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JJ's Nature Center Farm from Fair Play, SC
JJ's Nature Center Farm

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Farm Name: JJ's Nature Center Farm

Year Farm Established: 2011

Location: Fair Play, SC

Years I’ve been farming: 4 years

Animals I raise: goats, chickens

Crops I grow: peppers, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, jerusalem artichoke. I also grow and sell plants.

Hobbies I enjoy: hiking, running/walking- , travel, gardening

Pets: 3 cats and 1 Australian Cattle dog

Farm Blog
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  Farm Animal Updates
It's been rough here. I lost my baby (Nigerian Dwarf buckling)due to stones. I knew nothing about that but now I know! The very next day my beautiful sweet Pygora died in an accident. I was devastated and learned from that too. I had to let go of 2 male quails and keep the other two separated cause they fight like crazy. Learned about that too. I got two bunnies (both girls). And last night and tonight I got two new baby goats. Nubian girl and boy. The boy still takes the bottle even though he's eating. He eats and drinks like a growing boy. My bad dog killed two of my pullets. He'd love to eat the bunnies and goats too. Bad boy! I have learned to be very careful with him.

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06/02/2012 08:21.03 PM Report This Comment  
I got 8 new baby chicks and 2 keets and I'm getting a Nigerian Dwarf Buckling on April 1st. All are so cute! I finally got the chicks and keets outside. Yes!! Oh yea I also got quail. Those male fight too much for my taste. Only got 2 males for now and one had his feathers pulled out yesterday. I separated the bad one in a box for awhile and put Tea Tree Oil on the others sore bald head before putting them back together. I figured that the smell would repel the other from pecking and also heal the injured one. I seems to have worked. They are so cute, but so troublesome. Share your comments.

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03/15/2012 08:56.16 AM Report This Comment  
  Hope everyone is having a great holiday season!
My goats are getting more playful and vocal. So cute. But my nigerian dwarf still won't let me pet her. I have to get some pictures uploaded. I sure do miss having chickens; been begging people that I know have chickens for some, cause I don't want factory eggs. I was gonna wait to start over with chicks in the Spring but I will start with at least two laying hens before then.

Come visit me, JJ's Nature Center Farm.

11/28/2011 01:13.27 PM Report This Comment  
We love the pictures of your girls, that's so terrible about what happened to them.

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11/13/2011 05:17.27 PM Report This Comment  
welcome to hobby farms

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11/11/2011 09:54.11 AM Report This Comment  
Hi Jennie! Our rabbits our housed in an open air barn - traditional style barn with a gambrel roof and loft. We have hanging cages set up and each bunny has it's own cage. We really love our rabbits and have been showing for over 10 years.

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11/11/2011 04:56.13 AM Report This Comment  
  I understand how that feels. Someones dogs came and got three of my four Pekin Ducks. I felt so bad, they carried off two and left one dead one. I looked out at the ducks and was wondering why it was laying funny. When I got out there I found out. The one that was left was so traumatized to the point she couldn't speak, would just open her mouth. Thank God she is better now.

Come visit me, Margaret Ann & The Celtic Garden.

11/10/2011 07:51.01 AM Report This Comment  
  A little intro on my farm
My farm is very small. I don't a family to help me with it so it must be managable for me. I have 2 acres. I just got 2 young does: Lilly is a pygora and Naana is a Nigerian Dwarf. I'm still trying to get Naana to let me touch her. Gotta domesticate her by Spring so that I can mate her and get milk and babies. I will mate Lilly too. I will get beautiful fiber to spin from her and some milk. I had 6 hens and 1 rooster. They all got butchered by dogs within 2 days time in Sept. Horrible time! I am now working on repairs to the coop and electric fencing before I get more chickens. My goats are now protected by the fence. Bring it on preditors! I have Lucas my Australian Cattle brat dog and 3 brat cats too. I love them all. Since I just recently moved into this new home, I have to restart my plant business. I am State Certified/licensed. More to come on that later.

Come visit me, JJ's Nature Center Farm.

11/09/2011 07:35.35 AM Report This Comment  
  My plants
Hi Margaret, I just recently moved and I need to retake inventory of what I have presently and then add to it as I get settled. My mind and body have been so busy that I am at a blank right now. Is there something you are looking for? Off the top of my head I know I have large blueberry plants.

Come visit me, JJ's Nature Center Farm.

11/09/2011 07:16.48 AM Report This Comment  
  Good Morning
Good luck on your farm!

Come visit me, Bentwillow Bunnies & Pittsboro Peafowl.

11/09/2011 05:06.03 AM Report This Comment  
What kind of plants do you sell?

Come visit me, Margaret Ann & The Celtic Garden.

11/08/2011 10:03.57 AM Report This Comment  


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