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Mindalong West from Coorow Western Australia, LA
Mindalong West

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Farm Name: Mindalong West

Year Farm Established: 1996

Location: Coorow, Western Australia, Intl

Years I’ve been farming: 19 years

Animals I raise: Heritage Saddle Backs ....They are red and white and the white is a saddle over the front legs. I also want to go in to Merino Sheep and raise a stud. but for now I have Damara x Dorpa cross sheep and they dont respect fences at all. Alpacas two girls Belle and Eclipse and a wether called Tabu

We now have a couple of bee hives and our own honey. I would like to experiment a bit with jars turned upside down and some Skeps as well and making them. I find bees as interesting hobby
Cats have all left home.

white pigs are being slowly wound down.... and sold off.

wont to sell the saddles as a going concern. ...there is 20 years of breeding involved with this. there is no one in Australia or around the world with pigs quite like these. The only ones that appear similar are the Danish Protest Pigs and they dont have the same genetics as this stud have and their back ground genetics is extinct....... so they are a class of their own totally. I am sure with some one else's imput they could be enhanced and plenty of money could be made by them.... I have not been able to register them in Australia which is a bit sad....but that is Australia all over....so some one might be interested in the stud. There are something like 60 odd breeding sows available along with gilts coming alone and smaller growers...any one interested can get in touch with me through this web site. My photos of some of my girls are also on here which is good

Crops I grow: This last year we have had a great crop of tomatoes, we also have had Cucumbers and Zucchinis the bees have given a heap of fruit, prior to that we were hand pollinating and it is hard.

Hobbies I enjoy: cooking now I have time. Gardening also

The proudest moment on my farm: having my first Heritage Saddle Back litter

Pets: My pet dog Jordie she is a Jack Russell X Chihuahua cross and she is just one year old and I just love her to bits.

Farm Blog
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  shall up date tomorrow, cant keep my eyes open tonight and add some photos

Come visit me, Mindalong West.

01/06/2016 05:17.37 AM Report This Comment  
  cooked yesterday; 3 loaves in the oven one in the bread maker

two chocolate cakes in the microwave and a sponge also in the microwave

lambs running around the house yard trying to get them on to lupins and hay

Come visit me, Mindalong West.

12/10/2015 03:13.52 PM Report This Comment  
  Got any lamb pics?

Come visit me, The Homestead.

08/24/2015 09:14.10 AM Report This Comment  
  A couple of new aquasitions tiref of other peoples grotty grain and their dishonesty, so I might as well put grain in myself for my own animals and have them do well rather than be sick and die.

The last photo is the the latest of the saddles litters. She had 8 and they are 10 days of age and doing well.

Come visit me, Mindalong West.

08/21/2015 06:06.38 AM Report This Comment  
  Pink and Greys giving the hay crop a run.....picking up all the grain not covered...so went to a neighbours to borrow a culti-trash and ended up buying it as a swap fo some pigs...way to go. Want to have good have not straw and grain in a plant...that some one calls hay..... not good for lot feeding any thing.

Been cold since it has finished raining... and we dont look like getting any more for some time. Hopefully it wont be a dry July......Any way if we can just see some forecast we shall put the grain in just a day before and hopefully get it up to start the growing process.

Been Painting old terracotta pots and adding succulent gardens to them they look great around the house....look so new brighten up a dull room in no time.

Come visit me, Mindalong West.

06/28/2015 04:16.29 PM Report This Comment  
  We got our paddock ready to sow for a hay crop and we have not had a break to the season as yet. We shall wait till the end of June and then decide what to do

what does any one who about passionfruit and how to grow and propagate it?

Come visit me, Mindalong West.

06/13/2015 06:02.13 AM Report This Comment  
  Scored a trailer load of grain today 25 ton.......a trailer came off a road train yesterday.....so all I have is cartage and a bit of sand in the grain.....as well as the grain......you beauty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come visit me, Mindalong West.

05/11/2015 04:37.07 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello Mind ALong... I think it would be more fun if HFH gave you a badge for finishing all the quizzes! :)
Glad you could market your honey and get a calf or two back... : )
Lorna : )
Wall 2 Wall Border Collie & Sheep Ranch
Poplarfield, MB Canada

Come visit me, Wall 2 Wall BorderCollies.

04/23/2015 01:10.08 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello MindAlong : ) What a let down on the market! Yes we find that there are few who are making own things these days... less who can market anything... I guess it is getting to be a lost art! Glad you could trade your honey for calves : )

Come visit me, Diamond in the City.

04/23/2015 01:05.06 PM Report This Comment  
  went off to the market in Three springs what a let down. all stall holders where commercial people with shops in the city. there were no local cars at all and the town was not buzzing with people either. the people beside me were a commercial nursery so i just packed up and left...there were no hand made any thing there at all. certainly was not a farmers market as it had been advertised as. Very disappointed

Come visit me, Mindalong West.

03/28/2015 05:14.17 AM Report This Comment  
sold my honey for a swap for two small calves..so dont have to haul it down to the farmers market in Three Springs.

Come visit me, Mindalong West.

03/20/2015 06:41.39 AM Report This Comment  
  have traded honey for calves

Come visit me, Mindalong West.

02/25/2015 03:44.40 PM Report This Comment  
  sorting pigs
Been sorting pigs today in to weights.....67 - 80 kg and
up, then 57 - 66 kg, now have 47 - 56 to shift tomorrow

Shifted ehavy ones to white shed and lean too, make their area small and get to market quick smart.

Come visit me, Mindalong West.

02/17/2015 05:15.42 AM Report This Comment  
  love your Pig's.
Check out my FB page for my farm, Dennison Pork Farm..

Come visit me, Dennison Pork Farm.

02/16/2015 06:26.16 PM Report This Comment  
  Well, 2014 has finely gone, hope we have a better 2015. Has started off windy though. and hot really hot 40's and up. lots of fires in and around the states and more houses lost.

Hopeully the pigs will come and we get some sheep to keep us busy. many sows in pig when you walk the piggery so looks like it is turning around. Growers still to sell though

Come visit me, Mindalong West.

01/02/2015 02:15.49 PM Report This Comment  
  Well think we are just about through out contamination with fusarium and the pigs are picking up and putting on weight again. Somes sows lost and shot, but those that have survived will farrow and we shall keep a sow from each litter and sell the old sow. Need to turn the stock over by destocking to get the fusarium contamination out of the system totally. All we shall have left is the paddock to burn and we might just be able to get on to building it up a bit more..... what an awful year it has been. Sick pigs every where, dead pigs in most huts.......No help from the outside world, there is no cure and no treatment. fusarium is a deadly fungus to all livestock and their unborne. the common name for fusarium is crown rot, and if you get it in tomatoes you wont get any fruit. it damages the plants internal system preventing it from producing tomatoes. In animals it changes the way the internal organs operate and can cause the liver to explode within the animal, killing it. How to get around it.....know the signs and take a look at the feed you are going to buy before you put any commitment in to it. If you are not happy enough to take it then dont. short of that put a binder in a hope for the best....and i dont think that is the way to go.... binders are in every part of our food chain ....is that the healthy lifestyle people want to live...... not for me...thank you.

Come visit me, Mindalong West.

12/23/2014 07:29.02 PM Report This Comment  
  Nothing in th mail yet.

Hwy. 438 is getting redone. All the wooden pilar bridges have been torn down and replaced. They are milling from Thomas to the river the last couple of weeks. Hoping to see a new pavement by Christmas (finger's crossed).

Blaze is settling into her new home just fine. Cash Honey is growing, hoping to pick her up after Thanksgiving.

P2 has a Fall Festivel for school this Thrs. Had to donated a "nice" bingo gift. At least he dosent have to work it because then that means another trip to Franklinton.

Hoping Jeff comes this evening and picks up his 44 soaps that he asked for and Pal too. Then we will only have 1 male goat to work with.

Christmas will be here before we know it but we have to get ready for the Washington Parish Jr. Beef Classic in Nov 1st. I have to drop off a paper with all the reg #'s to get a health certficate for P2 & his crew.

Come visit me, The Homestead.

10/29/2014 09:33.47 AM Report This Comment  
  choccy drops
well choccy drops has finally left the farm, she has broken off several logs at ground level, ruined many fences and bent every gate to the weigh shed including the gates in the weigh shed.......Aaaaarrrrggggg. She would come to the yellow bin when the mill was there for a feed and leave when the feeder was empty, and move on to the next paddock. She would take the boot off the fence or go over the top of the fence or gate no matter the height. what a pain. any way she is gone Hooray!!!!!

the piggery might come back in to the land of functional now there is a rogue gone.

Come visit me, Mindalong West.

10/22/2014 03:41.12 PM Report This Comment  
  Been weighing pigs the last two days, sorting for market, we are slowing climbing out of the grain poisoning drama. Pigs are now starting to put weight back on.

Many sows have lost their litters...... pity....shall have to re-mate them and start again....bummer

such a loss

some sows never pulled out of it and had to be shot, so wont have them any way. sows lost a lot of condition, to the point of being anoarexix

trust among framers seems to have gone grain should not be a lottery rather it should be in good order on every load, next time I wont to buy from anew farmer I will go have a look first....and if I cant I wont buy it....simple. i wont every have barley on farm either as this appears more suseptible to mycotoxins than other grains. The farmer also did not put any barley in himself.......but kept back a huge amount of grain. it also did not germinate very well and has flecks on it from disease. have sent them off for testing. have sent pigs down to vet to further look for poisoning.

In to the bargain now that their immune systems are low we have an outbreak of worms.

Need a break and need to some how bring it all back up and running. it is so difficult

Come visit me, Mindalong West.

09/23/2014 03:41.58 PM Report This Comment  
  It's super hot and super dry here so I was thinking about you in the cold and wet. Too bad we can't have half and half!

Come visit me, CSE.

07/06/2014 07:35.25 PM Report This Comment  
  How are you doing? How cold does it get there? Yes, we're all thawed out now but living in the mountains does give us some strange temps.

Just yesterday it was 110 degrees and the night leading into it was 34 degrees! That's a huge difference in just a few hours! I don't know how some of our plants survive these extremes but they do and we have the best alfalfa (lucerne) in the country. It thrives on hot days and cold nights.

All the goats had their kids and we were super lucky this year. We only got does. Can you believe that? No boys to try and get rid of. That's never happened before. We can always find homes for girls.

The animals are doing great and we are raising another baby squirrel. We have a baby California Ground Squirrel. She's the cutest thing ever and so smart and friendly. Her name is Nugget and we adore her.

Anyway, that's the quick report from this side of the world. I suppose you're tucking in for the winter. Stay warm!

Come visit me, CSE.

06/19/2014 11:21.03 PM Report This Comment  
  Was suppose to pick ip Rose this weekend. But we've seen our fair share of down pours. If I cant take the truck to our red barn I know darn sure we cant make it to Randy's barn. They are calling for a dry spell next week so we will see.

Ideal sent an email last night, P2's next shipment shall come Thrs or Friday.

Physical year is up for us at work and getting the end of the year status recorded has take a few weeks. Dont understand why they "twick" our databases at the end of the year.

How's your eyes? I guess P2 told you that the goats shut the gate on my hand? What events we have on the homefront.

Come visit me, The Homestead.

06/04/2014 04:37.47 AM Report This Comment  
  P2 only saw 1 photo. I havent told him about the other or who the daddy is. Remember P2's black/white boar from the Keller's (Akeim). Well that's the dad to both of them. Their moms are both fb large black hogs. They even have a red wattle sow off of Ruby. Small world hey?

Come visit me, The Homestead.

05/22/2014 04:38.38 AM Report This Comment  
  Our water......full of iron flakes. Pipe work has to be opened regularly to allow it all to flow out and then shut. am going away from troughs for pigs for that reason. Also pigs put sand in their troughs every time they have a drink..... painful to clean out. Will go to bite ball drinkers instead that way they all get a mouth full of clean water on every drink!

Come visit me, Mindalong West.

05/21/2014 05:27.33 PM Report This Comment  
  Few more photos....... barley sprouts pigs and chickens just love it when there is nothing else around. with out a hot house takes around 7 - 8 days to grow 4 inches or so high. can grow in any thing as long as the troughs have holes in them of one sort or another. Can even grow in a stainless trough and use the outlet as the point of escape for water. Just tilt it slightly at the other end.

Come visit me, Mindalong West.

05/21/2014 05:25.13 PM Report This Comment  
  Happy Easter!

Come visit me, CSE.

04/19/2014 08:51.08 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello : )
Yes I've finally had some of the quizzes done : ) 14 so far : )

Come visit me, Diamond in the City.

04/02/2014 05:26.17 PM Report This Comment  
  USDA Vet came out to keep P2's flock certificate up to date so he can show his chickens for 2015.

Come visit me, The Homestead.

04/01/2014 11:58.37 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello Down Under! Would love to trade places with
you! We would love to live where you are! We are located in the northern part of "Up Top" LOL in Manitoba Canada... almost center... north & south and east & west in Canada.... This year ... very much the FROZEN NORTH! LOL we have had soo much cold for so long the frost has gone so far into the ground to freeze our water lines so are watering the cows by lawn hoses from the house water tap...
I have visited much of Australia with my mother in 2010.. we were able to take the train trip across the country east to west and north to south ... it was amazing : ) I would love to live in the center of Australia, near the desert. We have friends all across the country. : )

How did you make out with that dog you aske dme about a while back? We have another litter of pups due soon : ) looking forward to that : ) Really miss not having any lambs (sold all last fall) and the cow should calve any day. : )
Lorna www.wall2wallsheep.com

Come visit me, Diamond in the City.

03/31/2014 10:46.05 AM Report This Comment  
  Well the USDA Vet came out got the 1 roo and his pen mate tested and then off to P2's standards. Picked up eggs while we were in the coop, too.

Come visit me, The Homestead.

03/27/2014 01:06.12 PM Report This Comment  
  Well P2, Em and Pa-Paw got into the garden over the weekend and go the weeds out, the chicken shavings spread and all the plants planted and the seed. Then Saturday night the bottom fell out with rain . So maybe the corn is well soaked and want to sprout and come out of the ground.

Rose's crew got their booster over the weekend.

Mr. Larry brought over Chansey (reg Nubian doe) for P2 to grow, show and return in Feb 2015 (after State show).

Hand is slowy getting better.

Might put halters on Fusion, Sweetie and Platium this coming weekend.

Trying to let the ball clover come back to reseed it self. P2's crimson clover reseeded itself for the 1st time in 9 years. Maybe we can do it again this year. Still can't find dutch clover on the market.

Rye grass field is looking good, might be able to cut it for rye grass hay this year for the show calves.

P2 is down to 8 layen hens. He will get day old chicks in mid-May.

Hope all is well with you!

Come visit me, The Homestead.

03/24/2014 06:53.56 AM Report This Comment  
  Well we must have had a mini tornado go through...we have tress down branches every where and a pig hut some 8 metres long lose it roof and it slammed in to the side of a silo put a gouge on the side of it and then slid past and hit the lean too and squashed the guttering and stopped. tine very where, patio tubing very bent up and battered....some parts I have actually not found as yet. Supports that went across the hut to hold the tin on..... I have one of them but not the other two. damage not very wide and not very long either and we got 4 mm of rain and that is all.

To day I put the roof back on but flat instead of leaning/slanted.....dont want the wind to get underneath it and put it back where I found it the other day. Have wired and tech screwed today all day

We are expecting rain so the little pigs will be dry and warm. They were given hay on the weekend and they have managed to spread it every where.

Also crushed one load of grain and put it out and got another one in the mill. Just got to add dust and put that out for my dry girls.

shifted 2 sows that are due may be tonight or tomorrow, feed encourages them in to the farrowing pens. a hot wire and a gate keep them there.

Our new farrowing area was made of rabbit netting never again it has been a pain. but pallets on the walls of the runs have stopped the pigs from leaning on the netting and pushing it on to the electric fence and shorting the whole piggery out.

Just need to find a good solid solution for the gates....as these are also a drama.

do I add a new "cocky gate" with ring lock or do I go see what i can get at the second hand steel shop..... might do that and may be get around the problem of girls and piglets getting out.

expecting rain tomorrow......so it will be cooler, has been hot today and yesterday and all week end. think I am looking forward to winter bit tired of the hot weather and the muggy days.....

Come visit me, Mindalong West.

03/24/2014 06:36.00 AM Report This Comment  
My minis pigs are 15-30 pounds full grown. You can also see us at www.minisnmore.org and www.facebook.com/groups/minisnmore . Love your farm by the way!!!

Come visit me, Minis n More.

02/26/2014 07:47.09 PM Report This Comment  
  Did they every get the fire out?

Come visit me, The Homestead.

01/16/2014 06:31.24 AM Report This Comment  
  Just dropping by with belated wishes for a Merry Christmas. I see that last year I stopped by on the 27th too.

Come visit me, CSE.

12/27/2013 07:28.22 PM Report This Comment  

Safe trip to and from

Thanks for P2 gift! Can you put the plastic molds in the oven?

Come visit me, The Homestead.

12/24/2013 06:34.37 AM Report This Comment  
  It's Thanksgiving over here in the US and I thought I'd just drop by and see what's up down there!

Things are getting pretty cold here and I expect they're just beginning to warm up there in time for Christmas!

Come visit me, CSE.

11/28/2013 11:31.14 PM Report This Comment  
  Well Amy came back into heat. Have no clue about Rose. Boar looks short. Swaped semen off Amy onto a microscrope slide and semen "looks" good. Maybe Rose is settled and might be thinking of AIing Amy in Dec

Come visit me, The Homestead.

11/27/2013 05:40.43 PM Report This Comment  
  Man oh man we sure do LOVE your red belts. Thinking Amy is coming back in heat. P2 is on the fence about the boar. Dont even know if Rose is settled. ..:-(

Mist most of the day. His mouth is sour. They put another plate in. Been on the couch ever since we made it back in.

Come visit me, The Homestead.

11/26/2013 03:13.46 PM Report This Comment  
  Happy Guy Fawkes Day!

There aren't many people I can write that too that know what it is!

Come visit me, CSE.

11/06/2013 12:01.07 AM Report This Comment  


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