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REGISTERED BABYDOLL SOUTHDOWN SHEEP -- Accepting reservations for lambs. Offering black, white and unrelated breeding pairs. In the heart of the Kentucky bluegrass. Bluegrass Babydolls, Betsy DeKoster, 502-472-7485; www.bluegrassbabydolls.com
NORTH AMERICAN BABYDOLL SOUTHDOWN SHEEP ASSOCIATION & REGISTRY --- Member owned and operated. P.O. Box 51, 222 Main Street, Milo Iowa 50166. 641-942-6402; nabssar@yahoo.com; www.nabssar.org
REGISTERED OLDE ENGLISH BABYDOLL LAMBS -- Taking deposits for spring lambs. Superior quality. Excellent wool. 908-835-0460; 908-482-0972; suespig@gmail.com; www.rosiespetites.net
SALTMARSH RANCH SOAY SHEEP -- Small sheep for small acreage. Soay are easy keepers & easy lambers. These lightfooted, excellent foragers improve pastures while grazing. Adult ewes weigh 50 lbs, rams 75 lbs. They are thrifty, shy, curious, kid-friendly. An ancient breed worthy of conservation. We specialize in RBST-registered British Soay Sheep. We keep a large collection of breeding stock which allows us to offer starter flocks with great genetic diversity. 541-899-1672. sales@soaysheep.com; www.soaysheep.com
ST. CROIX HAIR SHEEP INTERNATIONAL Association. "White and polled breed standard only." 16529 NW Pauly Rd., Portland, OR 97231. Secretary, 503-629-5587; info@stcroixhairsheep.org
MARUSHKA FARM'S YOUR SOURCE for CVM/Romeldale breeding sheep, raw fleece, roving, yarn, and sheepskins. 570-490-4759; visit www.marushkafarms.com
NATIONAL CVM CONSERVANCY, the source for information on this rare, fine wool, American sheep and the breeders that raise them. cvmtreas@yahoo.com; www.nationalcvmconservancy.com
CIRCLE R FARMING -- Producing quality White Dorpers. Full bloods, purebreds and percentage. Rosedale, VA; 276-880-2348; circle_r_farming@yahoo.com; www.circlerfarming.webs.com
THE OLDE ENGLISH “BABYDOLL” Miniature Southdown Sheep Registry. “Babydolls” are a small, docile, easy care breed perfect for both small and large acreage farmers. To learn the history of this delightful breed along with a national breeders list, visit our website: www.oldeenglishbabydollregistry.com or contact the Olde English “Babydoll” Registry P.O. Box 1307 Graham, WA 98338; 253-548-8815
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