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Fatooms Halal Farm from Wilmer, AL
Fatooms Halal Farm

Farm Name: Fatooms Halal Farm

Year Farm Established: 2012

Location: Wilmer, AL

Years I’ve been farming: 4 years

Animals I raise: Cows, Lamb/Sheep, Goats, Chickens, Turkeys, New zealand Rabbits, Ducks and Geese

Crops I grow: Tomatoes, Potatoes, Peppers, Cucumbers (an array),Garlic, Ginger, Zucchini, Green Beans, Peas, Carrots, Radish
Beets, Watermelons, Melons, Fruit Trees: Lemons, Limes, Apples, Peaches, Oranges, Cherries...and more Berries Bushes/Vines, Grapes also

Hobbies I enjoy: Fishing, Sewing, Crocheting, Canning, Cheese making, Drawing, Poetry...I love reading all types of books...

The proudest moment on my farm: Was when I finally finished the chicken coop and when I noticed that all of the animals learned our feeding call... they would all be out in pasture and when it was time to feed them in the evening we had to call them.. n they would not come so the dog went out and got them... this time I did my dindin call and they all came running and came in the gate to eat... all without the dogs assistance... I was super happy :)

Pets: A host of cats too many to name and having more soon... 2 dogs Diamond our herding dog and Bama or GUARD DOG... and I can not forget about PeeWee... he is our lap dog

Farm Motto: Don't go through life, Grow through life!

"Beauty queens, remember to take a little time for yourself!"

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  Vaccinating your goats
Hello there,

It is not absolutely necessary that goats be vaccinated, although the way I see it, vaccinations are very cheap insurance against diseases which can be nearly impossible to treat. Like most other goat keepers, the only diseases I vaccinate my dairy goats for are Enterotoxemia and Tetanus, with a combo shot called CD/T. You can probably find it at your local feed store or Tractor Supply. I usually vaccinate my pregnant does about two weeks before they kid, that way the kids already have the immunity when they're born. I then vaccinate the kids themselves when they are one month old, and again three weeks later. They then only need a booster shot once a year.

You can also vaccinate for Rabies, but you'd most likely have to have your vet do that. I really don't feel that the rabies vaccine is necessary, but that depends on your location and how many wild animals you have around.

I give all of my newborn kids a 5cc injection of a product called Bovi Sera.
It's an antibody serum that helps boost the kid's immune system for those first couple vulnerable days.

Hope this helped!

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  Baby Goat question.... plz help!
Good day to all, My name is Maisah and my dh and I are new farmers and loving it. We have a question for seasoned farmers raising goats. Our Goat Mimosa had birth twin girl goats 3 days ago (Daisy and Lily) they are well and healthy from the eye.. they are eating and sleeping lots and jumping around and playing when up... I seen them drinking water and even hopped over to see what mama was eating and licked a lil bit.. :) Our question is ... "Are there any shots that need to be given?" And is it a must... cuz we are trying to raise our animals as organic as we can.. if they need it then ok.. we will do it.. (like when they get sick they need meds, so we give it to them... ..._ TY for any help you can give...

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So, how many of each animals did you start with?? What is a good number? And which do you enjoy having the most?
Thanks so much

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Blessings to you and your family. Welcome to Hobby Farms!

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  Welcome to Hobby Farms
Beautiful goats there. Live and learn seems to go well with farming! Sounds like you are enjoying yourselves!

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  My Intro:
My Name is Jewnita and my husband is Bayan. My husband raised pigeons back in his country when he was little with his family. I grew up in the States with a lg garden and hunting... never did I raise anything as far as animals... We are new to this scale of farming and love it. We are learning as we go. We have done some things wrong, backwards or not at all and wished we had when we had to run to catch sheep that went through a small hole, or we waited to do xyz... life has many lessons and boy are there tons in farming... lmbo! I have 3 living children... Yaz is 21 and married with a lil bundle coming in July God willing, Minah is 18 and my only serviving son is 10...Shuayb. They love the farm... Yaz is still in the city but comes and visits and we go into town ev Sun to visit with her...

From a small child I have always wanted to have a farm and be self-sufficient... It always made sense to me, it was easy... like the easy life, you know what you were eating and it's simple.. simple life and I think that is what I like/enjoy more...being in one with nature...

I guess you will learn more about me as I journey on in this blog/site

Come visit me, Fatooms Halal Farm.

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  It's Wed :)
Well today is Wed and it's my dh day off and we go to the Stockyard and buy what is good... on the norm we get sheep and some calves... goats when they have it.. I love going to the stockyard. We hit a few farmers after the SY that we called the night b4 to pick up what they were selling. Get them all home and clean them up, call the vet for an AM visit to check them over and give them anything they need to get them healthy *(if needed) and stay healthy in my neck of the woods...

Come visit me, Fatooms Halal Farm.

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