34 AM Report This Comment  
Too much rain, daughter's goats and pesky horses do not a garden make!

Come visit me, Larkshire Farm.

09/12/2010 01:57.24 PM Report This Comment  
  And the heat goes on....
Tried planting our fall crop of kidney beans and onion. Only to have them not germinate because of the heat. Rather frustrating. Was pleasantly surprised to see them come up after an evening in the 60's (first one in over a month)

Come visit me, The Roof.

08/31/2010 10:14.46 AM Report This Comment  
  the heat
Well i haven't done much until this week. just couldn't handle it out there! but I am battling squash bugs rught now. making me crazy!!! all of my squash lots the battle and now they are on to my watermelons and pumpkins. :( but I am thankful to be learning in this first year. :) Thanks for following and i will be back to chat!

Come visit me, Dayspring Produce and Poultry.

08/19/2010 06:35.26 PM Report This Comment  
Wet and muddy, so far so good. Need some do dad for the computer before I can post pics.

Come visit me, Larkshire Farm.

07/31/2010 06:38.16 PM Report This Comment  
  July Garden
The heat is incredible, OK is on a run for 100 degree days, and no, I am not talking heat index. Been watering every night to keep the vegetables alive. Managed to get 57 lbs in the last week. So of course, we are saucing today. Can't beat homemade tomato sauce. Picking our spice peppers tomorrow to dry and pickle for winter cooking. If the weather breaks, we may get a fall crop yet. Planning on more broccoli, cauliflower, onions and carrots.

Got our first pie pumpkins from the garden. Cut them early to rescue them from those dad gummed squash bugs. Hate those buggers. Will be trying to bake them enough to loosen the meat and use it for pies, bread, etc. Will let everyone know if it works.

Growing is great. Tomato sauce with no salt, no preservatives and no pesticides. Can't beat a homemade sauce that works out to only cost about high end ($.20) per pint versus the cans in the store at $.99 each.

Come visit me, The Roof.

07/31/2010 06:01.40 PM Report This Comment  
  Good Morning!
New salad vegs just coming up. We've been getting rain almost every afternoon.warm and sunny mornings, but I'm not sure, it's enough.

Come visit me, Larkshire Farm.

07/28/2010 09:16.29 AM Report This Comment  
  Good Morning!
How is the garden doing? We're not doing as well as we should be. At least the elk have finally moved on. I planted more salad vegs.

Come visit me, Larkshire Farm.

07/18/2010 12:04.59 PM Report This Comment  
  hey from another okie!
looks beautiful! I am getting married in claremore in november! :) good luch and welcome!

Come visit me, Dayspring Produce and Poultry.

07/18/2010 07:02.57 AM Report This Comment  
Great Pics!

Come visit me, Moravian Farm.

07/15/2010 03:17.53 PM Report This Comment  
  Nice pictures

Come visit me, Brent & Kim Wessel.

07/14/2010 04:41.28 PM Report This Comment  
  Do you grow things on your roof?

Come visit me, Le Hawaiian Dream Farm & Going bananas.

07/13/2010 07:25.50 PM Report This Comment  
  Welcome! Nice picture!

Come visit me, Grandma's Farm, Tibbs Farm, Allen's Farm & FFA SAE (supervised agricultural experience).

07/13/2010 06:31.12 AM Report This Comment  
I love your pictures!

Come visit me, Larkshire Farm.

07/11/2010 08:26.30 PM Report This Comment  


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