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BELGIAN BLUE CATTLE FOR SALE -- Northeastern Iowa. Excellent bloodlines. Trucking available. Kyle Kehrli, 319-521-7135; kyle.kehrli@hotmail.com; www.elmcrestgenetics.com
U.S. BELTED GALLOWAY SOCIETY -- Join the nearly 1,000 Belted Galloway Society Breeders in owning this extraordinary beef breed. Visit us at www.beltie.org to view cattle "for sale" or call us at 608-220-1091
SCOTTISH HIGHLAND CATTLE -- Environmentally friendly, grassfed beef cattle for small farms. Highland pictures and list of Midwestern breeders. www.midwesthighlands.org
PINEYWOODS CATTLE REGISTRY & BREEDERS ASSOCIATION --- Promote the study, conservation, and propagation of the endangered heritage Pineywoods cattle. 601-795-4672; www.pcrba.org
A DIFFERENT CATTLE BREED -- Highland cattle. Free informational packet. Heartland Highland Cattle Association, 417-345-0575; heartlandhighlandcattle@gmail.com; www.heartlandhighlandcattleassociation.org
IRISH DEXTER CATTLE -- American Dexter Cattle Association. Founding registry for Dexters! 4150 Merino Avenue, Watertown, MN 55399; (952) 446-1423.
BOHATY'S BRITISH WHITES -- Uniquely beautiful registered British White cattle for sale year-round. Production sale in April 2014. 402-367-4741; nbohaty@gmail.com; www.britishcattle.com
THORNHILL FARMS -- Registered Dexter cattle and Myotonic goats in Ohio. 847-707-2465; thornhillfarms@gmail.com; www.thornhillfarmsohio.com
REGISTERED IRISH DEXTER CATTLE -- Animal welfare approved. Superior breeding line. Spotted Dog Family Farm. 802-247-6076; www.vermontirishdexters.com
ONCE-A-DAY MILK COWS -- Raising family-sized Jersey cows with grazing genetics, hand-milking-size teats, small statures. Breeding A2 genetics. Virginia; 540-901-9695; www.mistymorningfarmva.com
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