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K&B Ranch from Reno, NV
K&B Ranch

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Farm Name: K&B Ranch

Year Farm Established: 2011

Location: Still looking. Living in temporary quarters right now. Will be relocating to Colorado Springs area soon. For now, in Reno, NV

Years I’ve been farming: 4 years

Animals I raise: Aspiring to raise Wagyu and Highland Cattle, Black Hogs, Chickens, and Ducks

Crops I grow: Looking to set up an aquaponics greenhouse to do a variety for sale and home use. Also want to use a fodder system like Fodder-Pro to feed my livestock.

Hobbies I enjoy: Reading and learning about sustainable ranching and farming. Also using sustainable building materials such as rammed earth, earthbags, tirebales, etc. Permaculture.

Club/Associations memberships: None yet

The proudest moment on my farm: That is yet to come... Probably any day that my kids get to spend with me out there. I'm looking for land now, and will build the homestead myself. Hopefully about 100+ acres, with springs or streams, within a 2 to 3 hour drive from Reno, NV where my kids are.

Pets: Lost my 2 adopted greyhounds, Prophet and Shiloh, to old age. Look forward to adopting more again.

Farm Motto: Natural and sustainable

Farm Blog
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  Thanks for the welcome. Great farm photo.

Come visit me, Sweetbay Acres.

09/27/2015 05:49.19 AM Report This Comment  
Thanks for the welcome, great page.

Come visit me, Aadorable Mini Goats.

09/18/2015 05:27.21 AM Report This Comment  
  A freezer full of food
Have you thought of what you'd do if you have a freezer full of food, in a long term power outage? If you don't have solar, and you run out of fuel for the generator, do you have a back-up to your back-up? In such a situation, food will become a precious commodity. Maybe it's time to think about it. Better safe, than starving.

Come visit me, K&B Ranch.

08/27/2015 05:48.52 PM Report This Comment  
  Asparagus in Colorado
Anyone having success in growing asparagus, particularly in the Colorado Springs area, or similar climate/growing zone?

Come visit me, K&B Ranch.

08/25/2015 02:50.57 PM Report This Comment  
  Long Term Food Storage/Local Food Bank
Just going through some of the food storage, and checking dates. Any of my commercial bought stuff near expiration, needs to be eaten or donated. Don't let it go to waste. I had to make a few trips to a food bank when I lost my income, it's great that we have such places and they need the support. If you donate, you know it's not going to waste, and your probably helping someone in need.

Come visit me, K&B Ranch.

08/24/2015 04:24.19 PM Report This Comment  
  Large Black Hogs
Anyone raising them?

Come visit me, K&B Ranch.

08/21/2015 09:02.34 PM Report This Comment  
  Wagyu-Highland cross
I have no experience with cattle.

I've read that the Highland are hearty, and calve well. Also, that they have lean, flavorful meat. I'm wondering if the marbling from the Wagyu would make a leaner, yet still tender meat, if crossed with a Highland. Hear of anyone that's done it?

Just curious.

Come visit me, K&B Ranch.

08/20/2015 01:13.42 AM Report This Comment  
  3 Emergency Preparedness Drills For Families
Very good preparedness article today.... look for it here on the site.

Come visit me, K&B Ranch.

08/17/2015 01:34.22 PM Report This Comment  
  Grow An Urban Orchard From Leftovers
Is a great article on UrbanFarmOnline, about starting fruit trees from seed. Search for it over on UF

Come visit me, K&B Ranch.

08/16/2015 11:18.12 PM Report This Comment  
  Swales and Permaculture
Swales are a huge benefit, when trying to grow vegetation in an arid climate. Search "swales permaculture" and you will find some great ideas on how to improve you land, especially in an arid climate.

Come visit me, K&B Ranch.

08/15/2015 02:21.25 PM Report This Comment  
  Emergency food storage: Buckets
When I get settled into my new place, I plan on using food storage, 5gal buckets, as a platform for all the beds in the house, and not waste that space. Do a search, and you'll find some really great pics on the idea.

Come visit me, K&B Ranch.

08/14/2015 07:00.08 PM Report This Comment  
  Long Term Food Storage
Decent selection and prices at TheReadyStore dot com.

Come visit me, K&B Ranch.

08/13/2015 08:22.15 PM Report This Comment  
Anyone raise a few geese for meat? Your thoughts and suggestions would be appreciated.

Come visit me, K&B Ranch.

08/12/2015 08:23.04 PM Report This Comment  
  6 Permaculture Techniques Beyond Gardening
Search for this new article on UrbanFarmOnline.com

I luvs me some Permaculture!

Come visit me, K&B Ranch.

08/11/2015 06:15.09 PM Report This Comment  
  Still not sure......
Where I'll end up. Just offered a job in KC. Thinking about it. So, it's still up in the air where the homestead will be.

Come visit me, K&B Ranch.

08/09/2015 05:28.52 PM Report This Comment  
Nice to hear from you! You should make a page! I've gotten quite a few useful books and magazines through the rewards program here and over on UrbanFarmOnline, that it totally makes it worthwhile! I've seen you over on UF.

Ducks are an interesting prospect. They are tough, but not in a pressure cooker or if you know how to make Duck Confit. Slow cooked in duck fat))

I see the eggs over at WholeFoods all the time, and they are huge! I'm sure they are more flavorful and richer. Some of those breeds lay almost as much as the chickens do!

Thanks again for stopping by! Make a page!

Come visit me, K&B Ranch.

08/07/2015 05:20.08 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi, Chuck! Just dropping by! Hope you're doing well!

Yeah, saw the article on raising ducks. Funny, I have not even embarked on my eager plan to raise chickens (Boston only allowed us two years ago) & I'm already thinking of switching to ducks (Peking breed). I already have a few years experience on it. Helped my mother many years ago. And, it's true, at least from experience, way less to tend to than chickens. And, hardier. Only thing is the egg may need some getting used to. They are much bigger &, depending on the feed (they are not pinicky eaters), could taste a little gamey. My recollection, one of those duck eggs is about twice that of a medium size chicken egg. I've had it boiled, scrambled, & great for a frittata. The meat though is not as tender as that of a chicken.

As I have not establish a page, I'll just drop by your page to see responses. from you. Hope things are going well for you!


Dante, Hyde Park, MA.

08/06/2015 08:23.09 AM Report This Comment  
  7 Reasons To Choose Ducks Over Chickens
If your considering ducks, there's a great article on Ducks over on UrbanFarmOnline.com

Just paste the article's title in the search bar.

Come visit me, K&B Ranch.

08/05/2015 05:29.42 PM Report This Comment  
  Great Article today for your meat chickens
"6 Things To Know Before Processing Chickens"

Look for it in the SEARCH box. I book marked it for future reference.

Come visit me, K&B Ranch.

08/03/2015 07:59.38 PM Report This Comment  
  Great article over on UrbanFarmOnline.com
7 Tips To Plan For Pollinators

If you don't see it on the front page, just enter the article's title, above, into their search bar.

Come visit me, K&B Ranch.

07/28/2015 02:16.50 PM Report This Comment  
  Great Duck Article on UrbanFarmOnline
7 Things To Know Before Keeping Ducks In The City

Check it out if you're interested in raising some ducks!

Come visit me, K&B Ranch.

07/25/2015 06:53.22 PM Report This Comment  
  Permaculture/Homestead Gardening
I wanted to recommend a YouTube channel to you if you have any interest in trying small scale permaculture, on you homestead. Try it, and get your feet wet! Search on YouTube: Planting Freedom - athatcher85

Come visit me, K&B Ranch.

07/23/2015 12:37.37 PM Report This Comment  
He is the Hungry Hammock Hanger on YouTube. He has some great recipes and how to's for dehydrating backpacking/camping food. Check him out.

Come visit me, K&B Ranch.

07/20/2015 05:47.18 PM Report This Comment  
  Turtle Tree Seed
A great source for Biodynamic knowledge and seeds!

Come visit me, K&B Ranch.

07/04/2015 02:08.38 PM Report This Comment  
  Gaia's Garden
Book on Permaculture, by Toby Hemenway

Get it! Read it! It will open your eyes to new possibilities.

Come visit me, K&B Ranch.

07/03/2015 03:09.06 PM Report This Comment  
  Dairy Goats
When the time comes for settling into my homestead, I was curious to know if anyone with a milking goat or two, would be willing to let me know if they are enjoying it? Is it too much work on top of everyday life? I'd love to have a milker or two for producing our own dairy products. Having to breed them, is it difficult finding a market to sell the offspring in your area? What are your thoughts? Thanks

Come visit me, K&B Ranch.

07/01/2015 06:47.36 PM Report This Comment  
  More Bees Please!
I want to thank all of you that keep bees! Encourage others to keep bees too. I'm sure you are all aware of the plight effecting this precious resource, globally. We need to start new hives and grow the population, to try keeping up with all the bees we've lost.

Go organic... no insecticides. Grow plants and flowers that will attract beneficial insects to keep your garden pest free.

Bees! Bees! Bees!

Come visit me, K&B Ranch.

06/30/2015 11:43.06 PM Report This Comment  
  Solo Stove in emergency situations
If you want to have some alternative fuel stoves, for an emergency situation, ie. no gas or electric to cook with, look into a Solo Stove.

I won't go into the physics of it all, but the great thing about the solos stove is that you can burn twigs, pine cones, wood chips, and once you get it going, green wood. Do an internet search for "Solo Stove" and check it out. Good to keep on the shelf for a "just in case."

Come visit me, K&B Ranch.

06/29/2015 11:14.10 PM Report This Comment  
  Planning a camping trip?
For anyone planning a camping or hiking trip in the drought stricken Western states, Please, Please.... don't light a campfire! Enjoy the night sky rather that staring into the fire, which inhibits you vision in the dark. Ever notice when you are sitting around a fire, you tend to stare at it, and when you look away, you're luck if you can see 30 ft.

The danger of forest fires aren't worth the risk. A favorite area of mine is up in flames now, near Markleeville, CA. I don't know the what started it, but I can only assume.... Stay safe!

Come visit me, K&B Ranch.

06/27/2015 09:43.13 PM Report This Comment  
  Happy Father's Day!!!!
Hope you all had a great day!

Come visit me, K&B Ranch.

06/22/2015 02:50.30 AM Report This Comment  
  Greetings, Chuck!
Forgot to mention, we did an eleven day, 80 mile backpacking trip at Philmont Ranch in Cimmarron, New Mexico in the summer of 2011. Landed in Denver, stopped by Colorado Springs for a couple of days (visited the AF Academy, stayed at UC Colorado Springs) before proceeding to Philmont. Great trip! Will do it again if opportunity presents itself again.

Thank you for you offer of help about backpacking food. I'll surely take you up on that.

Dante, Hyde Park, MA.

06/22/2015 12:01.11 AM Report This Comment  
Thanks for the msg D! Funny coincidence, I'm probably moving out toward CO Springs, where your friend came from. I'll probably be looking for some land Up in the mountains to the the west town.

Reno is a nice little town. I'd stay if it was my choice. There are some great land opportunities a couple hours north of town, very remote, with good water table.

Let me know if you have some questions on Backpacking food!

Take Care!

Come visit me, K&B Ranch.

06/20/2015 02:47.32 AM Report This Comment  
  Top of the morning, Chuck!
Just want to let you know I saw your response.

Been a long time for me since I've visited Reno. T'was in May of '78. MGM was having its grand opening night then. Was driving crosscountry (from Boston) on my way to Frisco. Stopped where ever night fell and it was Reno that night. Re-visiting the area, more specifically Tahoe, has been in my bucket list. Love the sceneries.

Interesting, I have an old friend who now lives in Reno. Though he grew up in upstate NY, he had moved to CO Springs when his family moved west. Then to Reno where his job took him.

Might have to borrow some of your recipes. Especially the ones for backpacking. Once in a while we do some hiking & backpacking in the woods & mountains of Maine & NH.

As always, best of luck! Nice to hear someone living an adventurious life like yours.

Dante, Hyde Park, MA.

06/19/2015 07:09.34 AM Report This Comment  
  Looks like you have a lot going on. Wish you all the luck in the world.

Come visit me, JNJ.

06/18/2015 06:26.25 PM Report This Comment  
Hey Dante! No I haven't yet. Still stuck living in temporary digs for the moment. Relocating from NV to CO later in the year. Stuck here for now in Reno.

Thanks for checking in. Don't know the name of your page, so I hope you see this.


Come visit me, K&B Ranch.

06/16/2015 01:49.08 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello, K& B Ranch!
Was wondering if you ever got your chickens. And, how you've been faring with your suitable homestead search. Hope things are going well for you & your family.

Dante, Hyde Park, MA.

06/15/2015 11:57.11 AM Report This Comment  
  Open a jar of my home canned burrito filling
Last night, I decided to try some of the burrito filling I canned back on October 2014. It was pretty darn good! Especially, because in heated up fast, so it was a quick, easy meal! If you want, you can read about how I canned it in the post I wrote on 11/9/2014

I plan on making more for sure!

Come visit me, K&B Ranch.

06/08/2015 04:11.19 AM Report This Comment  
  Hope you find a place soon to enjoy your dreams!

Come visit me, Promise Land.

05/26/2015 09:20.31 PM Report This Comment  
Thanks for the welcome! Wishing you a great property find for you and your kids to enjoy. :)

Come visit me, Stone Family Farmstead.

05/24/2015 06:30.52 AM Report This Comment  
Sign up for the email list at http://beprepared.com/. They have some amazing specials and free shipping offers, all the time. Good source for ideas too.

Come visit me, K&B Ranch.

05/21/2015 01:37.06 PM Report This Comment  


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