Cochin chickens may be too big for small urban farms, but the breed does well in colder climates. Feed them greens daily for optimum health.

Leghorn chicken


Leghorns tolerate confinement, so they are a good breed for an urban coop. They are intelligent and friendly if handled from a young age.


Campines are active and prefer to free range, but will tolerate confinement.

Silkie chickens


Silkies need particularly clean conditions to keep their feathers looking good.

White-faced Black Spanish

Young birds may take some time to develop the breed’s classic white face. White-faced Black Spanish chickens tolerate confinement well.


Andalusions are fairly quiet and tolerant of confinement, making them a good backyard chicken.

Jersey Giant

These large chickens require a lot of room in their coop. If provided enough space, they tolerate confinement.

Orpington chicken


Because of their large size, Orpingtons need a spacious coop.

Plymouth Rock chicken

Plymouth Rock

These large chickens need a roomy coop to be comfortable.

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