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Butterfly Gloaming Glen from Bumpass, VA
Butterfly Gloaming Glen

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Farm Name: Butterfly Gloaming Glen

Year Farm Established: 2013

Location: Bumpass, VA

Years I’ve been farming: 3 years

Animals I raise: Chickens, goats, and ducks

Crops I grow: Tomato, corn, peas, beans, melons, and cucumber

Hobbies I enjoy: Reading, crafts

The proudest moment on my farm: We hatched 7 chicks from eggs.

Pets: Cassie- Australian Cattle Dog
Taboo - calico cat

Farm Motto: Busy hands makes a happy family.

Farm Blog
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  Never let your husband go o a chicken swap unsuper
We just ought 2 does. The ones are Pygmy African goats. My husband went o. Chickn swap and cam home with duks and more chickens. Lol

Come visit me, Butterfly Gloaming Glen.

05/06/2013 05:45.14 PM Report This Comment  
  Surprise, surprise, surprise....
We gave up on our hatching eggs. We went ahead a bought a rooster and 2 hens. So we have Jasper, a frizzled bantam cochin x leghorn; Cleopatra, a standard Pheonix x Egyptian; and Isis, a bantam Pheonix x Egyptian. Isis has the fibro gene, so her skin, waddle, comb are black. They all love to be cuddled and cooed to. We had our chickens for about a week and BAM, we had 7 chicks hatch. We hadn't messed with the eggs in over a week. When my husband went into our bedroom he heard a chirp. He opened the incubator and there set 5 chicks almost dry and 2 more just hatching. So we ended up with 6 pullets and one cockerel. It felt like the couples who tried to have a baby, ended up adopting and then find out they are pregnant. Lol so we now have 10 chickens. The babies are named: lemon drop, ginger, bandit, speckles, cinnamon, Dottie and Daryl.

Come visit me, Butterfly Gloaming Glen.

03/27/2013 07:43.46 PM Report This Comment  
  The Girls have their own place...
Our hens, Isis and Cleopatra, move from the house to their own coop two days ago. My husband still won't let Jasper, our rooster, stay out there full time. He says he's a baby and needs to be in the house. He's 4 months and needs be outside with girls.
My city boy hubby can't let them grow up, he was upset and checked on them 10 times during the night, the first night they were in the coop. I know they were probably thinking, Dad go back in the house you are embarrassing us. He was better last night, he only looked out the window 10 times. I think it's sweet how much he loves our chickens. He practice crowing with Jasper. That is a hoot to watch, but Jasper has gotten a stronger crow because of practicing with his human dad. Lol no telling what I will find when I get home.

Come visit me, Butterfly Gloaming Glen.

03/21/2013 10:36.07 AM Report This Comment  
  Our first farm mishap'...
We had made it to day 18 for our first batch of hatching eggs, we had just put them on lock down when it happened. A winter storm blew into Virginia leaving over 10 inches of snow. This was the wet heavy snow that pulls down trees. Well, the worst hit after I had gotten to work. I work an hour from home, it took me over 2.5 hours to get in the office. I called home and my hubby announced we had lost power. I tried to get home but the roads were too bad. I stayed with my parents in town but my hubby, cat and dog were stranded at the house with no power or water (well). My hubby tried keeping the eggs warm with warm water bottles, hand Warner's and when that ran out, he put them in the bed to use his body heat. 34 hours later the power came back on. But we lost all the eggs in the first batch. We had some survivors in the second Batch. Keep your fingers crossed, they are supposed to hatch sometime this week.

We did get a rooster (bantam Cochin x leghorn) and two hens (1- bantam Phoenix x Egyptian, 1- standard Phoenix x Egyptian). They all love to cuddle and sleep on my lap. My city boy hubby calls me the chicken whisperer. Lol

Come visit me, Butterfly Gloaming Glen.

03/18/2013 10:37.38 AM Report This Comment  
  Chickens are on their way.... sort of
My hubby decided that he wanted to do the whole process of having chickens. So he ordered hatching eggs. We have an incubator that he has set up and ready to go. He has some Cochin eggs and some banatm (mixed variety)eggs. AND where did he put the incubator??? In our bedroom. He said he wanted to keep an eye on the eggs and if they hatch at night he will be there for them. My city boy is slowly turning into a country boy.

Come visit me, Butterfly Gloaming Glen.

02/13/2013 09:19.31 AM Report This Comment  
  Coop is almost done...
Well we are almost done with the coop. Now we are on the hunt for some bantam hatching eggs. My hubby (the city boy) is still nervous around chickens, so I figured we would start with the smaller hens and then move to standards. We are so excited. Input up a picture of our almost finished coop.

Come visit me, Butterfly Gloaming Glen.

02/05/2013 10:17.55 AM Report This Comment  
  Bought our first do-it-yourself
We purchased the wood to start making our chicken tractor. Once we have the tractor 3/4 of the way finished we will buy our pullets. We are going to get California whites. We need non-skittish birds because we are right next to the train tracks. The next project will be the run in for the cow we are getting. Busy hands make a happy family.

Come visit me, Butterfly Gloaming Glen.

01/30/2013 05:28.35 PM Report This Comment  
Welcome to Hobby Farms!

Come visit me, K&B Ranch.

01/18/2013 02:43.09 AM Report This Comment  
  Starting out on shaky legs...
We just bought this farm house and surrounding (2.5 acres) land. We are going to have a very small farm. We want a miniture Galloway beltie, a dwarf nigerian goat, and Austra White Chickens. The house is first on record in Louisa County, VA in 1910. The county is not sure how long before this record it existed. It's a Sears and Roebuck four square house. When we bought it, it needed a little work. We are just finishing up the remodel (new siding, new roof, plaster repair, paint). Once that's done, we can add touches to make it ours. Our next project is fencing. We want to fence in the area, so our four legged doghter (Cassie) can run freely. Our property line in the front is train tracks (6-7 trains daily). So I don't want to worry about her. As we get closer to buying our other four legged family members, we made need some advice on good breeders and semon sellers. If you wonder why everything we want is miniture, well with only 2.5 acres we don't want them to feel crowded and my husband is only 5'3". That means everything on our farm is miniture - animals and the farmer. Me on the other hand will be the Amazon (5'9").lol Have a great week.

Come visit me, Butterfly Gloaming Glen.

01/17/2013 06:21.21 AM Report This Comment  
Looks like a great start to a wonderful place! Is that and OLD or NEW farmhouse? Either way, I love it!

Come visit me, The Farm Wife & Paradise Plantation.

01/16/2013 11:31.05 AM Report This Comment  

Come visit me, Sutton Farm.

01/16/2013 05:41.49 AM Report This Comment  
  Congratulations and welcome to Hobby Farms
To a fellow Australian Cattle Dog Owner.
Ours is a Red Heeler.
You should post some pictures.

Come visit me, Purdy lil' Suri Alpaca Farm.

01/15/2013 10:31.39 AM Report This Comment  


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