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July/August 2014 - Table of Contents
Take a peek at Chickens magazine, your source for chicken-keeping information.

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Chickens: July/August 2014


Tricks of the Trade
When you’re in a chicken fix, chat with an expert chicken-keeper for advice.
by Cherie Langlois

Keep Your Cool
Don’t sweat the summer heat with these tips to bring down the mercury.
by Lisa Steele

Best of Cluck Photo Contest
To celebrate the fifth year of The Essential Poultry Publication,
Chickens magazine had a photo contest! Here are the results.

West Nile Denial
Don’t play chicken with the deadly mosquito-borne disease of West Nile Virus.
by Nan K. Chase

The Human Predator
Forget raccoons, foxes and opossums; your flock’s biggest threat might be of the two-legged variety.
by Ana Hotaling

Chickens A-to-Z
In this yearlong series, we’ll take a look at popular terms used in small-scale poultry-keeping.
by Kristina Mercedes Urquhart


Coop Builder: Play Time
Install a playful hen habitat inside the coop, so your chickens can stay in mental and physical shape.
by Frank Hyman

Fowl Language: Lessons in Litter
Provide your gals with the best-quality "linen” and flooring that you can.
by Kristina Mercedes Urquhart

Chicken Chat
by You, our readers!

Poultry Profiles: Showing Off
These five ornamental breeds—Aseels, Malays, Sultans, Phoenix and Yokohamas—look good, and they know it!
by Sue Weaver

Poultry Science: Common Infectious Diseases
Understanding and recognizing diseases in backyard poultry are important to maintain the health and productivity of your flock.
by the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of California, Davis


Chicken Scratch
News & Notes: Easter Eggers Cholesterol Question
A Chicken in Every Shot
Come and Get It!: Fresh Egg Pasta Recipe
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