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Sheep Thrills Farm from Flagstaff, AZ
Sheep Thrills Farm

Farm Name: Sheep Thrills Farm

Year Farm Established: 2004

Location: Flagstaff, AZ

Years I’ve been farming: 11 years

Animals I raise: Purebred registered Shetland Sheep

Hobbies I enjoy: Handspinning, Weaving, Knitting, Dyeing, and having friends over for some "Sheep Therapy" sessions! ;)

Club/Associations memberships: Member of the American Livestock Breed Conservancy, North American Shetland Sheepbreeders Association

The proudest moment on my farm: Anytime a lamb is born; Seeing good, sound stock headed to farms where they will be greatly appreciated; Spinning and knitting or weaving something out of my flocks fine, soft, REAL Shetland wool!

Pets: Six housecats call me their minion and/or waitstaff. I live to serve!

Farm Motto: Sheep Thrills Farm, the home of purebred Shetland Sheep. The little sheep that can do it all - on less!

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nice sheep i raise shetlands to :)

Come visit me, Johnson sheep farm.

01/20/2012 06:35.47 AM Report This Comment  
Happy National Spinning and Weaving Week!

Get that spinning wheel out of mothballs, and set that loom up with that old unfinished project and CELEBRATE!

My very best to all of you Fiber-Folk out there!

Come visit me, Sheep Thrills Farm.

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  Yellow house
Yes I remember that yellow house with the barn.
I drove past it every day for 5 years going home.

I lived on Mesa trail not the first right on Mesa trail but the second right on mesa trail so I know that yellow house.

As a matter of fact I can also remember getting a lot of rain out there one year and the water got pretty close to that yellow house!

The entire field behind you was a lake that year.

I drove by one time and I think I saw you guys looking at that water coming up.

You have a nice view from that house I bet and if I remember your driveway goes down from Kachina trail making it even better (off the road some).

I always wondered who had the house next to you in the aspens.

That was also very private.

I lived off of Mesa Trial to the right of a guy that had the canvas garage with a home built plane in it.

Jim was his name.

I was wondering what ever happened to that guy.
He was telling me he decided to not use the engine that came with the plane kit and ended up using a Honda motorcycle engine.

I kept telling him it was not made to run at high altitudes and it would stall.

I think it did several times and I hope he figured it out!!!!!

I also sure hope he used locktite on all the nuts holding that thing together!!!!!

Oh well......Common sense is not so common.
But with your feet that far off the ground you would hope it would kick in some.

I believe their was a pond next to you also, that is a nice area. Great view of the elk as well.

We probably past each other all the time and never thought about it.

Than again, at that time I never thought I would be back in Texas working a ranch either.

Time sure flies by and if you don't set back and look around it will pass you by.

When I get ready to buy a few sheep I am sure I will have some questions.

Thanks again,

Come visit me, Elkins Ranch.

04/13/2011 07:39.07 PM Report This Comment  

Thanks for responding back.

I too lived in Kachina village for about 5 years before moving to Williams. I worked in Flagstaff and commuted back and forth everyday so I am very familiar with Kachina Village.

It is funny you mentioned the elk in the field off the HWY.

Just yesterday I was showing my wife pictures I had taken of all the elk in the field.

That morning there were a bunch that came in and they hung around for several weeks before moving on.

I am just south of San Antonio about 27 miles.

Near Hondo, TX.

I agree, the trout were starting to get small there and with all the fishing pressure in the summer it did not allow all the stocker fish to grow before getting caught.

When I moved here I put a bunch of bass, catfish and crappie in my stock tank so I could go fishing when I have time.

Have not fished much so I am figuring they are getting pretty big now.

Just the other day I mowed around the pond so I could try to catch a few and see what they are doing.

I work for myself now and trying to find time to relax has been a challenge.

Relaxing is fixing fences and working the property on off time.

So when I get a chance I will do a little casting and see how big they are getting.

I think I will set up a catfish feeder in the pond and get them fat.

Years ago when I was a kid my grandfather would feed them and it was very common to catch 40-50lb catfish out of the pond here.

So....I think I will start feeding them.

Since you raise sheep, I may have a few questions for you when the time comes.

I am thinking about getting a few to help with weeds around here and I would rather get sheep and not goats.

Down the road from me there is a guy who has big goats and they look like they are more than a handful.

On the cars, trucks, jumping fences and eating everything. I think sheep are the way to go.

The problem is I have a lot of coyote's around here (packs of 10 to 15 at times) and I would have to coyote proof their area first.

Well I better get back to work......Have a bunch of welding to do before working on the tractor and the days are never long enough.

Thanks for responding.

Talk to you soon,
Shawn in Texas.

Come visit me, Elkins Ranch.

04/11/2011 02:17.11 PM Report This Comment  
I saw you are in Flagstaff, AZ and thought I would say Hi.

I lived in Flagstaff for over 25 years and relocated to Texas a few years ago for the farm/ranch life.

Talked to some friends in flag today and they told me about the snow you have had.

I do miss it, today it was in the 90's here and lots of rattlesnakes coming out to visit.

I also miss white horse lake in Williams, Kinnikinick lake near Flag and all the other lakes in and around Flag......

Yes I love to trout fish.

But I traded it in for cows, chickens, full time tractor shredding and snake boots.

Just thought I would say hello.

Elkins Ranch.

Come visit me, Elkins Ranch.

04/10/2011 12:00.43 AM Report This Comment  
  Thanks Everyone!
Thanks for all your comments! FYI, the photo I used is of my two favorite Shetland ewe lambs (who are one year old now!) - Sheep Thrills Candy in the foreground, and her twin sister, Sheep Thrills Sugar. Candy greats me at the gate each morning and absolutely MUST nuzzle my face or she's not happy. :) I, of course, resist for all I'm worth (yeah, right...and I have a bridge in Lake Havasu City to sell...)
Shetlands are the smallest of the Northern European Short-tailed varieties and are: friendly, cute, smarter than dogs, cute, easy keepers, cute, with incredible fine wool for spinning and weaving. I have been a spinner and weaver for over 30 years. Some of my flock rival merino wools with micron counts in the 22 range!
Shetlands also have the most colors and patterns of any sheep breed - a valuable genetic pool very worthy of saving! IMHO...heeheehee! They are perfect for small holdings.
Sigh...I could go on and on... ;)

Come visit me, Sheep Thrills Farm.

04/09/2011 08:45.22 PM Report This Comment  
LOve the name of your farm - we also say we offer "animal therapy" at our farm. I work with foster kids and I feel providing them the chance for some unconditional love is great therapy - now if I could figrue out a way for someone to pay for that...

Have a great day!!

Come visit me, Rambled R Jacobs.

04/09/2011 06:00.28 AM Report This Comment  
  My summer project for this year is a small backyard patio designed for an outside fireplace. I've was out working on the firepit area yesterday and boy the body got a little used to not exercising over the winter. Yeah, it was about a two Aleve night. It's amazing how quickly our body will loose it's muscle tone. Ah, well, today is another yard working day. That will teach it to get out of shape. Right? :0)

Have a great spring day.

Come visit me, Nebraska Dave's Garden.

04/06/2011 07:05.39 AM Report This Comment  
Thanks for giving me hope! I'm a weaver, and want to learn to spin. My goal is to one day have fiber animals, but I keep getting told that it's just too hot here in Louisiana to raise them. Maybe I still have a chance! And I hope that mine are even half as cute as that picture! Do you do the natural dyes? I'm slowly adding dye plants to my gardens so I can at least try that route. Thanks for the encouragement!

Come visit me, The Farm Wife & Paradise Plantation.

04/05/2011 09:09.10 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello, cute pic. What kind of sheep is that? I may change to sheep one of these days.

Come visit me, A&E FARMS.

04/04/2011 08:45.48 AM Report This Comment  
  Thanks to All of Ewe!
Thanks so much for stopping by! We're awaiting this year's new babies - due in about a week! Right now my little ewes look like ticks about to pop! ;)
Yes, ND - Flag is much nicer than the rest of the state, IMO. Of course, I'm biased. But, having grown up in the Midwest, gardening can be a big challenge with our 40+ degree day/night temperature shift. Some years we're lucky to get anything, others are bumper crops. And we can have frost any day of the year - just ask my tomato plants of yore. Even with things like Walls-of-Water, we can lose most of the garden if we have a cool year.
Thanks again for being so kind and stopping in, Everyone! It is a pleasure to meet you all!
Hugs to ewe, Kathy

Come visit me, Sheep Thrills Farm.

04/02/2011 04:46.21 PM Report This Comment  
  Love the Name
Being a willing servant to cats and sheep I'm sure gives great pleasure.

Come visit me, Barrow in the Woods.

04/02/2011 11:24.56 AM Report This Comment  
How cute!

Come visit me, Larkshire Farm.

04/01/2011 07:51.43 PM Report This Comment  
  Wonderful picture

Come visit me, Brent & Kim Wessel.

04/01/2011 06:14.52 PM Report This Comment  
  I do love the scenery in Flagstaff. It's such a breath of fresh air compared to the rest of the state.

Have a great pioneering day.

Come visit me, Nebraska Dave's Garden.

04/01/2011 02:22.49 PM Report This Comment  
Love the name and great picture.

Come visit me, JD Acres & OM on the Range.

04/01/2011 05:45.53 AM Report This Comment  


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