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The Goats of Browns' Windy Acres from Fairgrove, MI
The Goats of Browns' Windy Acres

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Farm Name: The Goats of Browns' Windy Acres

Year Farm Established: 2010

Location: Fairgrove, MI

Years I’ve been farming: 5 years

Animals I raise: Goats & chickens

Crops I grow: Pumpkins & more

Hobbies I enjoy: Farming, chicken chasing, finding rusty things at garage sales

The proudest moment on my farm: Getting the goat building done before we went on vacation

Pets: Beagle (Ruby), cat (Cat), kitten (Alex) & tortoise(Russel- )

Farm Blog
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  Goat birthing & kittens
I too stressed over having everything for a birthing kit & read everthing I could find on what I may need to do. Since my goat had been bred before we got her and she had been kept in a pasture with the Billy, we did not know exactly when the day would come so I checked her before going to work and when I got home for all the tell-tale signs, not sure I ever really saw anything definite. We came home one day & my husband said "well, look what we have here!" A little kid standing next to mama all cleaned up like she had been there for days and no sign of where she gave birth. The only thing I did was dip her umbilical cord in some iodine! For an ornery goat, she is a good mommy!
My new kitten comes into the "barn" with me on occasion & it is very obvious that my mommy goat would just love to stomp on her! She has stomped after her on several occasions but Autumn is too fast at getting away. I was real surprised to hear that yours snuggle together!

Come visit me, Goats & Roses Farmette.

01/16/2012 12:34.36 PM Report This Comment  
  In the Mail
Well, we got the final piece to the birthing kit yesterday. I think it's called a kid puller or something like that. It's a bit intimidating & I keep telling myself I really need to research this a bit more. I'm hoping the whole thing will go really quick & painless & that I won't need any of those emergency items we've bought!

Come visit me, Browns' Windy Acres & The Goats of Browns' Windy Acres.

01/11/2012 08:37.09 PM Report This Comment  
Ok, is it just me, or do you too go into a TSC and find things you never knew you needed? We stopped in today to actually return something and by the time we left, I was spending more than I was getting back.

I got the usual, a hundred pounds of chicken feed, found some baby chick feed that was marked down (gotta prepare for the babies), some red bulbs (white may make the chickies pick) and some "save a chick" mix that I now figure we'll need...the list goes on and on!

I must say, I do love going there though!

Come visit me, Browns' Windy Acres & The Goats of Browns' Windy Acres.

01/08/2012 07:13.57 PM Report This Comment  
Cinnamon the kitten has enjoyed hanging with the goats and she knows at night that is her place to be. We've found her snuggling with them and she seems happy to be in there. Minnie Pearl (the chicken) still visits regularly too, as she likes to perch on the wall above their stall. We're considering just letting her move in. We'll see.

Come visit me, Browns' Windy Acres & The Goats of Browns' Windy Acres.

01/07/2012 09:02.52 PM Report This Comment  
One of the first cold days of the year, nobody wants to come out. Even Jed was inside a lot today--I'm sure he's loud in there too, we just can't hear him as much.

Come visit me, Browns' Windy Acres & The Goats of Browns' Windy Acres.

01/03/2012 06:22.55 PM Report This Comment  
Today we had a bit of snow, which made the yard a little more slick. Lulu did fine, but Jed slipped & slid around a bit, at one point sliding down a little hill in the yard. And of course, Jed had lots to say about it!

Come visit me, Browns' Windy Acres & The Goats of Browns' Windy Acres.

12/27/2011 07:24.46 PM Report This Comment  
  Kids having kids
Today we got the birthing kit together. I'm really not sure that we'll need it anytime soon since it's not like I'm going out & buying an EPT test to see if Lulu's with child...or kid I guess. I've read about what the signs are that she's going into heat, and I just really haven't seen it yet. Thought Jed of course has been very interested in Lulu for quite some time now.

Previously, I had been hoping that they'd time it right so that I'd make it through tax season before the little one arrives. At this rate if she's not already pregnant, we'll make it until summer! Which would be great so the little one gets some nice weather.

Regardless, we're prepared now, with all of our goodies my husband bought me for Christmas from Hoegger's. We even got a little pair of goat pjs for the baby to keep snuggly warm when he/she comes---awwwww!

I had been stressing about the whole idea of a goat birth, but fortunately my husband intervened and correctly surmised that once I got everything prepared and had my kit all ready to go, I'd feel more comfortable about the whole idea.

While I'd like to see the whole miracle of life thing take place...I'm truly hoping for a quick, painless, complication-free episode that needs no intervention. We'll see how that goes!

Come visit me, Browns' Windy Acres & The Goats of Browns' Windy Acres.

12/26/2011 09:17.07 PM Report This Comment  
  Merry Christmas!
The kids had fun running around the farm today. And that gave Reba, our Flemmish Giant, a chance to check out their yard without them right there.

Reba is still not quite big enough to room with them, so she's got a cage in with the chickens. We're hoping in a couple months she'll be too big to squeeze under the fence so she can run around a bit more. It was fun to watch her frolick around today.

Jed was a bit confused by her presence when he went back into the yard. He stood on his platform and looked down at her, not quite sure what to think. Lulu was for the most part oblivious, oddly enough.

The kids also had fun with Ruby Sue today and Jed head-butted several trees since that's just the way he rolls.

Come visit me, Browns' Windy Acres & The Goats of Browns' Windy Acres.

12/25/2011 03:59.55 PM Report This Comment  
  December Weather
Well, it's not the white Christmas that I envisioned, but the kids seem to be doing well despite the extreme cold. It's definitely not hurting their appetites! Both of them were quite vocal today too, as usual, unless they're eating. I really think Jed just likes to hear himself. Or maybe he's trying to get the chickens' attention. You never can tell with Jed!

Come visit me, Browns' Windy Acres & The Goats of Browns' Windy Acres.

12/24/2011 12:09.46 PM Report This Comment  
Yesterday we attended a living nativity and were again fascinated by the donkeys we saw. We've been doing some research and have noted that goats and donkeys can live peacefully together. We're thinking that perhaps after Lulu has a baby, we could get a donkey and Jed could share a pen with him or her and give the mommy & baby a little peace...we'll see!

Come visit me, Browns' Windy Acres & The Goats of Browns' Windy Acres.

12/05/2011 10:08.05 PM Report This Comment  
Jed & Lulu are enjoying their first snow. Well, I'm not so sure that they enjoy it, but it is their first snow. They seem to be keeping warm in their stall a bit more than normal. Today it was sunny though, so they did venture out a bit.

The chickens on the other hand, tend to just want to hang out inside. Several were already on their perch today before 5:00!

Come visit me, Browns' Windy Acres & The Goats of Browns' Windy Acres.

12/02/2011 07:48.12 PM Report This Comment  
Saturday was a beautiful day outside, as was Friday, so the goats got to do lots of frolicking since we were outside so much.

Friday we got our Christmas tree & that was an adventure. We've never had such beautiful weather to go tree-hunting, so it took a while. Usually someone's hands or nose are frozen so someone will settle on a not-so-favorite tree, just to get the process over with. Not so on Friday. It took a while, but we found one that six out of seven liked a lot, and the hold-out decided that he liked it enough to give in. We got it up & decorated & I think it's the prettiest tree we've ever had, just perfect in size for our house--guess spending almost two hours looking will give us extra good results!

As for the goats...they're getting big, I need to add new pictures of them. Jed is much bigger than Lulu now and they're both piggies when we let them run around the yard. They were constantly finding something new to munch on, lots of leaves to choose from this time of year. It's like the whole yard is a giant buffet for them!

I ended up clearing out part of my garden and dumping the clippings in their yard. They were excited to try the various plants & they quieted down right away--it's hard to talk when you're constantly munching I guess.

Come visit me, Browns' Windy Acres & The Goats of Browns' Windy Acres.

11/27/2011 10:28.07 PM Report This Comment  
Love the goats!

Come visit me, Bentwillow Bunnies & Pittsboro Peafowl.

11/24/2011 04:11.49 PM Report This Comment  
  Nice Fall Afternoon
Today we had lots of bulbs to plant and Jed & Lulu wandered around the yard while we were out. They got to eat lots of leaves all over the yard. It's funny how they can have the same types of leaves in their pen and they ignore them, but as soon as they're on the loose they're trying everything in site.

It was great to watch them frolic around the yard and call to one another when they'd find something exciting to munch on.

Come visit me, Browns' Windy Acres & The Goats of Browns' Windy Acres.

11/20/2011 04:57.31 PM Report This Comment  
  Jumping right in
Hi, I guess we weren't the only ones who just jumped right in with goats! Though we did do quite a bit of research, once I found Jed & Lulu I was determined to get them, even though my husband and I had said before we were getting two GIRLS so we could breed and milk them...at this point, maybe Lulu will have a girl, we'll see, but Jed & Lulu are here to stay! Good luck with yours!

Come visit me, Browns' Windy Acres & The Goats of Browns' Windy Acres.

11/15/2011 07:45.32 PM Report This Comment  
I too was hoping to make cheese or soap with goat milk. In my haste & ignorance, I purchased my two pygmy girls from Craigs list with only a picture to go by, they were larger than I expected (possibly not 100% pygmy?)& though the owners were animal lovers these obviously were kept in a field & not "handled" much. they were also kept in the field with the billy (we learned when they were delivered) & were most likely bred, ok, cool, though no idea when they would kid which was kind of stressful! Well, only one turned out to be bred & she delivered a nice healthy female (yea!)all on her own while we were at work, but mama is a bit of an ornery "pasture queen" and they are both quite skittish about being handled that she wouldn't allow me to milk her. After a couple of minutes, when her feed was gone, she kicks & carries on, the most I had ever gotten was a few tablespoons. Being a rookie, I gave up. I would like to trade the two adults in for a smaller female that is more "pet" quality but not quite sure what to do with these two. I have made a slight bit of progress in easing their skittishness.

Come visit me, Goats & Roses Farmette.

11/14/2011 04:46.41 AM Report This Comment  
  Camping Out
No, the kids haven't asked to sleep out with the other kids. I think they'd be all on board if the kids would have one set "potty spot" but they tend to just do it wherever and my human kids don't want to lay in it!

They did have fun today walking them around the yard and probably not as much fun raking out the stall!

Come visit me, Browns' Windy Acres & The Goats of Browns' Windy Acres.

11/12/2011 07:19.59 PM Report This Comment  
have your kids asked to 'camp out' with the goats yet? that would be such a cool sleep-over.

Karen, Reese, MI.

11/11/2011 03:33.33 PM Report This Comment  
Yesterday Jed & Lulu had company! The neighbor's dog, Tucker, came over to visit while they were being fed. Unfortunately, we didn't notice right away and in the meantime, we went inside the house...so when his owner was calling him, he started to whine so she asked us if he had been bad and if that was why we had him in the goat pen. Oops.

Come visit me, Browns' Windy Acres & The Goats of Browns' Windy Acres.

11/10/2011 08:54.43 PM Report This Comment  
  Kids of all types
This morning I had to pick up hay for the goat kids on my way to work. When I say "had to" I really mean that I HAD TO since my HUMAN kids didn't tell me that we were getting low and we had just enough to make it through until I got home today. Gotta love it. So looks like I need to be training both types of kids a little better...they're all a work in progress.

Come visit me, Browns' Windy Acres & The Goats of Browns' Windy Acres.

11/04/2011 06:31.53 PM Report This Comment  
Hi and thanks for the welcome :) I do make cheese, both hard and soft varieties. I've been working my way through the recipe books trying new ones all the time.

Come visit me, DeLury Family Farm.

11/02/2011 06:57.57 AM Report This Comment  
Jed and Lulu seemed surprised when I flipped the light switch on tonight. I think they were in shock that they could see us. All I know is that it's great to just go in and see what's happening without trying to juggle a flashlight too.

Come visit me, Browns' Windy Acres & The Goats of Browns' Windy Acres.

10/31/2011 09:02.56 PM Report This Comment  
  Being Neighborly
Jed and Lulu were frolicking in the yard today and decided to visit their neighbors in the chicken coop, which was only right since while the goats were out, a half dozen of the girls wandered into the goat yard to scratch around and find some new bugs and stuff to eat.

Because the big door to the coop was closed, both goats quickly scooted through the little chicken door, which is much smaller than their goat door in their house. I found this quite amusing since when we were building the goat house I was so worried about not making their door wide enough for them!

Come visit me, Browns' Windy Acres & The Goats of Browns' Windy Acres.

10/30/2011 04:55.03 PM Report This Comment  
  Goat Talking
My human kids are farmed out to the grandparents so I let the goats sleep in an extra hour this morning (ok, I let myself sleep in an extra hour) and they had a LOT to say about that! I don't think it was all that nice either!

Come visit me, Browns' Windy Acres & The Goats of Browns' Windy Acres.

10/29/2011 06:00.32 AM Report This Comment  
They just have something to say. We found Pygmies and Nubians are quite vocal. They are adorable!

Come visit me, Larkshire Farm.

10/28/2011 11:01.40 PM Report This Comment  
  Noisy Goats
Yesterday Jed & Lulu just were noisy goats again...we just don't understand it. We'll see goats all over the place that are so calm and quiet, and then we come home to the noisiest goats in the world, especially Jed. I guess I just know how to pick 'em!

Come visit me, Browns' Windy Acres & The Goats of Browns' Windy Acres.

10/28/2011 10:06.54 AM Report This Comment  
  Our Goats
We currently have two pygmy goats, Lulu and Jed. They're adorable and cow-colored. Lulu has pale blue eyes. Jed has brown eyes and seemingly bucked teeth. With the lump on his head and his obnoxious noises & mannerisms, at times Lulu and I just shake our heads at him & wonder what turnip truck he fell off of.

Come visit me, Browns' Windy Acres & The Goats of Browns' Windy Acres.

10/26/2011 09:49.13 PM Report This Comment  


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