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on the farm from winnipeg, MB
on the farm

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Farm Name: on the farm

Year Farm Established: 2010

Years I’ve been farming: 5 years

Animals I raise: we breed holland lops
we raise rhode island reds, leghorns, and bergs browns for eggs
we also raise chickens for meat

Crops I grow: market vegetables

Hobbies I enjoy: art, photography, cooking

Pets: holland lops- bun-bun, juniper, vixen, G.Q., and quinton"mr bunny"
barn cats- oliver, sahsa, and logan
pure bred border collie- roxy
show chickens- fizzle and frazzle

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  How are your animals doing?
How are you preparing your chickens for winter? Our last two winters have been awful. Old timers say we hadn't had winters like that since the 70's. My plan was to insulate my chicken coop this weekend but needed the men to pull some old panelling down for me to put on the inside, they didn't get it done, so I couldn't put up insulation. Also need to shingle the coop before winter sets in, that didn't get done either.
I am assuming your winters can be harsh like ours. This month we have had several near 80 days which is unusual for October. Some say that means winter is going to be hard, others say it will be mild..I guess I would rather prepare for the worst.
My original chickens got out of the run and our dogs killed them. Got replacements a couple weeks ago atleast now I have some variety. Will get more chicks in the spring. (had 14- got 8 (one flew the coop or got hawked) so am down to 7)
Thinking of getting goats in the spring, 3 to 4. need to figure out shelter for them. Have room just need to find a place for them, build a shelter and figure out how to get water to them!
Hope all is going well.

Come visit me, Moen Farms.

10/18/2010 01:10.49 PM Report This Comment  
Sorry to here about the havoc! Everything up and running OK? Our phone was acting up with all the rain, they finally sent a tech to run new cable.

Come visit me, Larkshire Farm.

09/09/2010 11:13.02 PM Report This Comment  
  Farm pics
You have a great looking farm! It is very beautiful, but I bet it is better in person!

Come visit me, Moravian Farm.

09/05/2010 06:37.27 AM Report This Comment  
thanks to everyone for your visits
high winds loads of rain and low temps have reacked havoc on the farm
had no phone or internet for 5 days
so greetings

Come visit me, on the farm.

08/16/2010 11:06.00 AM Report This Comment  
My donkeys are a litle smaller than Mammoth. They are rescue animals, just now starting to let us do more than pet their faces. Now that summer is winding down, we have them and a 2 yr old colt to really start training! Always way more on my To Do list than time to do it!

Come visit me, Larkshire Farm.

08/13/2010 11:02.19 PM Report This Comment  
thank you so much for checking out my page. I would to help in ANY way I can with your canning questions. Ask me anything, really. The more specific you are thru your question, the easier for me. Your farm looks beautiful, and I love your photos.
Thanks again

Come visit me, Dimmerling Farm.

08/12/2010 11:56.10 AM Report This Comment  
  How sad!!!! I'm so sorry to hear that your baby lops died. I hope things get better soon.

Come visit me, Adam's Place.

08/11/2010 11:32.56 PM Report This Comment  
  sad day on the farm
neihbouring farmer was spraying crops right behind our barn and all our baby lops died
anyone know whether or not this is a coincidence
wish you all the best throught the week
any advice would be appreciated

Come visit me, on the farm.

08/09/2010 10:38.07 AM Report This Comment  
  hi thanks for the post
hope to hear more about on the farm also

Come visit me, barefoot farm.

08/07/2010 06:37.46 PM Report This Comment  
  Baby Bunnies
Babies are so much fun. I do enjoy watching kids pick out their new pets! I know what you mean about the numbers increasing. I have to encourage my daughter to sell more and keep less!

Come visit me, Bentwillow Bunnies & Pittsboro Peafowl.

08/07/2010 04:40.17 AM Report This Comment  
  Near ND
As you are on the North side of North Dakota, we sit and the way southern side. Although we live in ND our mailing address is SD.. so we live on the border.

Right now, I just have red and black sex link hens. I had some cornish crosses, but they have met their maker. I had five lost three (2 don't know, the last didn't get butchered soon enough) so have 2 in the freezer. Don't think I will get anymore of them, just when they needed butchered other things kept coming up, we don't eat a lot of chicken. Am thinking of getting some duel purpose next year, to add to the variety of the flock. I have 14 hens, that were purchased early March and they are all laying now. Working on getting some customers to sell some of my eggs.

We have mainly beef cattle, a interesting mix right now as we bought bred cows in Nov. The ones we were told were bred black have thrown some interesting calves. The only true ones we had were our herefords. Next year we know that our cows were bred to a hereford so.. should have herefords and black/white faces.

I am thinking along the lines of getting some guiennia hens next year and really would like either goats or a few sheep, but haven't decided which one to choose. Also have to figure out their living quarters. (where to put them and how to get water to them)

The animals are My thing.. I do have three horses. They make wonderful yard ornaments. (only one is broke and she is an older mare and doesn't like leaving the other two behind) Now that I am working again, need to find some one to start training them for me.(never seem to have time nor experience to do work with them on a regular basis)
Have a great day!

Come visit me, Moen Farms.

08/04/2010 06:37.15 PM Report This Comment  
trust everyone is having a great summer day, rain or shine. we had both. a mid day thunderstorm followed by sunshine and ridiculous humidity
went to see another farmer to pick up some wood shavings
when we returned our beautiful holland lop mama had 5 new babies(one was still born)
we have some very excited young girls who are awaiting new baby bunnies
never a dull moment, on the farm

Come visit me, on the farm.

08/04/2010 03:05.04 PM Report This Comment  
  Back at you all. We had a holland lop as a pet for our son, don't know how old he was but it got him into rabbit. Once Carrot passed away it was a year had passed then we got Mangus from another family. He became an escape artist and went on to another family that breed rabbits. He's living large now since he is the only male they have....LOL

Our son has his hands into a lot of things. He's selling some of his older flock to make room for some newbies next year. He has Welsummer, Buffs Org, Ideal something in another it's a #, Americanas, Cubylyans, S. Buttercups, S. Sessexs, Black and Red Sex Links, Cucco Marans.

Then he has the mating pair of ring neck pheasants that the female just hatched babies.

We had gunieas, but the male "Mo" killed a roo and son traded his 3 gunieas for 4 pullets.

We also have polled Hereford cattle and looking to purchase some Hereford hogs.

He has a show heifer and a 3/4 red wattle and 1/4 hampshire gilts that he will be showing in October at our parish fair.

We tried a small plot of sugar cane and it was doing well until it turned dry. Now that we know we can grow it will try again next year.

Between the home front and work, we are all ways busy. Son said I will be the color of a brown paper bag soon, due to this 100 plus weather we've been having and trying to get the hay bailed.

Hope you all have a great week, what's left of it, our kids go back to school on Friday.

Come visit me, The Homestead.

08/04/2010 07:39.17 AM Report This Comment  
  Look at your flowers,I am going to go bulb crazy this fall, I mean absolutely nuts!! I love all flowers!!! I plan to grow herbs too, well I'm going to try and hope they grow.

Come visit me, Adam's Place.

08/03/2010 10:22.12 PM Report This Comment  
  my plans
I have so many plans I can barely sleep at night.My garden will be next year, the house needs so much work so that is my immediate plans.I think I going to just cut my hair short it's really long and on my last nerve, if I look awlful atleast I'll be cooler. I feel my life has just started!!!!

Come visit me, Adam's Place.

08/02/2010 11:05.58 PM Report This Comment  
  indoor days
We've had a lot of indoor afternoons, no gentle rains! You sound like me with computers. I've been fumbling my way through, still don't know how to join a forum. Looks like you have some pretty views yourself!

Come visit me, Larkshire Farm.

08/02/2010 08:16.09 AM Report This Comment  
  indoor day
woke early to sounds of the sky being ripped apart
heavy rains and high wind forced a day inside, and a sleep-in
playing games and cooking
i love it when it rains

Come visit me, on the farm.

08/01/2010 07:11.09 PM Report This Comment  
  Good Morning
Thanks for visiting! The bunnies in the pictures are Dutch and Netherland Dwarfs. We also have Holland Lops. The babies are fun, aren't they?!

Come visit me, Bentwillow Bunnies & Pittsboro Peafowl.

08/01/2010 09:23.40 AM Report This Comment  
Great Photos ..what is the photo of the berries?

Come visit me, SweetPeaFarm & Sweet Pea Farm.

08/01/2010 01:56.20 AM Report This Comment  
  Love the pictures!!!!!

Come visit me, Harold's Promise Farm & Araldos Bakari Farm.

07/31/2010 08:21.19 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi there!!!
Just love all your pictures, I can't figure out how to put any more on mine, maybe you can tell me how to do this.

Come visit me, Adam's Place.

07/30/2010 11:06.24 PM Report This Comment  
  Good Morning!
As Soon as I can I'll post pictures of the donkeys. These are the first I've had, they came to us, because their people were moving. Let me say, donkeys are smarter than horses and that can cause some aggravation at times! We use electric fence to split up pastures. The donkeys know the line pulses and time their escapes accordingly,usually taking fence down. They have personality, I just love them.

Come visit me, Larkshire Farm.

07/30/2010 09:41.54 AM Report This Comment  
Lots of great pictures. How did the first harvest come out?

Come visit me, My Wyoming Home, Santa Sara Ranch, WyoCowgirl's Santa Sara Ranch & Santa Sara Ranch (Coming Soon).

07/30/2010 02:29.06 AM Report This Comment  
Great pictures!

Come visit me, Larkshire Farm.

07/29/2010 09:52.57 PM Report This Comment  
  1 st harvest
Today we are making fresh beet borsht and experimenting
in pickling beets

Come visit me, on the farm.

07/29/2010 10:12.29 AM Report This Comment  
  Welcome! Nice picture!

Come visit me, Grandma's Farm, Tibbs Farm, Allen's Farm & FFA SAE (supervised agricultural experience).

07/29/2010 06:59.25 AM Report This Comment  


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