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Browns' Windy Acres from Fairgrove, MI
Browns' Windy Acres

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Farm Name: Browns' Windy Acres

Year Farm Established: 2010

Location: Fairgrove, MI

Years I’ve been farming: 5 years

Animals I raise: 2 pygmy goats: Jed & Lulu
14 hens: Henrietta, David, Tinkerbell, Isabelle, Annabelle, Roxanne, Fiona, Trixie the Troll, Betty, Mrs. Wiggles, Pumpkin & Minnie Pearl
1 rooster: Bartholemew

Crops I grow: Pumpkins, potatoes, corn, tomoatoes, strawberries, raspberries, grapes, peppers, watermelon, lettuce, squash & zucchini

Hobbies I enjoy: Farming, tractor & car shows

Club/Associations memberships: 4H, MACPA

The proudest moment on my farm: Seeing my kids interact with all the animals

Pets: Cat the cat, Ruby Sue the beagle, Reba the baby Flemmish Giant bunny, Russell the russian tortoise & a kitten named Cinnamon

Farm Motto: Make it better each day

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Are you still keepihg Betty in the house? Miss seeing all of you and your wonderful 'pets'. Plan to get any sheep soon?

Karen, Reese, MI.

02/23/2012 07:06.09 AM Report This Comment  
We made home-made fries with some of our potatoes tonight. I can't wait to get out in the garden again!

Come visit me, Browns' Windy Acres & The Goats of Browns' Windy Acres.

01/25/2012 06:57.48 PM Report This Comment  
We can't grow a whole lot in the winter, but it's fun to make plans & look forward to SPRING!

Come visit me, Browns' Windy Acres & The Goats of Browns' Windy Acres.

01/24/2012 07:39.38 PM Report This Comment  
It's rainy & warmer than normal for January today...but this is Michigan & who knows what tomorrow will bring. The chickens did enjoy wandering around the yard today though, until it got real windy...very fitting for Windy Acres!

Come visit me, Browns' Windy Acres & The Goats of Browns' Windy Acres.

01/23/2012 06:34.18 PM Report This Comment  
  01/17/2012 07:53.11 PM Report This Comment  
Betty is continuing to lay eggs, we're so happy for her. They're just small white eggs, but I'm sure they'll be yummy in an omelette!

Come visit me, Browns' Windy Acres & The Goats of Browns' Windy Acres.

01/14/2012 05:04.03 AM Report This Comment  
  Yay, BETTY!
Betty laid her first egg last night, we're SO PROUD!!!

Come visit me, Browns' Windy Acres & The Goats of Browns' Windy Acres.

01/12/2012 05:44.56 PM Report This Comment  
  Baby Chicks
Tonight we looked at the catalog to select the chicks we'd like to add to our flock. Now we have to make sure that our housing for the girls (and Bart) will be sufficient...we believe our big coop will support the number of girls we're getting, but we're not sure if we have enough roosting space. I'll have to investigate some more tomorrow. I'd prefer to not have to re-do the roosts, but we'll see.

Come visit me, Browns' Windy Acres & The Goats of Browns' Windy Acres.

01/06/2012 09:09.24 PM Report This Comment  
Reba the bunny came in & hopped around in Kaitlin's room for a bit. Ruby Sue was very good and sat calmly in the living room while she waited for the bunny to come back out. Reba has been growing so much! When we got her she was the same size as our kitten, Cinnamon. Now she's nearly twice as long!

Come visit me, Browns' Windy Acres & The Goats of Browns' Windy Acres.

01/04/2012 04:37.25 PM Report This Comment  
  Stale Goodies
We cleaned out a cupboard today...the kids aren't always great at sealing open boxes of cereal, etc. and with the holidays, things got a little crazy in there. The chickens were ecstatic though--they LOVE stale rice krispies and crackers that just aren't all that crisp!

Come visit me, Browns' Windy Acres & The Goats of Browns' Windy Acres.

01/02/2012 04:29.49 PM Report This Comment  
  Roaming Chickens
It was neat to see the girls (and Bart) all roaming around first thing this morning. It got super windy & colder later in the day, so then they all huddled together on their perch.

We took some lettuce out to everyone and Reba especially liked it. As usual, Jed nibbled at it a little, but he'd rather get some fresh hay or kibble, so that's what we gave him.

It's still super windy right now. I'm hoping we don't get a blizzard or ice storm or anything. So far no snow, but we'll see. We've had quite a bit of rain.

Come visit me, Browns' Windy Acres & The Goats of Browns' Windy Acres.

01/01/2012 03:41.05 PM Report This Comment  
  Chicken Dance
The girls (and Bart) were wandering around the yard again today and it cracks me up to see them constantly scratching the ground, then stepping back & surveying their handiwork to see if anything good surfaced. I never quite understood how the chicken dance was called the chicken dance until I had chickens and realized that's a lot of what they do.

Today it was great to look out the back window and see the chickens just roaming around, some going right in the garage and circling my Suburban. I suppose it's all great until we see how much chicken poo they managed to leave there...note to self, better check this before anyone steps in it!

Come visit me, Browns' Windy Acres & The Goats of Browns' Windy Acres.

12/31/2011 09:39.30 PM Report This Comment  
The girls (and Bart) were happy to get some more leftovers today, as usual, but it's just not like in the summer. In the summer as soon as they hear us walk out the door or pull in the driveway, they're up at the house to make sure they're not missing out on any goodies.

It's fun to watch them grab their favorites like a bug covered over-ripe tomatoe or a handful of stale cheerios. Often they'll grab it and run, hoping the other girls don't notice and grab it from them.

Come visit me, Browns' Windy Acres & The Goats of Browns' Windy Acres.

12/30/2011 05:43.10 PM Report This Comment  
  It's COLD.
We're really at the point in winter where I think it's cold. And I know that January is going to be a really long month.

Earlier in December when it first starting getting cold we decided to move Betty in. We'd have some bad luck with our other bantams and I really have a special fondness for Betty, so my husband is ok with her hanging out in our basement.

She does come up occasionally for some socialization,and the boys are downstairs quite a bit to play with their farm stuff and customize their Star Wars guys. Then Ruby Sue hangs out with her when we're at work/school, so it's not like she's all alone all the time. We just worried about her with the cold since she tends to wander too much and she forgets how to get home...we were afraid we'd find her frozen in a snow bank!

Even with the nice coziness of the house, I'm sure she'll be glad when it's spring again so she can get out & roam and do what chickens do all day...dirt baths & bug eating & all that fun stuff!

Come visit me, Browns' Windy Acres & The Goats of Browns' Windy Acres.

12/29/2011 07:15.13 PM Report This Comment  
The weather has been pretty mild so far this winter, which has been nice for the chickens to get out & about & continue to take their dirt baths all over the yard. Today was a bit nippy for them though so they didn't venture out too much, except when Mikey was cleaning their house a bit. Somehow that seems to bother them!

Come visit me, Browns' Windy Acres & The Goats of Browns' Windy Acres.

12/28/2011 04:41.41 PM Report This Comment  
So sad that you lost your rooster. He was pretty cute. Better get another one before Bartholomew gets too exhausted!

Karen, Reese, MI.

11/30/2011 07:17.05 AM Report This Comment  
  Thank You!
Thank you for visiting our farm page!
I am sorry for not responding sooner (fried my lap top...lol)
Our farm has been in my husbands family for many years. He is the 3rd generation to farm it. We "officially" took over the farm just last year, though we have lived on it for the last 15 years.
We are trying some new (but old) ways of farming now. It has been a bit of a challenge for my husband.
The main production on the ranch at it's peak was commercial layers. So, trying to change your thought process and change over the farm at the same time has been a bit of a pull for him. But, he is managing. And, we are moving slowly.
Thank you for your interest in our farm. It just delighted my heart to get your message. I will be updating posts and pictures here soon.
Blessings to you and your family~ Amanda

Come visit me, Niemeyer Ranch.

11/29/2011 02:26.29 AM Report This Comment  
  Big News
We got a bunny today, Reba, she's a baby Flemmish rabbit. She's just a tiny little thing, smaller than Cinnamon right now, but she'll get huge pretty quickly. Mikey & Kaitlin picked her out & they're excited. We got home after dark so she's living in a cage in the garage for tonight...she may go in with the goats tomorrow, we're still working out the details.

Come visit me, Browns' Windy Acres & The Goats of Browns' Windy Acres.

11/27/2011 10:22.17 PM Report This Comment  
  We are almost neighbors!
Great pictures! You are right we are almost neighbors. I think I recognize your husband, does he work at Save-a-lot in Carrollton? If not, he has a twin! :) We are going to get chickens this spring, I can't wait! Maybe goats are in our future too...

Come visit me, Dutch Farm.

11/26/2011 06:20.22 AM Report This Comment  
  Another Sad Day
Bugs is gone. The kids are taking it ok. But it's sad.

Come visit me, Browns' Windy Acres & The Goats of Browns' Windy Acres.

11/18/2011 07:06.29 PM Report This Comment  
Thanks for all who offered information on the subject of my "chicken strike." We're doing a little better today, four eggs for 13 girls. Not fabulous, but not as bad as it's been.

What we've also noticed lately is that several of our new additions don't stick to their own housing. Namely, Batholemew, Pumpkin and Minnie Pearl. They are all assigned to co-ed housing, which we need to get a net for to keep them from flying out.

Every night when we go to put the chickens to bed, Bart is up on the top perch in the hen house with his girls surrounding him. It's like it's his harem. So we move him to his house.

Then we go back to the hen house and get Pumpkin. She's usually perched up at the ceiling on top of a wire that attaches to the light fixture. She's next to get moved.

Finally, we head over to the goat house, and 9 times out of 10, there's Minnie Pearl, just perched at the top of their stall like she owns the place. We're really not sure why they don't stay put, but apparently they all have different ideas than we do.

We're just glad that we finally figured it out--at first we would look all over for Pumpkin and Minnie Pearl, but now we know right where to find them when they're not around for "bed checks!"

Come visit me, Browns' Windy Acres & The Goats of Browns' Windy Acres.

11/12/2011 07:17.46 PM Report This Comment  
  Chicken Strike
I'm not sure if it's the weather, or the hours or daylight, but the girls are just not laying. Many days lately there is one lonely egg out in the laying box. For all those girls, just one egg.

Well, we know that Trixie is no longer laying her eggs for us. We're not sure if she just stopped laying or she just hides them really good. We think that deep down she's an Easter Bunny. She used to give us these green/blue eggs, and now nothing, not even one since August. But she flies out of the chicken pen first thing in the morning and does her own thing.

I remember our three original chickens, David, Henrietta and Tinkerbell slowed down a little last fall, but nothing like this.

We're wondering if perhaps it's due to the other changes we've made lately, like adding new girls and the addition of the roosters, but it's been a few weeks so you'd think everyone would be used to things by now.

Speaking of roosters, Bartholemew is the biggest baby. He's so beautiful and he'll go around and strut his stuff, but as soon as I make a move for him he just cowers. He does the same around Mrs. Wiggles, one of his coop-mates. It's so funny since she's half his size. Oh well, looks can be deceiving.

Come visit me, Browns' Windy Acres & The Goats of Browns' Windy Acres.

11/09/2011 09:16.08 PM Report This Comment  
  Goats & Trees
Yes, I hope the goats stop eating and attacking the little trees. Jed just loves to head butt them and even Lulu seems to get into these battles with them. It's quite funny to watch, except that I don't want them to kill the little trees. Karen, you'll have to come kidsit them sometime =)

Come visit me, Browns' Windy Acres & The Goats of Browns' Windy Acres.

11/09/2011 09:04.23 PM Report This Comment  
The goats are currently babies, or I guess wild teenagers. Since Jed is a boy, we obviously don't milk him ;) but eventually once Lulu has a baby we'll be able to milk her for a bit, then she'll get a break and we'll need to freshen her again.

We're looking forward to that adventure...I'm just hoping they can hold off for a bit so that the baby comes after tax season! Currently Jed is VERY interested in beginning a family, or at least trying. Lulu seems offended by his attention though, so she's not there yet, which is good.

Come visit me, Browns' Windy Acres & The Goats of Browns' Windy Acres.

11/08/2011 08:09.42 PM Report This Comment  
Hi! Hope you can find a way to keep your goats from eating your saplings!

Karen, Reese, MI.

11/08/2011 01:54.46 PM Report This Comment  
  What a great Family pic.....looks like you got all kinds of "chore" help !! and some happy animals !! Nice !!

Happy Farmin' Life

Come visit me, Stonehaven.

11/07/2011 03:13.58 AM Report This Comment  
Thanks for the welcome! :) You have some beautiful chickens too! Are your goats for hobby or do you raise them for milk?

Come visit me, Pleasant Hill Farm.

11/06/2011 02:08.49 PM Report This Comment  
Hi, we're really just starting to get into it. We've had the chickens for just over a year. In the past the kids have had rabbits for 4H, but that's about it. It's great that you're starting when your kids are so young. I know that my six year old's childhood memories will be a lot different than my sixteen year old's.

Come visit me, Browns' Windy Acres & The Goats of Browns' Windy Acres.

11/05/2011 04:58.37 AM Report This Comment  
How great it is to see the whole family involved... Ours kids are just walking so we can only hope. We are just starting with animals and have so much to learn but seeing you have a small mix of goats and chickens gives us a place to start for us. Have you ever kept other livestock or animals on your farm? Thanks.

Come visit me, B's Farm.

11/05/2011 01:15.11 AM Report This Comment  
  Sad Day
Today we came home and Phyllis had died. We're not sure what happened. She'd always been a little different, but maybe it was a symptom of something else that she'd been struggling with.

Come visit me, Browns' Windy Acres & The Goats of Browns' Windy Acres.

11/04/2011 06:12.11 PM Report This Comment  
  I agree on the quality of life issue. I keep telling my kids I'd like to eat "happy meat" which to me is an animal that I know had a pleasant life, perhaps made enjoyable by the relatively calm atmosphere of our farm compared to a factory farm. We're working on it.

As for Phyllis, no, she hasn't begun laying eggs yet. She's smaller than my "big girls" and I suspect she'll have small white eggs, but she just may surprise me! I'll have to post when she finally does it.

Come visit me, Browns' Windy Acres & The Goats of Browns' Windy Acres.

11/01/2011 07:59.41 PM Report This Comment  
  That's the hen...:-)...has she laying yet and if so what color egg and size.

It's the quailty of life not the quianity (sp?) for our meat animals. Like our 4Her will tell ya, after feeding it for 6 mth come rain, sunshine and cold weather it's easy to tell them bye and Thank God for them on his fork.

So far he like to name them double like we has Tic and Tac, M & M, Choc and Chip and the newiest one Mid and Night. It's eaiser to call them to the trough if they aren't already there...LOL

Come visit me, The Homestead.

11/01/2011 06:52.31 AM Report This Comment  
  Let there be Light!!!
Yay! I got the power working in all three buildings this morning. It was so nice to come home after trick or treating and just flip a switch and see my girls on their roost. This will make mornings and evenings so much easier.

Come visit me, Browns' Windy Acres & The Goats of Browns' Windy Acres.

10/31/2011 08:58.18 PM Report This Comment  
  Black & White Chicken
Hi, the chicken to the left of the picture of the big rooster, Bartholemew, is Phyllis. She's white & black with a spritz of feathers on her head. We THINK she's a German Spitzhauben, but we're not 100% positive. As for personality, she's extremely shy around the other girls and won't even roost with them at night. When we first brought her home a few weeks ago, she cowered in the corner behind the nesting box. After that, she began sleeping in one of the nesting boxes. Now she is up to sleeping on top of the nesting box. Perhaps soon she'll want to join the others on the roost.

Come visit me, Browns' Windy Acres & The Goats of Browns' Windy Acres.

10/31/2011 08:33.55 PM Report This Comment  
  What bred of hen is the one on the left hand side of the roo?

Come visit me, The Homestead.

10/31/2011 12:38.17 PM Report This Comment  
Well, one group of chickens have some light, but the goats & the rest of the chickens are still in the dark. Hopefully tomorrow when there's more light we'll be able to find the problem.

Come visit me, Browns' Windy Acres & The Goats of Browns' Windy Acres.

10/30/2011 04:50.13 PM Report This Comment  
  Thanks for the welcoming comment. I grew the daylilies for a hobby to start then started selling them to reduce the inventory.

Come visit me, Notting Hill Farm.

10/30/2011 09:00.09 AM Report This Comment  
  Betty is BACK!!!
Today when my husband came home from work he found Betty. She was in a neighboring back field, all by herself, wandering around. Fortunately she was dry and safe though, so as it got toward evening we kept an eye on her and made sure that she made it to the coop tonight.

Come visit me, Browns' Windy Acres & The Goats of Browns' Windy Acres.

10/27/2011 06:19.48 PM Report This Comment  
  Betty the Polish Chicken
Betty is a beautiful Polish chicken. We fell in love with her pouffy feathers that cover her little brown eyes. Once we brought her home a few weeks ago, we learned what a sweetheart she is--she loves just hanging out with us, cuddling on my lap and riding around in my arms or on my shoulder.

Tonight she's got us all worried about her. She's always been a bit of a loner since we brought her home, but since she preferred our company to that of the girls, it really wasn't a problem. But we can't find her now and we're wondering if some of her wandering may have done her in. We've often seen her by herself at the edge of the farm field and she'd be easy prey for a hawk or other predator.

Unlike the other girls who tend to stick together and run for the cover of the treeline at the littlest thing, Betty doesn't really seem to care too much about whether or not she's hiding in the shade of the trees--and perhaps with all her feathers over her eyes she doesn't even realize the difference. Hopefully we'll find her in the morning--we searched with a flashlight for quite a while tonight, but with her black feathers, we didn't have any luck.

Come visit me, Browns' Windy Acres & The Goats of Browns' Windy Acres.

10/26/2011 09:59.15 PM Report This Comment  


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