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Raccoon Hollow from DeFuniak Springs, FL
Raccoon Hollow

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Farm Name: Raccoon Hollow

Year Farm Established: 1999

Location: DeFuniak Springs, FL

Years I’ve been farming: 16 years

Animals I raise: Rabbits, chickens, hampsters

Crops I grow: Conservation land, rare pitcher plants

Hobbies I enjoy: Church, Royal Rangers, restoring old tractors, gardening, camping

Club/Associations memberships: 4-H (not currently active), Royal Rangers, FCF

The proudest moment on my farm: All 5 boys and I finished the front fence, then the oldest pulled his brothers in a plastic sled behind the tractor.

Pets: Dogs, cats, goats, turtles

Farm Motto: Lord, make me the kind of person my dog thinks I am.

Farm Blog
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  New Goats
Ok so we got a new baby goat, his man is Puggles (what you call a baby platypus). He came to us before we lost Comet. He is spoiled! Now we have a second baby goat. His name is Cupid. You think one baby goat is spoiled, what about two. So far they have chewed computer mouse, game power cord, headphones, stole a yoyo, they get on the desks, play king of the chair, steal the baby's diapers, steals the toilet paper. Don't get me started when they are hungry. BAaaaaaaaa X 100. And they got in trouble. Now they run and hid when you fuss at them. They think the bottom drawer of my amour is home. They want the front door left open so they can go outside and play king of the porch, but they want to be able to run back inside. They other day I am leaving for work and my wife is in bed with two goats, snuggling them and they are eating. Something is wrong here. BTW they are small and their parents are only about 2 feet high. They are about the size of our tom cat.

Come visit me, Raccoon Hollow.

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  Comet the Goat is Gone
We were keeping a couple of dogs for my sister while she moves. The two large dogs kept bothering Comet the Goat and the cats so we put them in a pen. The escaped and hurt the goat, we fixed the problem and they escaped again. I took too long to get rid of them and they killed Comet the Goat. Angel, our 1-year-old White bulldog did the best she could and ended up with cuts and puncture wounds. She is doing better now. A fact of farming, animals do die. But Comet was a pet, so it hits closer.

Come visit me, Raccoon Hollow.

02/22/2011 08:51.07 AM Report This Comment  
We were given a pair of sisters, not really abused, but neglected. One was friendlier than the other. We worked with her at first, the other was more and more curious. Until one day she was sticking her head, for her share of attention,too! It's been very difficult to find a farrier, though. And they need trimmed very bad.

Come visit me, Larkshire Farm.

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  New Donkey
So the new donkey has been in the field for three days now. We go and check on him each day and bring fresh hay and water. I will be picking up some sweet feed and minerals to supplement. Also need to find out about vaccinations for mosquito born viruses and coggins.

The donkey is still kind of skiddish and won't come right up, but he is very curious and you can tell he wants to see us as he trots all around. He will huff at us some and sometimes come almost to you to get a better sniff. The oldest boy and I went to take care of him and we left to go work in the front fields. After about 5 minutes we hear that familiar "hee-haw" and knew he was missing us already. If feel he will be "people broken" in a few more days.

Come visit me, Raccoon Hollow.

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  Sharing with the new Neighbor
So I met the neighbor, Chris. He has three horses and I told him how I had strengthened our shared fence to support the new donkey. As he eyed my small hay field, I told him he could cut the fence and let the horses graze with the donkey this winter so the grass will not go to waste. He sure liked that idea. My only concern was the male donkey, but his horses are all gildings. The fence line os off slightly so I will eventually replace it and my wife and I figure we will put in a small gate just in case we ever want to share with the neighbors in the future.

Come visit me, Raccoon Hollow.

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I love your Comet story! Good luck with your dog. One of our's had to go, as she was killing the neighbor chickens. I guess she figured mine were off limits, but his were OK?

Come visit me, Larkshire Farm.

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  New Donkey
We picked up a new Donkey. He needed a home and had been in a field for some time so he was a little shy. The boys and I finally caught him and after about 10 minutes, he as lead trained, sort of. Planning to build a shelter for him instead of using the trailer. he is small, but seems to have a real good attitude. Our former Donkey passed away the summer before last. He was an older full size jack and was the best donkey in the world.

Come visit me, Raccoon Hollow.

12/28/2010 12:47.26 PM Report This Comment  
  Dogs and Chickens
Ok, so my little beagle, Sally, found the neighbor's chickens. So far no harm done, but we have to break her of visiting before she decides they are dinner. The big bulldog, Angle, also found them, but did not return after we told her to stay.

Come visit me, Raccoon Hollow.

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  Water Well
We will soon be drilling our water well. We have a spring seepage creek that comes out about 25' to 30' down from where we will be drilling (the land drops off). We bought and repaired one of those small drilling units that turn a small pipe and push recirculated water down, flushing out the well. Planning to go down about 50 feet and will use a jet pump. We have mostly sand here.

Anyone have experience or ideas?

Come visit me, Raccoon Hollow.

12/28/2010 12:42.07 PM Report This Comment  
  Good Morning
I know you are looking forward to getting your animals back! Good luck at your new property!!

Come visit me, Bentwillow Bunnies & Pittsboro Peafowl.

12/23/2010 07:09.34 AM Report This Comment  
  Is our pet goat, Comet, really Santa Clause?
According to the famous poem, here is why Comet The Goat might be coming the Night Before Christmas.

Santa is rapid... Comet is rapid (though he wobbles).
Santa whistles and shouts... Comet also makes noise.
Santa pulls a sled... Comet can pull a cart.
Santa bounds... Comet bounds (crazy goat playtime).
Santa sneaks into homes... Comet sneaks into the house.
Santa is covered in fur... Comet is covered in fur (hair).
Santa is tarnished with dirt... Comet is usually dirty.
Santa carries stuff on his back... Comet can too!
Santa cheeks are like roses... Comet has cheeks full of roses.
Santa has a nose like a cherry... Hey look at Comet's nose.
Santa has a beard... Comet has a beard.
Santa has a pipe... Comet has horns.
Santa has a round belly... Comet has a round belly.
Santa is chubby and plump... Yea, look at Comet!
Santa is an old elf... Check out Comet's ears.
Santa eats cookies... Comet eats cookies (and anything else he can get from the pantry when he gets into the house.
Santa leaves presents... Comet leaves us little presents.

Like I said, Santa = Comet the Goat

Come visit me, Raccoon Hollow.

12/21/2010 12:41.05 PM Report This Comment  
  Is our pet goat, Comet, really Santa Clause?
We have a pet goat, named comet, since he was born near Christmas. The other day I was listening to the "Night Before Christmas" on the radio station where I work. I started to think, could our goat really be the one who delivers presents on Christmas Eve? He was born around Christmas and does leave us presents. He sneaks into the house, can climb to roofs and high places and brings joy to the kids. Stay tuned for more reasons why.

Come visit me, Raccoon Hollow.

12/20/2010 01:28.08 PM Report This Comment  
  Good Morning
What type of rabbits do you have? We raise Holland Lops and Netherland Dwarfs.

Come visit me, Bentwillow Bunnies & Pittsboro Peafowl.

12/16/2010 08:20.46 AM Report This Comment  
welcome to hobby farms

Come visit me, Selkirk Sheep farm, my goats, DeVore Appaloosas & Dons Dexters.

12/13/2010 06:27.22 AM Report This Comment  
What kind of chickens do you raise?

Come visit me, Larkshire Farm.

12/12/2010 09:08.15 AM Report This Comment  

Come visit me, The Chicken Ranch, el dorado urban farm & DeVore Ranch.

12/12/2010 07:14.20 AM Report This Comment  


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