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Sunset Kinders from Ellensburg, WA
Sunset Kinders

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Farm Name: Sunset Kinders

Year Farm Established: 2010

Location: Ellensburg, WA

Years I’ve been farming: 5 years

Animals I raise: Kinder goats, egg and meat chickens and hogs.

Crops I grow: We grow vegetables have a small orchard and this year we will try to grow grain.

Hobbies I enjoy: Art, photography & blogging. Please see my sites at
faithartfarming- .blogspot.com
www.debbieyoung- art.com

Club/Associations memberships: Kinder Goat Breeders Association
Kinder Goats are a cross between a Pygmy buck and a Nubian doe and are a dual purpose dairy and meat goat.

The proudest moment on my farm: When my chickens laid their first eggs.

Pets: Golden Lab and Tabby Cat

Farm Blog
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  Finally I have come across someone else who has kinder goats!I had all pygmies and 1 nubian and she was bred by the pygmy buck and oh what a wonderful,set of twins she produced.When they kid last year their bags stayed full of milk well after the kids were weaned which made me sell all the pygmies and start again with some more nubians and kept the buck.Now looking forward to seeing what they turn out like and am looking to start milking when they kid

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  Well went on Monday and collected my two goats.. I think they are part toggenbergs (sp) I keep forgetting to ask, but when I saw them and the other babies I feel in love with them. She had three she was going to save for me, but I really don't want a young buck, right now. From what I have read you need to seperate them at a young age to prevent breeding, and I would rather get my feet wet first with goats w/o adding that worry. So far it is going good. Have a slight problem with my border collie, for now she is tied up. She basically has just been standing watch, but the other night, she tried digging under the chain link fence to get to them (I had locked them in a smaller kennel inside the larger one, cause I don't think they went in the night before, too busy keeping an eye on the dog)< but this morning at 6 they werent in the covered kennel, they were laying beside it sleeping>
But once we got the dog tied up last night.. they were playing which was fun to watch so for now will keep the dog chained.
My husband is frustrated.. as first I brought home two baby ducks.. now the goats.. but he is a softy at heart and we caught him out talking to the goats and I did get him to laugh at the ducks... I promised though no more animals.. hey I am resisting bantam chickens w/feathered legs..... for now!

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Yes, that is my husbands prize cabbage! Just visited your site, you have a lovely farm!

Come visit me, Sunset Kinders.

03/15/2011 06:48.26 AM Report This Comment  
  Your pictures are wonderful! I love the one with the cabbage!

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03/14/2011 10:17.04 AM Report This Comment  
  Kidding & calfing
I just helped a neighbor with kidding. We had some stillborns, but also 4 viable, sweet little Kinder goats. Also helped a neighbor give shots and band their baby boy calf. All new experiences, and good ones. My girls kid in June! Thanks for visiting!

Come visit me, Sunset Kinders.

03/08/2011 06:22.21 AM Report This Comment  
  Doing a little more thinking on my goats. I know a lady that has some, not sure what kind they are, but may go with a mutt mixture to begin with.. I am not into showing them and since they will be pets I am not picky what they are. I decided on boars, cause I did like how they look and figured them being a meat goat, I can always eat them if can't sell them (if decide to breed them) I have never had goat milk, so don't want to get into "milking" goats. Maybe later =)
Waiting for our cows to start calving a few look close. They should start any day now. Not totally sure how many got bred as we had a wondering bull.. he liked our neighbors cows! Have been told that he may have just "got the job done" but several don't look like they are carrying. Since he wondered around he was only with our cows about 2 weeks.. Wish it would warm up, hoping I can talk my husband into breeding a little later next year. (the bull was put in with the cows about a week earlier than we wanted because well he went visiting- hoped by putting him in with ours he'd stay here.. he was a rented bull)
Well have a great week...

Come visit me, Moen Farms.

03/07/2011 07:58.18 AM Report This Comment  
  I just visited your other website/blog. Quite impressive. The ones about early morning cold, I feel for you. I have several friends in the columbia basin, and they were shocked by the recent cold weather... one friend said that the 28 degrees today felt like summer after last week.. I wanted to say now you know how our winter has been. Last Sunday got a foot of snow, and today was the first day it got above 5 degrees (most of the last week has been in the negatives!)
My next endevor, with animals are goats... once we warm up and some of our snow disappears, need to find an area for them. Summer time isn't a problem, but winters.. I have decided to go with boar goats although I like the look of your Kinder goats. Mine are more for pets than "productive" animals... We will see...

Come visit me, Moen Farms.

02/27/2011 07:28.48 PM Report This Comment  
  oh yeah when everyone is loose together i wait till bedtime and throw the roosters out into the other half of the barn during winter monthes for the hens sake they need to be seperate one rooster gets to stay that keeps hens mellow and they stay penned up better

Come visit me, kudabineden.

02/26/2011 06:44.10 PM Report This Comment  
only in a greenhouse i have not had any pecking problems with my chickens except for rooster fights but even that seems to be pretty minimal considering how many very mature roosters are here dont ask me why but they seem to be pretty happy chivkens i have alot more than reccomended space per bird that could be it and they acsess to outside anytime they want alarge 40x40 pen and they get let out of even that weather permiting only one roaster is in with the girlswhen they are not completly free it seems to be working

Come visit me, kudabineden.

02/26/2011 06:38.06 PM Report This Comment  
  the really dark eggs are wellsummer the wellsummer roosters are a little agressive but i think they are the most beautiful i plan on growing vegatables herbs and eventually maybe some things like coffee and some tropical fruits if your thinking about hoop house check out the usda equip program grant for high tunnels kathleen

Come visit me, kudabineden.

02/25/2011 08:42.07 AM Report This Comment  
  Ellensburg is a lovely area to have a farm.. I always liked that area...I grew up in Othello, with several relatives in the seattle/bremerton area.. I am in SD now. Hoping to be out that way this summer, mom and dad still in Othello..

Come visit me, Moen Farms.

02/24/2011 08:58.45 PM Report This Comment  
I like to write just about anything...right now I'm writing an essay about Florida and the Civil War. (I'm in the United Daughther's of the Confederacy and they have an essay contest!) I like poetry and short stories as well. On my "bucket list" I would like to write a children's book! I love your pictures! They are great!

Come visit me, Hoag Farm.

02/24/2011 04:57.13 PM Report This Comment  
Thank you for visiting, I am sooo new at this. It is great to see how God is bringing us together

Come visit me, Wild & Wooly Acres.

02/24/2011 02:35.32 PM Report This Comment  
  Well now I'm on a "man hunt" to find P2 this brick thing that you can clean your BBQ grill with to start brushing Choc and Chip's hair with. It suppose to help the "wild" hair lay down. Maybe since spring is coming the grilling supplies will be out at our local hardware store real soon. If not I will have to put out a 911 call to the family and have them look for him and mail it to us. Can't start the pigs on the show retine soon enough in my book. His Hereford hogs showed me that...LOL

Come visit me, The Homestead.

02/24/2011 06:42.47 AM Report This Comment  
  Can you belive it they are litter mates? Dad is a red butt and mom is a % wild hog and land/york cross. Mom had 13 live babies and all made it to that age. She is a 1st time mom. I was hoping to get three barrows for our 4Her to show a pen of 3 but none of them were the same weight. We've have learn that you have to start with the same weight piglets to make his growth chart look "good". But anyhow they are the youngest that P2 (son) has gotten and looking forward to when they get big enough to go in the pig pen on the hill. But until they get 30 pounds I don't trust them in the pig pen. Well between the neighbor's dogs and the bobcat and my work schedule it scares me to let them alone in the woods. I'd already had it out with the new neighbors when they let their dogs comes out and dig around the pig pen. The good thing is that they picked the wrong pen to dig into and Ruby our red wattle got the best out of one of the dogs. Then they had the nerve to sue me for the dogs vet bill. But we were here 1st and so were the pigs. The judge saw it our way THANK GOD!

Come visit me, The Homestead.

02/23/2011 07:19.25 AM Report This Comment  
  Look at them! They are happy hogs. Just posted a pic of our son's fair/freezer project pigs. They are only 5 3's a piece right now, but just wait until October.

Come visit me, The Homestead.

02/22/2011 06:56.36 AM Report This Comment  
  Thanks for the comment!
We are in NC....but actually lost that home (with the bamboo) and are now living in a parsonage of a ministry...so the homestead is gone.

Praying His Will be done and we get to go to the one He intends for us....soooooon! (o:

LOVE your photos! Heading to your websites after I hit 'add comment'!

Come visit me, Millers Grain House.

02/19/2011 07:23.54 AM Report This Comment  
  Got any hog pics to share?

Come visit me, The Homestead.

02/17/2011 12:21.45 PM Report This Comment  
  Kinder goats
I love all your pictures.

What are kinder goats? I'm assuming it doesn't mean
'extra nice'. ;)

Come visit me, Promised Land Homestead.

02/17/2011 06:50.00 AM Report This Comment  
Wonderful pictures!

Come visit me, Larkshire Farm.

02/15/2011 04:55.08 PM Report This Comment  


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