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Pay It Forward Hobby Farm from Canby, MN
Pay It Forward Hobby Farm

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Farm Name: Pay It Forward Hobby Farm

Year Farm Established: 2011

Years I’ve been farming: 5 years

Animals I raise: Chickens, goats, dogs

Crops I grow: A wide variety of vegetables

Hobbies I enjoy: Rebuilding, Rennovating, Refurbishing and Painting.We thorouoghly enjoy spending time with each of our animals

The proudest moment on my farm: When the first egg was laid by our chickens

Pets: All of our animals are "pets"

Farm Motto: Give all the glory to God!

Farm Blog
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We just had our first baby goat born at our place. One of our yearlings had a baby girl! She is precious

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05/04/2012 02:46.33 AM Report This Comment  
Just checking in, to see how you were doing. I havn't been on in awhile. So happy Spring is here, winter seems to take much longer, now!

Come visit me, Larkshire Farm.

05/03/2012 09:41.01 AM Report This Comment  
A few years ago, we took a vacation through Utah. Their old barns were wonderful! I'm hoping to go through the Eastern states, someday, for even older barns. Your house looks wonderful!

Come visit me, Larkshire Farm.

02/26/2012 09:52.39 AM Report This Comment  
  Im so sorry to hear about your fire.

I think the basement is a better place to keep chickens than the bathroom, especially since we have only one usable bathroom at the moment, and that is the one where the chicken lives!

Counting down to March 7, when all these birds ought to be out of my house (but then we will have brooder chickies! )

Come visit me, Cu'l Di'n (Sanctuary) Farm.

02/16/2012 11:23.49 AM Report This Comment  
  Are you having any luck with your new hens? We just got a new one and she is in quarantine right now, in the bathroom. We also have a prolapse hen recovering in my exercise room and the respiratory infection hen in the kitchen. I feel like I am running a chicken hotel around here!

Come visit me, Cu'l Di'n (Sanctuary) Farm.

02/09/2012 10:32.09 AM Report This Comment  
  Introducing new birds:
Thanks for visiting my page. I have not had super-great luck introducing new birds. Hens are pretty easy. You just put them on the perch with the others at night, and in the morning they think that new hen was always there. As for roos, I have 2 right now and I aim S-L-O-W-L-Y working through this process: http://www.upc-online.org/chickens/newmembers. html..It is a big PITA. I ma going to get some more hens soon, which should help make things easier.
Are you planning to get new birds soon? If you do let me know and we can compare notes!

Come visit me, Cu'l Di'n (Sanctuary) Farm.

01/31/2012 12:20.56 AM Report This Comment  
01/26/2012 06:51.59 PM Report This Comment  
  Our son uses and pvc run he made that is covered with chicken wire, at one end it has tin to keep shade and 1/2 the roof has tin, too. It allows the old crew to met the new crew and son moves the run around (ever couple of days) and then when night comes and it's rainning they all get put in the coop (lights off) and released in the AM.

Good Luck.

Come visit me, The Homestead.

01/26/2012 09:52.03 AM Report This Comment  
Oh and When mine was a baby he was housed with my chicks and it was a small house and they kept going into it until they got too big. I had 5 to start with. Then I had a overhead cover for them and they used that for shade and from rain. When its hot they love being hosed down, they will lay there and enjoy.

Come visit me, Hearty Egg Nest Farm.

01/25/2012 09:13.07 PM Report This Comment  
Yes emus will wander if given the chance. Mine never tried to get out but my goat managed to pop open the gate and so my emu took a stroll and I am glad he didnt get hit by a car. He was easy to catch cause he was so tame. Animal control is the ones who came and caught him and then they delivered him after I called and posted his bail. My fence is 4 ft in some areas and some areas are 6 ft. The 6 ft is by far more safe cause if spooked he could go over short fence. Mine never has been spooked. Mine is a male and I had him for 11 years, and yes he was lonely during mating season. He was always looking for love and would fluff up and prance trying to get your attention. They can live to about 45 but mind justed passed away last year. I think he might have gotten injured when he gotten out cause he passed not long after. I will be getting another when I manage to get pens set better.

Come visit me, Hearty Egg Nest Farm.

01/25/2012 09:03.20 PM Report This Comment  
welcome to hobby farm, love you house and old barns and property what part of the states you are located, looks beautiful, the goats are so cute. I love gardening as well. thanks for dropping by my farm. I have a blog, www.cypresshillfarm.blogspot.com do you blog?

Come visit me, Sicard's cypress hill farm.

01/25/2012 09:21.53 AM Report This Comment  
Emus are not really high maintenance by the way, I fed mine a mix of layer, chick starter and scratch when they were babies. Then just scratch when they were grown and I mix an allstock sweet feed with it. They will eat just about anything and you have to keep baby chicks away from them cause they will eat them when they are small.

Come visit me, Hearty Egg Nest Farm.

01/25/2012 08:56.55 AM Report This Comment  
  HI there
I love your farm and the older barns are very quaint. The Goats are adorable

Come visit me, Peltier Poultry.

01/25/2012 08:38.54 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi there
I have just the one goat Baylee who is a African pygmy. I ended up with him cause the owner was fed up with him cause he really knows how to get out of pens. He gets out of mine but he is still in my yard and he gets along with Maggie my sheep they are buddies. Emus make wonderful pets if you raise them as hatchlings. They love being petted and mine was raises with all my animals so they get along. They will go after anything new to them and one of my dogs teased him and so she gets chased. I raised mine with chicks that I had gotten at the same time and that worked really well.

Come visit me, Hearty Egg Nest Farm.

01/25/2012 08:17.36 AM Report This Comment  
cute goats :)

Come visit me, Johnson chicken farm.

01/23/2012 10:44.56 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi there
Thank you for visiting my farm page. Animals are wonderful to have and enjoy.My friendliest birds are light brahmas, roadisland reds and wydottes. The brahmas are by far the quietest breed and very mellow. You have some nice pictures posted. My little farm has a way to go to be nicer. Needs more fence so that I can get the whole 2.6 acres fenced.

Come visit me, Hearty Egg Nest Farm.

01/21/2012 08:56.23 AM Report This Comment  
  Thanks! The picture of our chicken is a Light Brahma. We also have some Plymoth and Barred Rocks! It is so true that they each have their own personality! We recently added ducks to our flock and they are pretty funny too :)

Come visit me, The Family Farm.

01/19/2012 09:43.16 AM Report This Comment  
cool looking house

Come visit me, Selkirk Sheep farm, my goats, DeVore Appaloosas & Dons Dexters.

01/17/2012 07:10.12 AM Report This Comment  
welcome to hobby farms

Come visit me, The Chicken Ranch, el dorado urban farm & DeVore Ranch.

01/17/2012 07:06.08 AM Report This Comment  
Love the house! Good luck with the remodel. A farm will show you the wonderful miracles the Lord performs daily.

Come visit me, Talley Farms.

01/15/2012 04:40.20 PM Report This Comment  
  I love your motto and your house.

Come visit me, Cedar Ridge Farm.

01/14/2012 06:07.32 AM Report This Comment  
  Welcome, Hope you find Hobby Farm as enjoyable and informitive as we have. Have a great farming day.

Come visit me, A&E FARMS.

01/13/2012 03:37.09 PM Report This Comment  


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