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GISA farm from Minden, NE
GISA farm

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Farm Name: GISA farm

Year Farm Established: 2012

Location: Minden, NE

Years I’ve been farming: 3 years

Animals I raise: Rabbits, chickens guineas, and Earth Worms

Crops I grow: tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, turnips, beets, leeks, onions, garlic, kale, swiss chard, broccoli, cabbage, spinach, cantaloupe, herbs, watermelon, pie pumpkin, jack-o-lantern pumpkins,raspbe- rries, asparagus, strawberries, lima beans, Mustard for chickens

Hobbies I enjoy: gardening, animals, flowers, homeschooling, reading, crafting

Club/Associations memberships: Certified Professional Horticulturist

The proudest moment on my farm: move in day

Pets: dog, 2 cats, 5 rabbits, 4 turtles

Farm Motto: Work as a family grow as a family

Farm Blog
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What breed(s) of rabbit do you have? Judging from the photos, I'd say Dutch and New Zealand. We have Rexes and Dwarf Hotots, which we raise to show and sell as pets, breeding stock, meat production(Rexes) and show stock.

Come visit me, Open Skies Farm/Cotton Hill Rabbitry.

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Our RIR rooster is looking great and has been caught eating dog food.

Come visit me, GISA farm.

09/24/2012 07:16.22 PM Report This Comment  
  dried cucumbers
So I am preserving as much food as I can so I do not have to buy vegetables from the store. One thing I usually have to buy is cucumbers. A few days ago I was overwhelmed with cucumbers and decided to dry some. Today I rehydrated and they had a normal texture and taste! We can have cucumber salad in the winter. Too excited not to pass it on

Come visit me, GISA farm.

08/02/2012 07:59.37 PM Report This Comment  
The garden has exploded. We have cucumbers, zuchini, beets, beans, scallop squash, basil, kale, spinach all ready today. Thank goodness for a day off.

Come visit me, GISA farm.

08/01/2012 12:03.37 PM Report This Comment  
Our Black Cochins eggs hatched in the incubator. They are so tiny and one may be a frizzle. Kids are so excited

Come visit me, GISA farm.

07/29/2012 06:58.37 AM Report This Comment  
We have 15 guineas now! I love their noises! They are eating bugs from our acres and laying tons of eggs. In two weeks we have had 35 eggs and stuck them in the incubator. I would love some keets. Do you have guineas? Anything a person new to guineas should know?

Come visit me, GISA farm.

07/26/2012 08:45.42 PM Report This Comment  
We have a surplus of turnips. I read rabbits love them ours do not. I am going to peel, slice and dry and hope I can pass them off as chips. :)
What do you do with Turnips

Come visit me, GISA farm.

07/11/2012 05:46.28 AM Report This Comment  
Having moved to a small community I am more interested than ever in 4-H and fair. We use the 4-H project books as part of our curriculum during the school year. So now we are finishing projects from those books to enter into fair. What an excellent learning exerience for our 11 year old. She learned about photography and now has 2 projects from that book to enter.
If you have kids and have not looked into 4-H please take a peek, you will not be disappointed. www.4h.org

Come visit me, GISA farm.

07/07/2012 03:52.54 PM Report This Comment  
  Herb Garden
Anna wants to plant an herb garden. There are hundreds of plans online. We filled little cups with dirt and will plant seed. Just wondering what herbs to use. A sensory herb garden seems to me what she has in mind. What herbs would you use?

Come visit me, GISA farm.

07/06/2012 01:02.36 PM Report This Comment  
  barn swallows
The kids were watching a pair of Barn Swallows build a nest on our porch. George and I were ready to douse the nest with a hose and shoo them away but the kids begged to watch. What better life lesson could we give them? Four eggs were laidand mom did not leave the nest unless her mate was sitting on the eggs. I had no clue the father bird would do that. Then 18 days ago three babies hatched. They were these tiny fingernail sized, bald, ugly things looking much like a baby mouse. We have been watching them daily and watching them open their eyes, loose their down, and yesterday the last baby flew from our hand and was gone. Amazing how fast they grew. It reminds me we still have our kids in the nest and made me give both of them big hugs because they will be gone before we know it.

Come visit me, GISA farm.

07/05/2012 06:38.05 PM Report This Comment  
  Our lives
We just moved to our little spot of heaven in early May. We are renting but it is very reasonable plus our children are the 6th generation to live on this land.

We live 1/2 mile from my brother-in-law. It is a blessing to have his expereience and advice when needed.
We are 6 miles from my mother-in-law which is excellent for the kids. Having a Grandma around frequently is a new, wonderful expereince for the kids. They go to Grandmas to watch Disney channel, eat donuts, and walk to the pool or library.

We have two kids Anna 11 and Ian 7. We have homeschooled them since they were old enough to listen to us read. We were living in a large city so this is quite a change. The kids and I love animals and if money and space permitted we would have lots and lots.

We have a large 40x90 foot garden plus an additional area with 24 watermelon plants (our landlord told us this was the first place she tried watermelon).

We have revamped the grainery to hold bunnies and their food for the winter. The kids and I built an outside run for them. We currently have 5 pets bunnies living in there. Anna hopes to breed two of them for babies to sell but we have to find a few males first.

We have fixed a terrible bowing wall in the chicken coop. Some windows were out in the coop so I replaced them with chicken wire but will probably put hardware cloth over to further protect our babies. I also used expanding foam to fill any holes. We have fox, coyote, skunk and dog wishing to eat chicken so we put up a strand of red Christmas lights that blink all night and a loud radio. We have rooster and hen for Rhode Island Red, Black Cochin, Old English Spangled Bantam, Barred Cochin. We also have a Buff Cochin hen and Black-Sex Link hens.

We have a Boxer/Border Collie mix dog who is about 5 months old and teething on EVERYTHING.

We also have 4 box turtles and 2 cats that live indoors. We also have our temporary pets such as snakes, lizards and toads.

So that's our life in a nutshell.

Up next is showing bunnies and chickens at fair. Join us as we learn and grow

Come visit me, GISA farm.

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  Hello There!
Welcome to Hobby Farms!

Come visit me, Highview Hill MicroFarm.

06/13/2012 12:50.50 PM Report This Comment  
Welcome to Hobby Farms!

Come visit me, K&B Ranch.

06/11/2012 04:33.47 AM Report This Comment  
welcome :)

Come visit me, Johnson sheep farm.

06/03/2012 06:43.16 AM Report This Comment  

Come visit me, Small farm.

05/31/2012 12:19.23 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello and welcome.

Come visit me, A&E FARMS.

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