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Dunwurkin from Leesville, SC

Farm Name: Dunwurkin

Year Farm Established: 2009

Location: Leesville, SC

Years I’ve been farming: 7 years

Animals I raise: Araucanas, RIRs, Jersey Giants, Guineas, Giant Pekin Ducks, New Zealand Rabbits, Pygmy Goats, Yorkshire pigs, Standard donkey

Crops I grow: personal garden/orchard only

Hobbies I enjoy: Reading, internet, time management games, crocheting, cannning, baking

The proudest moment on my farm: When I could look around and say 'wow!, it sort of looks like a farm!'

Pets: 4 dogs, 7 cats

Farm Blog
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  I see you have NZ Rabbits, do you sell any of them?
-Thanks TBF

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  Hi Derek, we have a little over 5 acres. Most of our birds are free ranging and the rest of the animals have a large barn surrounded by their own pastures/runs. We don't have a large number of goats or pigs, and at the moment all I have is my sow. The pigs and rabbits are mainly for meat, and the chickens are for both eggs and meat. It's important to us that we know where our food comes from, and even more important that our food grows up happy and healthy. I don't breed them in a production manner, although with the rabbits I try to aim for a healthy mix between the constant breeding a wild rabbit has and a routine that keeps my buns happy, but healthy. I have none that are underweight, even while nursing litters, and they all are in cages attached to runs with grass growing (and wire under it).

My pigs all seem to think they are big, bald dogs. They are social and friendly, and I don't have electric wire around them (well, 'her' at the moment). I've never needed it. Maybe it's not 'smart' from an insurance perspective, but at almost 600 pounds, Mama Begum seems content in the piggy digs. They are all (pigs, rabbits, chickens) well fed and run to see me. It makes 'those days' both easier and harder for me, but it's best for them.

We've added a small pond and a small orchard, and there are ducks and geese roaming there now, mostly just because we enjoy watching them. I'm in the process of finding new homes for the pygmy goats and will be getting Nubians next spring (now that the barn is just about finished!).

To be honest, we have the smallest digs on the property. We have a teeny cabin ~ less than 500 sq. ft. It's mostly kitchen, and after spending most of the day outdoors tending to everything, it's more than enough for us (and less for me to clean lol). We're aiming for sustainable, not any type of production farm.

Come visit me, Dunwurkin.

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How many acres do you have for all those animals?

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  Well with Pig semen it comes in fresh, so you just need to plan ahead and the AI(ing)isn't that bad once you have the right rod for the sow.

Our three are on the side of the hill. But my mistake was putting chicken wire around the bottom of the cattle panel. It doesn't allow the water to flow like I thought it would. I guess the compact hay and green grass (when I have it) matted the chicken wire and it holds the muck/water in the pen. Just have to go down there with a hoe and make trenches to allow the water to flow. But know how you feel about the rain. It's all I can handle to go down there to feed up and fight getting the boots out of the muck. I sure wish those three would leave their bowls in the same place....but oh no we have to make sure someone goes into the pen each and every time. But Mr. G will push his pan to the fence so either P2 or I can just dump over the fence. Ruby LOVES it when you go into the pen. The 1st things she has to do is give you her butt and she wants you to scratch right infront of her tailhead. Once she got that scratch she's off to eat. Summergirl on the other hand doesn't want nothing to do with any scratches. She's always been like that "touchy". But she's gainning weight even though Ruby eats her share and then Summergirl's share if she isn't fast enough.

P2's heifer has popped off another brand new halter. I will have to go out in the field and try to find it when I get home. This is the 2nd one she has broken and I'm just going to the hardware store on Friday and fix it myself. At 35 a pop it's getting to expensive to replace.

Come visit me, The Homestead.

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  Well Ruby is now 375, Mr. G is 175 and Summergril is 150. Summergril has made it easy to put her on the slaughter list. I can't keep her in the pen. She climbs over the top and goes where she pleases. So she has two more months on the place and off to Forbes she goes. This time we are just getting sausage back and nothing else. Our point of veiw is about the qulaity of life before they become something on the table.

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  Are ducks hard to raise? Do you keep them in a different pen from your chickens? Do you have to have a pond if you want ducks?

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01/18/2011 02:28.33 PM Report This Comment  
  nice eggs

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01/15/2011 05:28.36 AM Report This Comment  
It's wonderful, when it starts looking like a farm!

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