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Green Woodturning: Turning Tips

Take a few steps to stay safe when green woodturning. Here are a few turning tips.

Green Woodturning
© Autumn Foushée

Woodturning is a rewarding hobby that nurtures a deep understanding of wood’s structure and behavior.

It’s also a hobby that uses potentially dangerous tools. Read these safety tips from Autumn Foushée, who participated in a green woodturning class at the John C. Campbell Folk School.

1) Always wear eye protection.

2) Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry.

3) Tie back long hair.

4) Never operate the lathe when tired.

5) Prepare each piece of wood well so that it fits securely into the lathe.

6) Always rotate wood before turning on the lathe to ensure the wood will not catch the tool rest.

7) Keep tools sharp. A dull tool is more likely to make rough cuts and catch turning wood.

8) Balance rough wood as much as possible before cutting.

9) Frequently check all clamps, screws and bolts for tightness.

10) Be certain that the piece of wood is appropriate for the size and capability of the lathe.

11) Wear a respirator to protect lungs from airborne wood particles.

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Green Woodturning: Turning Tips

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