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High Meadow Thorncreek Farmette from Plains, MT
High Meadow Thorncreek Farmette

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Farm Name: High Meadow Thorncreek Farmette

Year Farm Established: 2007

Location: Plains, MT

Years I’ve been farming: 8 years

Animals I raise: Chickens.

Crops I grow: Fruit trees, veggies, and flowers.

Hobbies I enjoy: Gardening, hiking, fishing, and reading.

The proudest moment on my farm: Raising beautiful chickens.

Pets: Dog: Gracie
Cats: Smokey, Callie, Garfield, and Fluff Butt.

Farm Blog
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  Farmette? That's brilliant!

Come visit me, Mobley Family Farm.

02/25/2014 05:57.14 PM Report This Comment  
  I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas (or holiday of choice)

Come visit me, High Meadow Thorncreek Farmette.

12/25/2013 08:38.56 PM Report This Comment  
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  No more Gracie
We had to give Gracie back to the shelter we got her from. The neighbors were complaining about her making noise. They threatened to shoot her if we didn't get rid of her. It makes me angry that we had to do that, she was a great dog. Hopefully she will find a good permanent home soon where she can make all the noise she wants. Turns out the reason she made noise was to warn us of the wolves and coyotes in the area. Hope the neighbors are happy when their animals start disappearing.

Come visit me, High Meadow Thorncreek Farmette.

06/13/2013 06:11.51 PM Report This Comment  
  My plans for this summer have been put on the back burner until next year. My brother is staying in this city until next summer and needs me to help out with the kids and rent. I will also be attening a college course in sign language which I have been waiting to get to the top of the list for three years. But I am going to be putting in a garden where we move to next, even if it is in pots.

Come visit me, High Meadow Thorncreek Farmette.

03/25/2013 12:40.32 PM Report This Comment  
  So having gone home for a few days I did a walk around of our property. I have figured out places to add some pens that I can move the animals to so the ground can regrow and isn't completly destroyed. I have also found out where I can put a rootceller and a greenhouse. I would also like to add roses, though I will need to put a fence around them to keep the deer from eating and killing them like last time.

Come visit me, High Meadow Thorncreek Farmette.

01/25/2013 11:13.52 AM Report This Comment  
  I have decided that as soon as I get time off of work I will go home and start clearing out old rotted lumber from off the ground and make a new larger garden. Also I will help my grandfather build his new shed once he is able to get out again after his wounds heal. I will also set up space for chickens, and a goat or two. I will also finish up the other shed and possibly make a space to keep a horse in the future.

Come visit me, High Meadow Thorncreek Farmette.

01/05/2013 03:19.32 PM Report This Comment  
  Well with school and work I didn't get a chance to go home and plant the bulbs. I hope I can get them in when the ground thaws and hope they are okay.

Come visit me, High Meadow Thorncreek Farmette.

12/28/2012 04:32.12 PM Report This Comment  
  Still haven't had a chance to plant the bulbs. I am hoping to be able to get them in before the ground freezes. It has already snowed here but the rain melted it so it shouldn't be frozen yet.

Come visit me, High Meadow Thorncreek Farmette.

10/30/2012 09:38.59 PM Report This Comment  
  Hoping the bulbs I got this year do better than the ones last time.

Come visit me, High Meadow Thorncreek Farmette.

09/30/2012 07:27.06 PM Report This Comment  
  Our friend is going to give us some clippings from his blackberry plants. I am going to plant them opposit the raspberry plants I put in this summer. I am going to have grapes and an arch with seating area beneath it in between the two. I also hope to clear out some of the old wood and old broken things so I can put that space to better use as more garden places.

Come visit me, High Meadow Thorncreek Farmette.

08/21/2012 03:21.21 PM Report This Comment  

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08/07/2012 03:00.26 PM Report This Comment  
  I've decided that when it gets cooler outside I am going to move stuff around outside, decide what we need to keep and what needs to be tossed, so I can make more room for gardens and animals.

Come visit me, High Meadow Thorncreek Farmette.

08/04/2012 11:58.24 AM Report This Comment  
  I'm thinking about getting bees. I've seen many people around here who have or are keeping them. It would be good for the garden, trees, and wild plants we have here. Going to start out small with one, maybe two if I get the hang of it and have the money for it. It probably wont be this coming year since I have other plans.

Come visit me, High Meadow Thorncreek Farmette.

07/30/2012 06:01.21 PM Report This Comment  
  It seems that stuff skips a generation. I have an interest in raising animals, gardening, canning, and doing stuff to improve our little farm. I am going to ask my grandparents to tell me what they know about canning and raising animals. They said my mother wasn't interested in anything like that.

Come visit me, High Meadow Thorncreek Farmette.

07/29/2012 08:36.43 PM Report This Comment  
You asked me how the grapes were doing. and I would have to say they are doing good. That is partly because they are still alive! This was a bad year to start anything, it being so dry, but the plants look good and one of the three even has 3 full small bunches. All the information good and bad alike I got from the internet.


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07/29/2012 07:27.07 PM Report This Comment  
  Welcome to Hobby Farms!

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07/29/2012 01:49.03 PM Report This Comment  
  I am going to be planting grapes next year. I will be having them grow over an archway with a seating area facing the garden and orchard. I also am planning on putting in a rootceller and asking my grandparents to teach me what they know about canning and storing since they had one where we used to live.

Come visit me, High Meadow Thorncreek Farmette.

07/27/2012 07:25.11 PM Report This Comment  

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07/25/2012 12:46.32 AM Report This Comment  
My grandfather and I finally were able to put a fence around the garden. We have never had problems with deer until last year, they ate everything we had. They also rubbed on our trees, we though they killed all the new pines we planted and some of the fruit trees. The trees are fine, though some will grow more bushy than others. One fruit tree did die. I am thinking of a good place to set up a coop and chicken yard in the next year. I may be getting a goat or two also in the future but not until I have more time to spend at home.

Come visit me, High Meadow Thorncreek Farmette.

07/23/2012 08:16.01 PM Report This Comment  
  Welcome. Where are you located? Have a great farming day.

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07/23/2012 06:18.08 PM Report This Comment  


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