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March/April 2014 - Table of Contents
Take a peek at Chickens magazine, your source for chicken-keeping information.

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Chickens: March/April 2014
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Ready, Set, Hatch!
Here’s your go-to guide for incubating and hatching your own clutch of chicks.
by Wendy Bedwell-Wilson

Are You My Mother?
If you want to hatch chicks straight from eggs, do it the old-fashioned way: Get a broody to do the work.
by Sharon Biggs Waller

Chickens in the Garden
Chickens and gardens aren’t a match made in heaven, but they can coexist and even benefit from each other.
by Sheri McGregor

Curtain Call
Nest-box curtains are where fashion meets function inside the chicken coop.
by Kathy Shea Mormino

Chickens A-to-Z
In this yearlong series, we’ll take a look at popular terms used in backyard poultry-keeping.
by Kristina Mercedes Urquhart

Best of Cluck Photo Contest Announcement
Five great categories with five great prizes—it’s your last chance to enter our special 5-year anniversary photo contest.


Fowl Language: Coming Home to Roost
When chickens are ready to settle in for the night, give ’em what they need to rest well.
by Kristina Mercedes Urquhart

Poultry Science: Food-Borne Pathogens
Salmonella and other food-borne pathogens are 100 percent preventable.
by Dr. Maurice Pitesky, D.V.M.

Coop Builder: Post-It Notes
Get the most from the posts in your chicken coop or run.
by Frank Hyman

Poultry Profiles: Itty-Bitty Ornamentals
by Sue Weaver

Chicken Chat
by You, our readers!


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