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May/June 2012 Issue - Table of Contents
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Chickens: May/June 2012

In Addition to Chickens: Duck Patrol
Add some quackers to your cluckers for a mixed flock of fine, feathered friends.
By Cherie Langlois

Healthy Eggs for Healthy Eating
As your ladies begin to lay, take these precautions to keep their eggs clean.
By Debbie Buehler

Successful Brooding
A chicken keeper shares his experience of how to properly brood chicks.
By Jay Rossier

Blue Are You?
Ameraucanas, Araucanas and Easter Eggers all lay the same-colored egg, but these birds are distinct in breed and appearance.
By Kristina Mercedes Urquhart

Band Aids
Leg bands help you identify your various flock members.
By Sue Weaver

The New Social Order
The pecking order is the foundation of fowl social structure.
By Sheri McGregor

Coop Corner: Paint Job
by Wendy Bedwell-Wilson

Poultry Profiles:Endangered Layers
by Sue Weaver

Fowl Language: Odd Eggs
by Kristina Mercedes Urquhart

The Chicken Keepers
by Cyndi Lieske 

Recipe Roundup
by September B. Morn

How Do I ... Treat Wounds
by Sharon Biggs Waller

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