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May/June 2014- Table of Contents
Take a peek at Chickens magazine, your source for chicken-keeping information.

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Chickens: May/June 2014


Herbs for Birds
Adding herbs to nesting boxes can result in a more relaxing place for hens to lay or brood, as well as healthier chickens.
by Lisa Steele

The Price is Right!
Farm-fresh eggs are no longer a dime a dozen. Learn how to set a value for your hens’ precious efforts.
by Ana Hotaling

Community Collage
Chicken keeping may be popular, but not everyone is so positive; use a coop tour to spread the joy.  
by Deb Buehler

Vaccines: What You Should Know
Vaccines can prevent some diseases that could devastate your flock. 
by Sharon Biggs Waller

A Portrait of the Artist as a Chicken Keeper
Best-selling natural author and some-times painter Amy Stewart draws eggs — and inspiration — from her chickens.
by Frank Hyman

Planting for Poultry
Yolks will be yellower; combs, redder; and feathers, glossier —
if your hens forage vitamin-rich fresh greens and other vegetables from their own garden.
by September Morn

Chickens A-to-Z
In this yearlong series, we’ll take a look at popular terms used in small-scale poultry-keeping.
by Kristina Mercedes Urquhart


Coop Builder: Metal Equals Money
Turn your scraps into cash-saving coop materials.
by Frank Hyman

Fowl Language: The Misery of Marek’s
Marek’s Disease is deadly and has no cure, but it can be prevented.
by Kristina Mercedes Urquhart

Chicken Chat
by You, our readers!

Poultry Profiles: Dual-Purpose Dynamos
For the best of both worlds, get a breed with good laying qualities and that makes a good table bird.
by Sue Weaver

Poultry Science: Is Your Coop Biosecure?
Follow these practical strategies to reduce the risk of disease in your poultry flock.
by the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of California, Davis


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Reader Comments
Has this issue (May/June) shipped to subscribers yet?
I remember seeing it on the rack at a local store, but it is sold out now.
I didn't buy it then as I have been waiting to see it in my mailbox.
Then I received the email about the digital editions no longer being produced.
We have been looking forward to reading it, and hope to receive it soon.
David, Freeland, WA
Posted: 5/5/2014 5:11:18 AM
I didn't know "Chickens" is a magazine. Thought it's a Book. I might subscribe to it now.
Dante, Hyde Park, MA
Posted: 3/27/2014 7:53:32 AM
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