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K&B Ranch from Reno, NV
K&B Ranch

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Farm Name: K&B Ranch

Year Farm Established: 2011

Location: Still looking, NV

Years I’ve been farming: 3 years

Animals I raise: Aspiring to raise Wagyu and Highland Cattle, Black Hogs, Chickens, and Ducks

Crops I grow: Looking to set up an aquaponics greenhouse to do a variety for sale and home use. Also want to use a fodder system like Fodder-Pro to feed my livestock.

Hobbies I enjoy: Reading and learning about sustainable ranching and farming. Also using sustainable building materials such as rammed earth, earthbags, tirebales, etc. Permaculture.

Club/Associations memberships: None yet

The proudest moment on my farm: That is yet to come... Probably any day that my kids get to spend with me out there. I'm looking for land now, and will build the homestead myself. Hopefully about 100+ acres, with springs or streams, within a 2 to 3 hour drive from Reno, NV where my kids are.

Pets: Lost my 2 adopted greyhounds, Prophet and Shiloh, to old age. Look forward to adopting more again.

Farm Motto: Natural and sustainable

Farm Blog
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  More Pressure canning
I went to a grocery store, Food Source, today. They have pre-marinated Mexican style meats there. I bought some Al Pastor, and some Chicken Taco meat. Also, I stopped at 99cent Store, and bought 2-7oz packages of Farmer John sliced ham, and 5 pint jars.

I have a smaller Pressure Cooker that I do small test batches in. I filled jars with 1lb of the marinated raw meats. I packed the last jar with the ham, that I just cubed and stuffed in with half a chicken bullion cube and water.

Have them going now, should be ready to take out in about an hour. I'm sure they'll turn out fine.

Come visit me, K&B Ranch.

03/04/2015 09:12.13 PM Report This Comment  
  More canning deals from 99 Cent store
The other day, they had 1 pound chubs of Jimmy Dean Chorizo. Normally they are close to $4, but got them for a buck. So I picked up a few and defrosted them. I put the chorizo, directly into 1 pt jars, and they fit just perfectly. With ground beef, pork and turkey at $4 a pound, this was a great bargain

I pressure canned them and they came out just fine.
They will be great to add to a pot of beans, for burrito filling, or a different twist on some chili. Most importantly, it is a great source of protein , fat and calories in the event of an emergency situation.

Come visit me, K&B Ranch.

03/03/2015 08:20.14 Report This Comment  
  Would you be doing more self sustainable food storage like dehydrating, canning and root cellar to augment store bought canned?

Come visit me, The grass is greener!.

02/01/2015 06:55.39 Report This Comment  
  More long term food storage notes
I just received a flyer from local grocery chain. They are having a "Truckload Sale." Canned goods bought my the case are easy to store, logistically speaking, and usually are a considerable savings. This store, called "Food Source" has 48 cans of Tuna for $28. 12 cans of SPAM for $24 (Great price!) Hunts canned past sauce, $9 for 12 cans. Just keep an eye out on the flyers that come in the mail for great deals like these. Kroger stores usually has great "by the case" sales every week.

Come visit me, K&B Ranch.

01/30/2015 02:48.35 PM Report This Comment  
  Plan It: Your 2015 Garden Strategy
Enter this in the search at the top of the page:

"Plan It: Your 2015 Garden Strategy"

It's a great article on planning out your garden month to month. I'd like to start planning out my garden in a more organized way, so I can stagger planting times, to harvest different veggies over a longer period of time.

Come visit me, K&B Ranch.

01/14/2015 11:10.19 PM Report This Comment  
  Seed Bank
Are you storing some seeds for an emergency situation? What will you grow?

Come visit me, K&B Ranch.

12/24/2014 02:48.32 Report This Comment  
  Thank you! I am glad to be here! Merry Christmas to you too!

Come visit me, Backyard Farming.

12/23/2014 10:34.22 PM Report This Comment  
  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!!!
Wishing you all the best this Holiday Season!

Come visit me, K&B Ranch.

12/21/2014 10:10.04 Report This Comment  
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Come visit me, Fantasy Land Farm.

12/20/2014 09:55.41 Report This Comment  
  Insulating the Barn
I'll probably be settling in the Rockies of CO in the next few months. Once I secure a property, I'm sure I'll have a barn or stable and never thought about insulation.

Do a search at the top of the page for some good info. Search: "The Best Eco-Friendly Barn Insulation"

Come visit me, K&B Ranch.

12/09/2014 10:27.10 Report This Comment  
  Cheap Ball Pint Jars
Regular mouth Pint jars at Target for $8.99/case of 12! Good deal! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Come visit me, K&B Ranch.

11/26/2014 11:59.14 PM Report This Comment  
  What would you grow?
Do you have good southern exposure windows in the winter (Northern Hemisphere)? If you have a good sized window, at least 3.5 feet wide, with good sun, a Grow Box would be a great option to keep a winter garden indoors. I've had some success with them in the past and plan on using them in the near future once I get relocated.

Take a look at agardenpatch dot com. Great anytime, and especially useful in an long term emergency situation.

Come visit me, K&B Ranch.

11/24/2014 11:05.39 PM Report This Comment  
  Food Stoarge
Are you keeping some emergency food supplies in your house?

Start with a few extra cans, and go from there. You don't have to spend hundreds or thousands to start. Put a little extra away each time you go shopping.

Come visit me, K&B Ranch.

11/18/2014 04:56.46 PM Report This Comment  
  Country gravy made with home canned sausage
I cooked up some country gravy using the canned sausage and bacon I wrote about on 11/7/2014.

It came out great. I just skimmed off a few tablespoons of fat from the top and added that to the pan with about 2 heaping teaspoons of flour. Cooked that through for a few minutes. Stirred to get the lumps out, and then dumped the rest of the jar of sausage and bacon in the pan, plus about 1.5 cups of water. Cooked that for a few minutes, stirring occasionally so it wouldn't burn, and cooked it until I got it to the consistency I wanted.

Tasted great! If you want some info about it, drop me a line.

Come visit me, K&B Ranch.

11/17/2014 02:39.22 Report This Comment  
  Get your chickens ready for Winter
New article here on HF. Search for, "6 Coop-winterizing Chores"

Come visit me, K&B Ranch.

11/12/2014 12:17.24 PM Report This Comment  
  Chicken Keeping Article
Great chicken keeping article over on the Urbanfarmonline site. Search for it: "The Chicken Community is a Great Flock"

Come visit me, K&B Ranch.

11/11/2014 06:20.59 PM Report This Comment  
  Canned Taco/Burrito Filling
I live alone, a bachelor right now. Kids are in another state with their Mom, until I am able to secure work and move to be near them. So, storing emergency food is for one right now.

I currently use pint sized jars. When I get relocated, then I will move up to start using quarts. I also try canning cheaply as I plan to keep this for emergencies only, because my storage space is very limited.

So here is another canning mix I recently made...

I bought a few 8 ounce tubes of chicken taco meat at the 99cent Only store. I've had it before so I know it tastes OK. I also am able to get pint size Ball jars here once in a while.

I browned up the taco meat to just cooked through. That went into the jar, along with a clove a garlic, a couple tablespoons chopped onion, 1/2 cup dried pinto beans, a little chicken bullion, and then filled it with water, leaving an inch of headspace.

The beans absorbed a good bit of liquid. So my plan for use is to pour it into a pot to heat up, mash it up with a potato masher, so the beans turn to a refried bean consistency and eat it with tortillas. Another thought is to eat it with rice, and some tomatoes from the garden.

Tortillas are an easy to make, substitute for bread, and cook up quick using less fuel. Great for an emergency situation. Find a simple recipe to use if needed. Wheat and flour should be some to the bulk items you have in your food supply.

Come visit me, K&B Ranch.

11/09/2014 09:09.24 PM Report This Comment  
  Canned Sausage and Bacon for quick Country Gravy
My most recent canning project consisted of 5 parts breakfast sausage and 1 part bacon. I lightly browned the sausage along with chopped up bacon ends and pieces (which is usually much cheaper than sliced bacon).

I put some of the meat mixture into pint jars, along with some of the fat for making country gravy. I then added half a cup of evaporated milk, and half a cube of Knorr Chicken bullion, and a little chopped onion for flavor. Added more sausage until the jar was filled up to the proper level, leaving about an inch of head space. and canned for the appropriate time and pressure.

For quick country gravy, all you need to do is pour the contents of the jar, into a pan. Then add your desired amount of flour, let that cook through for a couple minutes, then add water or milk if you have it. Since the evaporated milk is concentrated a bit, adding water shouldn't water it down too much. Plus, the half a bullion cube added will keep the flavor high. Cook it until it pulls together for your desired consistency, and salt n pepper to taste.

Remember, this is for quick cooking. In the event of a major power or gas disruption and you are forced to use an alternate fuel source to cook with, time will be key to conserving fuel. Eat it with some quick biscuits cooked in a solar oven, even cornbread. Maybe a heap of potatoes, rice or pasta, with a side of greens or some sort of veg. In a long term emergency event, calories are key. Yes this is fattening, but if you are out collecting wood, water, hunting, gardening, patrolling your property, or whatever you need to do to get by, you will be burning more calories. A little fat from the sausage and bacon isn't going to hurt. Some comfort food will go a long way in boosting morale. have fun with it))) Plan ahead and stay safe.

Come visit me, K&B Ranch.

11/07/2014 08:10.19 PM Report This Comment  
  Canning ideas for emergency food storage
I've been canning up a bit of food for emergency situations. I live in Reno, NV. It has had a quite a bit of seismic activity over the past few years. We also receive a high volume of foreign travelers come through town, and the recent Ebola scares, it makes you think..... So the possibility of devastating earthquake, or a viral pandemic are things I'd like to be prepared for.

I want to have a store of food that will not require a lot of fuel or water to prepare. Canned goods of course are a great option, but I also want to have some foods that are higher quality, higher in protein, and that aren't available in cans.

I plan to have some quick cooking rice (ie. Minute Rice) on hand. It can be prepared by simply getting water and rice up to a rolling boil, and then letting it sit covered for 10-15 minutes, without burning extra fuel to cook it. Another great side dish is "Just Add Water" mashed potatoes. If you want pasta, Ramen noodles can also be prepared the same as I suggested you prepare the rice. These are some of the starches I plan to eat with my canned Proteins.

I'll write more about the canned meats and proteins that I've prepared, and plan on preparing.

Come visit me, K&B Ranch.

10/30/2014 05:28.18 PM Report This Comment  
  Canning in and for emergency situations
Canning is a valuable skill to have. To properly can most items, it is important to have a larger pressure cooker made for canning. Mirro makes a couple that are selling for under $65, and are easy to use. The larger is a 22qt pot that will accommodate 7-1qt jars or 24-1pt jars. Jars with lids can be had for an average of $12 for a case of 12. In the event of a hurricane, earthquake, tornado, etc., and you lose power, you don't want to lose all the meats and such, that are in your freezer. If power disruption is going to be for an extended period of time, it would be very advantageous to can your meats that will eventually thaw and rot if not processed before it warms to an unsafe temperature.

Most everyone has BBQ with a burner, but if not, make sure you have something sturdy that you would be able to heat the heavy pressure cooking pot on, that will be able to bring it up to a boil and maintain a fairly even heat for 70-90 minutes. Then all you'll need is the pot, jars, non-iodized salt, and maybe some vinegar, and you will be able to save your food in an emergency situation. Educate yourself, and keep the supplies on hand. It could save your family one day.

Search YouTube for "Pressure Canning Meat" videos for some great info. It is a fun hobby, family activity, and the canned products can easily make quick delicious meals, with ingredients you can trust, because you made it yourself.

Come visit me, K&B Ranch.

10/23/2014 02:45.39 PM Report This Comment  
  Self sustaining food forest
If you have some space on your property, do some research into Permaculture. There are many great videos on YouTube, where people are growing self sustaining, very low maintenance food gardens. Some are doing it in small urban backyards. If you need some tips on where to start, shoot me a message and I'd be happy to steer you in the right direction!

Come visit me, K&B Ranch.

10/22/2014 01:08.22 PM Report This Comment  
  I've started canning for a rainy day
I've started canning pints of meats for food storage. If you keep long term foods in bulk such as rice and beans, you need something to flavor them up with! It's what I'm planning on.

Come visit me, K&B Ranch.

10/22/2014 12:01.00 Report This Comment  
Are you stocking up?

Come visit me, K&B Ranch.

10/14/2014 10:39.36 Report This Comment  
With everything going on out there, Ebola, Enterovirus 68, flus getting worse and worse, I believe it is always a good idea to keep at least a month or two of food and water on hand, just in case you want to keep your family out of the general public, in the event of some sort of outbreak. It generally happens every hundred years, and we have been lucky so far to avoid one.

Some people call it "prepping." I believe it is being prudent. As long as you rotate through your pantry, the food won't go to waste. Just search some videos on YouTube where there are some great ideas, and advice on long term food storage. Best wished to you and your family.

Come visit me, K&B Ranch.

10/07/2014 09:11.33 Report This Comment  
  Raise Pigs on Woodlots for Tastier Pork
Great article here on HF on free ranging pigs. Go to the top and search: "Raise Pigs on Woodlots for Tastier Pork." I love pork! It will be a priority of mine while shopping for land to find something where it will be conducive to have good forage areas for my pigs.

Come visit me, K&B Ranch.

10/06/2014 04:04.41 Report This Comment  
  If you plan to keep milk goats....
I suggest you take a look on YouTube, and find some videos on cheese making. You will have more milk than you will know what to do with.

Come visit me, K&B Ranch.

09/30/2014 03:14.23 Report This Comment  
  Goat Milking info
If you are looking into raising goats, you want to glean some good info from this article here on HF:

9 Items You Need to Start a Goat Dairy

Come visit me, K&B Ranch.

09/26/2014 10:24.00 PM Report This Comment  
  08/02/2014 05:11.16 Report This Comment  
  Thanks for welcoming me to the site! Enjoying it so far. Have a wonderful day, loving this spring weather we're having here in Texas.

Come visit me, Mobley Family Farm.

03/12/2014 02:46.51 PM Report This Comment  
Thanks so much for the welcome! Please check out my farm's Facebook page when you get a chance.


Come visit me, Autumn Ridge Farm.

10/31/2013 12:57.44 PM Report This Comment  
  In an effort to improve our website for our visitors, we will be changing some of our service providers. We do not expect to experience any technical difficulties. However, if you are unable to access our website, please be assured it will be temporary as we transition to the new service. 10/19/2013 12:00.00  
  Very Nice!!!

Come visit me, chicken gitmo.

08/13/2013 10:30.33 Report This Comment  
  What a great photo

alana, Norton, NB.

08/12/2013 05:54.00 PM Report This Comment  
  Thanks for the Welcome!
Good luck in your farming endeavors!

Come visit me, Grizzly Ranch.

08/09/2013 12:58.30 PM Report This Comment  
  hey let me know if you find a property!

Come visit me, Dano's.

08/08/2013 12:29.19 PM Report This Comment  
  hey thanks for the welcome; read article about black hogs while back-know they are highly recommended. did you ever ck out the usda rural development site, they might be able to help you secure land/farm?

Come visit me, Dano's.

08/04/2013 10:35.51 PM Report This Comment  
  How is the homestead coming?

Come visit me, Tonk Farm.

07/10/2013 02:42.04 Report This Comment  
Thanks for the welcome!Nice to meet you!

Come visit me, Payne Farms.

06/23/2013 09:33.10 Report This Comment  
  Thank you for your welcome....Love the picture you have up. Sounds like you have a lot of hard work ahead of you but it will be so worth it... Please stay in touch.

Come visit me, Stein Creek Farm.

06/03/2013 08:03.21 Report This Comment  
Thanks for stopping by. Your pic is breathtaking! Would love to see pics of your chickens. Have a great farming day.

Come visit me, Lee's Backyard Farm.

05/22/2013 03:52.44 Report This Comment  


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