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Porter's Creek & Farm from Vinita, OK
Porter's Creek & Farm

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Farm Name: Porter's Creek & Farm

Year Farm Established: 1981

Location: Grand O'Lake of the Cherokees~, OK

Years I’ve been farming: 34 years

Animals I raise: donkeys, mule,horses, chickens, goats, dogs & one cat

Crops I grow: hay and a farm garden with lots of flowers like hollyhocks, sunflowers and daffodils

Hobbies I enjoy: my farm, work, work, and more work at the farm. My Native American beadwork, working on a teepee, and sitting at the creek bed with my crew and learning farm talk with the crew daily~

Club/Associations memberships: National Wildlife Federation, Creek Muskogee Nation,

The proudest moment on my farm: my crippled chicken "Orbina" taking her first steps after being hurt~it was a grueling few months but she made it through her struggle~!!!The other proud moment is my grandson Porter, overalls & boots, and looking at the farm through the eyes of a two year old~All because two people fell in love~

Pets: BabeDoll my shepard, Tiptoe, a Australian rescued from living in a tinhorn, Snickes, a side of the highway dog, Lucy the Beag, my son's who serves in the US Army, Toolie my rescue cat, and the farm~Polly & Cracker the donkeys, Choctaw & Cherokee the horses~chicks, goats, and the two Akbash working dogs~Chooch & Chebon!

Farm Motto: "Way down yonder on the Indian Nation, ridin my pony on the reservation, in the Oklahoma hills where I was born" Woody Guthrie

Farm Blog
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  Beatiful pictures!!

Dante, Hyde Park, MA.

03/29/2015 02:20.45 AM Report This Comment  
  10/03/2014 10:44.02 AM Report This Comment  
  My Farm Name
Thanks for the compliment. My niece calls me Shugga Wugga and I thought that would be an awesome farm name.

Come visit me, SHUGGA WUGGA'S FARM.

04/22/2014 01:17.59 PM Report This Comment  
  What I thought was a belted pig is the horses hoof....


Come visit me, The Homestead.

04/01/2014 12:00.47 PM Report This Comment  
What a weekend at the farm! All the animals were at their best because of warm weather and lots of Oklahoma sunshine. My chicks are just about feathered and starting to follow my calls. The big girls got new furniture (more nest boxes) and a clean living room. The goats and babies, well, they were reluctant to do to much this weekend but bask in the sunshine and laying around chewing, but oh so sweet. I am having trouble keeping the birds out of the chicken pen, they fly through their little door. What to do? Always SOMETHING but my love for the farm work is what I love!
I bought the girls, my big chickens, a flea market chandelier, sprayed it bright red and hung it up yesterday. They seem to like the hanging cabbage and not notice their new light!

Come visit me, Porter's Creek & Farm.

03/31/2014 10:55.36 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello Okie neighbor!
Nice place! I love sunflowers! I tried to grow them last year and failed. I will try again!

Come visit me, Chicken Bu++ Farm.

03/29/2014 09:00.19 AM Report This Comment  
  Not pigs! It's a boot and my thoroughbred's hoof! My Cherokee girl!

Come visit me, Porter's Creek & Farm.

03/28/2014 01:19.33 PM Report This Comment  
  please explain the pic below the chickes @ 1st I thought they were pigs

Come visit me, The Homestead.

03/27/2014 07:32.26 AM Report This Comment  
I love your pics as well!

Come visit me, Larkshire Farm.

03/14/2014 12:04.53 AM Report This Comment  
  thank you ~ I love taking pics~ I try to keep a camera with me at all times! Thank you for you compliment~

Come visit me, Porter's Creek & Farm.

03/07/2014 08:16.46 PM Report This Comment  
  You have some really cute pictures. My favorite is the chicken on donkey.

Come visit me, Mini Barnyard Friends.

03/07/2014 03:46.16 PM Report This Comment  
Welcome to Hobby Farms.

Come visit me, DJO.

03/07/2014 07:41.08 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello. Thank you for visiting our farm. Your paradise sounds wonderful. I am 1/4 Cherokee and Very Proud of that heritage. Wish I could trace the roots back thru the paperline. Your pictures are wonderful. And your bead work sounds fascinating....I have a bead loom but haven't attempted that particular craft yet. Continue enjoying your piece of heaven!

Come visit me, Belly Acres Farm.

03/02/2014 04:36.38 AM Report This Comment  
  fluff ball
Hello everyone, from the Oklahoma Cherokee Hills, the little fluff ball in my picture is a "Party Pom", Black Pomeranian, named Tuki, which means SUGAR or SWEET in my tribal language. Tuki is a sight to behold and although she looks like she should be jet setting the world, Tuki likes to be in the middle of everything at the farm~!!!

Come visit me, Porter's Creek & Farm.

02/27/2014 11:23.43 AM Report This Comment  
I'm from Blackwell, OK! OK folks are some of the best in the world! :)

What is that black fluffball in your pictures? :)

Come visit me, 5, 2, 1 Family Farm.

02/27/2014 07:46.38 AM Report This Comment  
to hobby farms!

Come visit me, Standfield Organic Farm, Cintonville.

02/26/2014 04:21.44 AM Report This Comment  


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